Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Jan. 1-15:

Bright Horizon Learning Center, 5830 N. Main St., Vidor – Score – 100

Trinity Baptist Church, 2850 Hwy. 12, Vidor – Pre-opening inspection.

Super Stop #4, 2590 N. Main St. Vidor – Need to date all sandwiches inside cooler; store name needed on all bags of ice sold from store; exposed wood is being used for walls and the storage shelves inside walk-in cooler; ceiling/walls inside walk-in cooler need to be cleaned of old foods/mold; cabinet where drink syrup is stored needs to be cleaned of old foods; light shields needed inside walk-in cooler and throughout the store. Lots of cleaning is required at this location. Score – 91

Subway #62184, 1545 N. Main St., Vidor – No hot water available (restaurant just filled up dishwashing sinks)- hot water needs to be available at all times. Will follow up with store to see what the solution will be for future inspections. Score – 98

Fastlane #14, 695 W. Railroad, Vidor – Score – 100

Dollar General #12697, 1752 Hwy. 12, Vidor – Score – 100

Valero Corner Store #969, 1010 N. Main St., Vidor – Score – 100

Get-N-Go, 1150 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Need to date all foods (sandwiches) inside coolers; store currently is storing most drinks on floor inside walk-in cooler and in front areas of store – needs to be six inches off the floor; light shields needed inside walk-in cooler; need to replace all damaged ceiling tiles and need to check dates on all foods. Score – 96

Taco Bell #2680, 835 Texas Ave, Bridge City – Walls and floors throughout need to be cleaned of old foods; need to pay close attention to the floors around/behind storage racks inside walk-in cooler and floors throughout around equipment; area above hot line needs to be cleaned of old dust; inside of food warmers need to be cleaned of old foods; light shields needed at vent-a-hood. Score – 98

Kwick Stop #4, 3110 16th St., Orange – Cappuccino and Slushi machines need to be cleaned of old foods/mold; light shields are needed throughout store; several areas of the floor needs toe repaired of broken/damaged tiles; rust was found inside ice machine – need to repair or replace. Score – 95

CVS Pharmacy #6381, 2425 N. 16th St., Orange – Thermometers needed inside reach-in coolers; inside of milk cooler needs to be cleaned of old foods; toilet inside men’s restroom broken and needs to be repaired. Score – 97

Cypress Plaza #1, 7014 N. Hwy. 87, Orange – Mold/slime found inside ice machine; not water found inside store; store name and address are required on all bags of ice sold from store; dates needed on all sandwiches inside reach-in cooler; hot water was not found at the hand washing or restroom sinks. Score – 89

Papa Johns Pizza, 2305 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Storage shelves used to store clean dishes found to be rusted, need to repair or replace. Score – 98

Market Basket #4, 3709 N. 16th St., Orange –  Found several dented cans throughout ; rusted shelves found in one of the freezers on sales floor; rusted shelves found holding produce on sales floor; rusted baseboards, ceilings and door frames found inside meat department cutting room; floors inside meat department and inside milk walk-in cooler/freezer in back storage areas need to be cleaned of old foods/trash. Score – 95

Market Basket Deli #4 – Baking pans are damaged along outside, need to replace most damaged pans; storing buckets with food on floors throughout kitchen; storage racks rusted and need to be repaired/replaced; glass windows on steam table need to be replaced – currently using clear tape to hold together; handles are required on the glass windows at the steam table; mold was found in between the glass on meat storage – need to clean or replace. Score – 95

Blackbeards, 439 W. Freeway, Vidor – Pre-opening inspection.