By Tommy Mann Jr. – For The Record

With the timeline firmly established, the search for the next superintendent of Bridge City ISD is underway.

The Bridge City Independent School District’s Board of Trustees has begun the process of searching for its next superintendent and has established its timeline for the process.

The Trustees opted to hire a firm, Arrow Educational Services, Inc. which is located in Henderson, Texas, to assist in the search for the next superintendent. Arrow Educational Services, Inc. was assisted more than 130 school boards select a superintendent since 1998, according to its website.

According to Jerry McInnis, president of the BCISD Board of Trustees, more than 30 applications were received from potential candidates.

“We’ve completed the application process and began the screening process of applicants last (Thursday),” McInnis said. “Once we finish this process, the firm will present a list of candidates to the board which fit our criteria.”

Once the Board of Trustees receives its list of candidates, it will begin the first round of interviews. Interviews will be conducted on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016, as well as Wednesday, Jan. 6, and Thursday, Jan. 7. Once this round is completed, the Board is expected to narrow the field down and conduct interviews with “semi-finalists” on Wednesday, Jan. 12, and Thursday, Jan. 13, 2016, with the announcement of a lone finalist for superintendent to follow that same day.

Mike King, the current superintendent of Bridge City ISD, announced in October he would be leaving the district for a job in the private sector. King is expected to remain with Bridge City ISD through the end of January 2016.