2015 comes to an end on a high note. Christmas day set a record at 82 degrees. “It was the first full moon on Christmas in many years but was hidden by heavy clouds. The economy is strong, unemployment low and gas prices are $1.38 a gallon, lower than when the year began. We used to import 60 percent of our oil, now we export oil. This is just to mention a few things. 2016 promises to be an interesting year. Every four years the country elect’s a president and this is the year. Already the Republican Primary has created a lot of waves with at least one loose cannon who is reshaping the Party to his likeness. He is sure to bring others, from the capital to the court house, down with him. It is anyone’s guess who the nominee will be. The Democratic Party may nominate the first female president. The general election will be one hell of a blowout. I hope I’m around to witness that clash. Locally, all races will be over in March with no Democrats in local races. I look for a low primary vote. The last Republican Primary drew only 6,000 votes in an off year. The count should go up to 10,000 or so. Fifty-thousand are registered to vote with 24,000 voting in the presidential election in November in a very close race. In our neighboring state of Louisiana, the citizens elected a Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards. There is no major state race in Texas. Anyway it’s a year for politics. A lot of start up jobs are in the works for Jefferson County and the Lake Charles area. If we can have a year without a major storm it should be a good year. We look for sales tax revenue to keep climbing. Bridge City will continue to see business growth and several new outlets and fast food establishments will open in the Orange area.*****Thank you for your loyal support over the years. We look forward to the new year with optimism for ourselves, our business, our community and county. I best  move on. Next time we meet it will be in the New Year. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.  


Presidential candidate Donald Trump said his company is valued at $10 billion. That’s true but when he says he’s worth $10 billion, that is not true. In most of the investments he controls only 51 percent interest. Investors hold 49 percent, plus money experts say he has a personal indebtedness of nearly $2 billion. They say  Trump’s net worth is closer to $2.9 billion. That is still a lot of money but not in the class he claims. The Saudi Prince has invested heavily in several Trump projects, plus he is his chief money lender. After Trump’s attack on Muslims, the Prince said, “No more, he’s done with Trump.” That’s not all, a $6 billion golf community, under construction in Dubai, has removed his name from the project. Trump was tossed from a business network in Scotland where he had invested more than $300 million in golf courses and other developments. “Lifestyle,” a retailer in the Middle East, India and Africa stopped selling Trump branded products. Last week DAMAC pulled down the Trump name at the Trump International Golf Course. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon withdrew the US entrepreneur’s membership of the GlobalScot business network ‘with immediate effect’, following Mr Trump’s comments about Muslims. My guess is that Trump may soon feel the international rebuke in dollars and cents. I believe more bankruptcies are in his future. He’s filed for bankruptcy four times, leaving the lenders and investors holding the bag. He went south with the money. In most cases, he didn’t have his own money involved and billions were involved in the four. World leaders have now rebuked him. Trump is basically a high dollar scam artist. His family must be pulling their hair out by now. It’s all ego with ‘The Donald.’ He would like us to believe he’s in the league of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, the Koch brothers and others, but he’s way down the list. No doubt Trump is a shyster who has the gift to maneuver and that’s what he’s doing to his mindless followers. He’s controlling them with garbage he can’t produce. He’s talking trash that could only be accomplished by a dictator. The United States has three branches of government. His whole gimmick is nothing but hogwash that won’t sell to reasonable citizens. Like Jim Jones, he can lead just a certain kind of people to the trough and convince them to drink the poison. I’ll bet my favorite pair of ‘Buck Naked’ underwear that Trump will never be president of this great country. I have a bigger beef than him being a con artist and it’s his vulgar mouth and treatment of women. I’ll explain later.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Brad Morphew, 85, who died on Dec. 22. Service was held Saturday, Dec. 26, at Claybar Funeral Home, in Orange. He was an Orange native and he and his late wife Dorothy collected antiques and worked together restoring furniture. He was an antique car buff and collected them over the years. He is survived by his five children and their families, his sister Rose Ayo, 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Our sympathies to our friend Monte and his siblings on the loss of their dad.


