Officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the following calls between Jan. 12-18:

Jan. 12

Accident, 1071 North/Lone Star RV Park, Vidor

Theft, 2100 block Bobcat Cr., Orange

Theft, 3116 Timberlake, Orange

Fraud, 160 Oldbury Rd., Vidor

Criminal mischief, 9494 Turtle Rd., Orange

Jan. 13

Fraud, 3341 Sherwood Dr., Orange

Found property, 156 Greathouse, Vidor

Fraud, 205 Border st., Orange

Theft, 35514 Duncanwoods, Orange

Transport weapons/student in possession of weapons, 7327 N. Hwy. 87/LCM High School, Orange

Assault, 315 Russell Rd., Vidor

Jan. 14

Fraud, 3292 S. Teal Rd., Orange

Welfare concern, 2815 Dennis St., Orange

Jan. 15

Theft, 2275 Havens Rd., Vidor

Suspicious person, 3335 Front St., Vidor

Unauthorized use of motor vehicle, 4035 Evangeline Dr., Vidor

Theft, 735 Spoonmore, Vidor

Drug incident, 17000 block S. Hwy. 62, Orange

Terroristic threat, 1255 Liberty St., Vidor

Jan. 16

Vicious animal, 5116 Jordan Dr., Orange

Theft, 225 Chinese Elm, Vidor

Assault, 190 Pug Rd., Vidor

Terroristic threats, 9749 FM 105, Orange

Assault, 7401 Lariat Loop, Orange

Assault, 836 Cherry, Vidor

Assault, 805 Coleman St., Vidor

Assault, 5419 Colony Ln., Orange

Jan. 17

Disturbance, 6135 Crosstimber Dr., Orange

Drug incidents, FM 1006 and Massachusetts, Orange

Cruelty to animals, 5635 Rebel Rd., Vidor

Burglary, 3375 Martha, Vidor

Theft, 11535 E IH-10/IH10 Antique Mall, Orange

Disturbance, 3559 Brent Dr., Orange

Jan. 18

Found property, 305 W. Circle, Vidor

Disturbance, 8198 N. Hwy. 87, Orange

Burglary of habitation, 4850 Revere Ln., Vidor

Burglary of motor vehicle, 1325 W. Circle Dr., Vidor

Juvenile problem, 2258 CLaire Dr., Orange

Criminal mischief, 1205 W. Circle Dr./Sugar Pines Mobile Home Park, Vidor

Assault, 1028 Vincent, Orange