By Tommy Mann Jr. – For The Record

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office will be undergoing a few changes early in the New Year.

Orange County Sheriff Keith Merritt has revealed a handful of changes will take place at his office in 2016. Although the timetable is not exact, Merritt did state all moves will be completed in early January.

Merritt indicated there will be at least three changes taking place, and these changes include a retirement, a reassignment and a new hire.

The new hire for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office will be John Tarver, who worked previously at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and is currently with the West Orange Police Department. Tarver will become the new Chief Deputy.

“In January, John (Tarver) will be returning to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as chief deputy,” Merritt said. “This is where he started years ago and he has agreed to come back and we’re happy to have him.”

Chief Deputy Clint Hodgkinson, who was promoted to his current position in August 2011 after serving as patrol captain, will return to his role as Patrol Captain in 2016, according to Merritt.

Current Patrol Capt. Michael Langley Sr. will be retiring from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Langley has served as patrol captain since August 2011, when he filled the position after it became available following Hodgkinson’s promotion to chief deputy.

Merritt, who will be running for the Orange County Republican Party nomination as Orange County Sheriff in his bid for re-election since officially switching parties, said Langley’s retirement served as the catalyst for the upcoming moves within his office.