10 Years Ago-2005

The year comes to an end with Orange County effected by two storms, one named Rita, that came ashore and her big sister Katrina, that struck the New Orleans area. Orange County took in many refugees from Katrina before being hit by Rita.*****Johnny Winter, who will headline the Janis Joplin Bash, Jan. 28, has granted an exclusive interview to The Record’s Vickie Parfait. Vickie, a former disk jockey, became acquainted with Johnny a few years ago. Johnny, who is now 61 years old, and his band will be inducted into the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame. (Editor’s note: Both Vickie and Johnny have passed away in the past few years.) *****Rep. Mike Hamilton is again being challenged by Attorney Paul Clayton, who was unsuccessful in his challenge in 2002. Pct. 2, Justice of the Peace Derry Dunn is being challenged by Bertha Dunbar, a 20-year employee of the J.P. office. Pct. 4, Justice of the Peace Sherry Smith is not running for re-election. The open seat has drawn three Democrats, Lori Smith, sheriff deputy Mike Marion and Tim Ladesna, a county attorney office employee.*****Raymond Smith has filed as a Republican for county judge against Democratic Judge Carl Thibodeaux. Smith is the only Republican candidate.*****Michael Coy Darby, born Jan. 2, 2005, was the first baby of the year. Now, on Jan. 1, 2006, he turns one year old. (Editor’s note: Today, in 2016, he turns 11 years old.)*****DuPont SRW Employee Federal Credit Union has now become Sabine Federal Credit Union.***** A FEW 2005 HIGHLIGHTS: In April, Christine Lemaire and Sarah Fontenot, of Bridge City High, won a $2,000 scholarship, offered through the Miriam Lutcher Stark‘Reading and Declamation’ contest.*****Bridge City Chamber named Robert and Connie Hanks “Small Business Persons of the Year.” Hank’s Realty changed their name to Sel-Best Realty in 2003.*****The city of Bridge City makes plans to annex 501 acres, extending jurisdiction nearly to the Neches River.*****Life in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita got a joyous diversion from the Bridge City Chamber. The Chamber went on with its 31st annual holiday parade on Nov. 19.*****Waiting in line became a full time occupation in October after Hurricane Rita struck on Sept. 24. Everyone stood in line to buy cell phones because all landlines were out of order. Hundreds waited in line to get free ice, canned food and bottled water which was distributed by soldiers. Free meals were served by the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. In October, many folks remained homeless. With no electricity, many camped out in their homes, drank bottled water and read by flashlight. Days were very hot, 90 to 100 degrees. At night, portable generators hummed and mosquitoes, in swarms, buzzed. It was hard times for the natives as they worked to rebuild their homes and community. The citizens proved to be tough and marched on. They never gave up and by year’s end had most of the homes in the community back together. Only some debris was left to be hauled off. (Editor’s note: Just as things got back to normal, Hurricane Ike came calling, worse than Rita, and everyone had to start art all over again. (That’s life on the Gulf Coast.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Calvin “Cal” Stewart, 82, of Orange died Dec. 30. He was a retired engineer for American Bridge and a Navy reservist.*****Edna Jones, 83, of Orange, died Sunday, Jan. 1. She is survived by her daughter Kerry Kittrell and grandchildren.*****N.J. “Jim” Robicheaux, 76, of Orange, died December 31. A native of St. Martinville, LA, he was a captain in the Army National Guard and an engineer for Entex Gas. Jim was active in the community and served on several boards. He is survived by his wife Marion, daughter Susan Tharp, two sons John and Alan and their families.*****Clarence Milton Linscomb, 53, an Orange native, died at his home in Georgetown. Services were held at First Baptist Church in Bridge City. He was a 1951 Orangefield High School grad and a Pipefitter by trade. He spent most of his life in Orange County.

40 Years Ago-1976

On Saturday, Jan. 10, Orange’s first privately owned ambulance service will begin. MEDI-QUIK, at 410-5th St., a 24-hour service, call 883-6530. Hal Sanders, David Franzel and Wayne Smith, owners.*****Congrats to Peggy and Bobby Smitherman on the birth of their baby girl, Misty Layne, on Dec. 30.*****At the 15th Street Package Store, you can buy a fifth of 100 proof J.W. Dant  for $5, or IW Harper, fifth $5, a fifth of seven year old Old Charter for $6.95, Jim Beam, half-gallon $11.50.*****A 50-pound freezer order of meat from Dick Bivins’ Texas Ave. Grocery sells for $50.80. Calf halves, cut and wrapped, 79 cents a pound, T-bone steak, $1.59 per pound.*****Homemade, smoked sausage, pan sausage, Italian sausage, $1.09 per pound. Custom slaughtering, $5; butchering, 14 cents a pound, cut and wrapped, at Glass Farm and Slaughter House, Farm Road 1089 in Orange since 1957.*****Many New Year’s Eve parties were held around the area. Roy and Phyllis Dunn celebrated their 21st. wedding anniversary with a big party at their home. The large crowd saw host Roy pass out in the corner, sound asleep, after Doug Harrington spiked his punch with 190 proof grain alcohol. Roy’s a tee-totaler and thought he was drinking plain punch. Dennis Hall walked into a sliding glass door and ended up at the hospital being sewed up. Harold Beeson kept trying to hustle Beverly Williamson, Joe’s wife, and when that didn’t work, he set his eyes on pretty Vickie Curtis. Cash stood in the shadows with a watchful eye. Harold’s wife, Shelia, didn’t pay it no mind,  “More bark than bite,” she said. Buddie Hahn tried to keep order. H.D. Pate was trying to out drink Don Burgess. Carl Parker sang while Don Jacobs and Vickie picked the guitar. Barbara Gillis was still there when daylight came, she had left but had returned for more Bloody Mary’s. Things got less orderly when Ed Bacon was appointed the enforcer, causing Dennis to go through the glass. He did see, thankfully, that no one drove off that had been drinking too much. He appointed designated drivers. Two days later Dunn was still nursing a headache and had threatened to kill Harrington. “Happy New Year, 1976.”


