Tabatha Marie Green Force, born Nov. 21, 1982, in Houston, lost her three year battle with cancer early on Jan. 2, surrounded by her loved ones in Deweyville.

She is survived by her parents, Christina Crossland Busby and Cecil Busby, Jr.; two sisters, Amy Green and Briana Busby and brother Matthew Green. She was the beloved mother of three sons, Devin Force, Seth Force and Elijah French and three daughters, Angel Force, Selene Tompkins and Aaliyah Tompkins. She leaves her cherished children in the care of their fathers, Steve Tompkins and Ivan Force.

Funeral services will be held at 5:00 pm, at Calvary Baptist Church in Deweyville on Thursday, Jan. 7, with a visitation preceding services at 4:00 pm.