We were proud to hear that longtime Lamar Orange employee Butch Campbell was honored with the Julie and Ben Rogers Community Service award. He was recognized by Regina Rogers, who personally presented the award. Butch is well deserving. We have known him since he was a pup and he has always given of himself to worthy causes. I have one special memory of Butch when he was 12 years old. He kicked a field goal at a Little League game in Port Arthur to win the game giving our football team the tournaments championship. I’ve kept up with him ever since.*****Earl Thomas, Orange native, West Orange-Stark graduate, former Texas Longhorn, safety for the NFL Seattle Seahawks, has been named to the 2016 All-Pro Bowl for the fifth time. Earl brings a lot of recognition to Orange and also gives back to the community he calls home.*****Don’t forget the West Orange-Stark State Championship celebration Sunday, Jan. 10, at the Riverfront Pavilion starting at 1 p.m. with a parade scheduled at 2 p.m. Following the parade, players and coaches will be honored. There will be lots of entertainment with food and drink vendors on site. Just a fun time celebration. Come join in celebrating our latest state champions.*****The WednesdayLunch Bunch held its Christmas gathering last week hosted by Robert’s Restaurant. Despite many folks going out of town for the Holidays a nice group attended. The oldest guy I know, 94 year old Pearl Harbor survivor, Cedric Stout and his lovely wife Cherry showed up along with Nova Dee Strickland and Pete Fredrick. Both know a lot of Orange County history. Of course, we always enjoy Judge Carl Thibodeaux and his stories. Sheriff Keith and Marlene were talking about starting to put up political signs come Jan. 1. This will be the first time he has run under the Republican banner. In fact, all candidates are doing so. What Keith is worried about is that he has had a strong following over the years, a lot of friends and so many are Democrats. He’s just hoping they will vote and continue to support him. He’s by far the only real choice.*****The Lunch Bunch will dine at P.K.’s Grill for the last gathering of the year. Next week, the first gathering of the New Year, Wednesday, Jan. 6, will be held at J.B.’s Barbecue. It should be a fun time. Everyone always welcome. This will be the first time to dine with the “Old tobacco chewing horse trader. Y’all come.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days: On Dec. 30, Kari Stringer, Rebecca Hannegan and Marie Perkins celebrate. They are joined by basketball player LeBron James, 31, golfer Tiger Woods, 40, boxer Laila Ali, 38 and TV show host Meredith Viera, 61.*****Dec. 31, finds Debbie’s longtime mother-in-law, Norma Fusilier, a very sweet lady, celebrating. On this day also Richard Hunter and Jessica Anderson also celebrate. This is also the date Roy and Phyllis Dunn celebrate their 61st. wedding anniversary. Reckon she has earned a place in heaven. They are joined by actors Anthony Hopkins, 78, Val Kilmer, 56 and Ben Kingsley, 72.*****On Jan. 1, Robert Hoke, Ronnie Hearn, Joanne Hill, Glenda Wilburn and Cynthia Hernandez celebrate. Celebrities enjoying birthdays on this day are football player Jason Pierre-Paul, 27 and actor Morris Chestnut, 47.*****On Jan. 2, David Villanoueva, the boy who once attended the World Fair and also spent several years with Kee-Kee Dupuis and the gang at Dupuis Full Service Station, is a year older. Also celebrating is June Gunstream, Kathy Mercer, Courtney Anderson, Angela Abshire and Cody Johnson. Celebrities celebrating birthdays today are actors Cuba Gooding, Jr., 48 and Taye Diggs, 45 and TV show host Jack Hanna, 69.*****Jan. 3rd is the birthday of Jim Sharon Bearden, one of the good guys that I had the pleasure of seeing sworn in as a lawyer. After the ceremony, I also had the pleasure of sharing a great meal prepared by his grandmother Jewel. Celebrating a birthday on this day also is our friend, Nelda’s other half, former commissioner, Owen Burton, who will do to ride the range with celebrates today. Also Barbara Dardeaux, Ann Burns, Betty Johnson and Alvin Wright. They join football player Eli Manning, 35, and actors Mel Gibson, 60 and Victoria Principal, 65.*****Jan. 4, finds longtime friend Beth Rach celebrating, as does lovely Ms. Virgie Moreland, Nancy Lapeyrolerie, Devin Forse and Mary Williams. They join country singer Patty Loveless, 59 and actress Dyan Cannon, 79.*****On Jan. 5, longtime friend and political adversary, Bridge City’s gift to Vidor, Kenneth Young, turns 84. Also Fain’s widow and a very nice lady Vivian Holbrooks celebrates and Donald’s widow, Tommy’s momma, Mairlou Pachar Gunn, a special lady, celebrates today. It’s also Melinda Vail’s birthday. Celebrities celebrating today are actors Diane Keaton, 70 and Robert Duvall, 85 and TV show host Charlie Rose, 74.*****We had an interesting Christmas meal thanks to Capt. Chuck Uzzle,who furnished the wild ducks and geese. Our chef Allen made a big pot of goose, sausage and okra gumbo and stuffed duck breast (stuffed with Italian and plain sausage) wrapped with bacon. Talk about good. We also baked Louisiana sweet potatoes and even had cracklins and boudin balls from the  famous Benny’s Boudin Market, in Scott, compliments of our relatives in Louisiana. The Pilgrims would have been proud of us.*****If you haven’t visited Danny’s or K-Dan’s lately you will find big changes. They have installed new meat cases that better display their fresh cut meat, not pre-packaged. Also a wide array of their specialty items made fresh in their market. I was impressed also with the newly installed produce cases. Check them out.*****Our prayers are with Don Cole, Jr. that the new year will bring improved health. He was in the hospital before Christmas with a bout of Diverticulitis but came home the day before Christmas Eve. He’s doing good now. He has more immunotherapy scheduled in January. His children and grandchildren are here for a few days so he’s happy. He still needs lots of prayers. He’s such a good guy, from a great family.*****Don’t forget the big G.G. Shinn Bash at the V.F.W.  on New Year’s Eve. Jivin Gene, Ken Marvel and many others will be on hand to entertain. Tickets are still available at the V.F. W.  Come party.


Kari Stringer, Kyler Walron, Paula Aven, Madison Ranee Hanusch, Marie Perkins, Rebecca Hannegan, Richard Hunter, Jessica Anderson, Norma Fusilier, Sandra Hovind, Hayden George, Joanne Hill, Cynthia Hernandez, Glenda Wilburn, Robert Hoke, Ronnie Hearn, Amber Cortez, Angela Abshire, Cody Johnson, Courtney Anderson, David Villanoueva, Jason Sieck, June Gunstream, Kathy Mercer, O’Neal Waldrop, Betty Johnson, Ann Burns, Alvin Wright, Barbara Dardeau, Betty Johnston, Devin Force, Lillian Wray, Mary Williams, Nancy Lapeyrolerie, Marilou Pachar Gunn, Catherine Young, Deborah Schlicher, Malinda Vail and Patsy Dowder.


Da utter day, Agnes Comeaux went to Dr. Amos A. Boudreaux’s office.

Wen da doctor axe her why she came to see him, she say, “Dr. Boudreaux, I’d like to have some dem birth control pills me.”

Da old doctor him, was taken aback. He tink abot dat for a minute and den said, “Excuse me, Ms. Agnes, but you’re 70 years old, wat possible use could you have for birth control pills, hanh?”

Ms. Agnes, her, said, “Well doc, dey sure help me sleep dem.”

Doc him, was really puzzled, “Now Ms. Agnes, tell me how in da world do birth control pills help you go to sleep?”

“It’s like dis, I put dem in my granddaughter’s orange juice and I sure sleep better at night, me.”


Another year done gone. I’ve seen many roll around sitting here at this old desk. The sad times have been when we lose another friend and over the past  year, we’ve lost way too many. The feel good comes from the readers and their compliments. This is really a hard line of work with a lot of pressure. We need more local business support. There is no better way to reach the local consumer than to advertise right here at home. We cover the area like a blanket. If you are presently not using us to spread your message and sell your product, give us a try. We have a lot of loyal customers who have been advertising with us for many years and we’ve helped them grow their business. Well, it’s time to sing “Auld Lang Syne” an old Scott tune written by Robert Burns in 1796. It literally means “Old Long Ago” or simply “The Good Old Days.” Have safe and Happy New Year. God bless.