Payton vs. Cam will be in the big spotlight Sunday when the Broncos play the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. CBS will air the game live from San Francisco beginning at 5 p.m. Commercials are going for $5 million per 30 second spots. Several celebrities are expected to appear in cameos and the British band Cold Play will perform at half time, with featured guest Beyonce and Bruno Mars. For Denver to win, Wade Phillips’ defense will have to hold Cam down to 24 points or less. Payton just doesn’t have the comeback he once had. Stock up on goodies, get your rowdy friends together, there’s going to be a big shootout on the West Coast. *****I’d best get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The long awaited Iowa caucus has come and gone, billions have been left in the state. Every four years Iowa has an economy boost by just being the first state to hold elections in the presidential primaries. It’s a big circus with the results probably having nothing to do with the eventual outcome of who becomes president. Every four years however, candidates play the same game. They move in with large organizations, spend months and leave many bucks that the chamber of commerce loves. The results were that extreme right winger Ted Cruz made Donald Trump pay for all of his back stabbing insults and branding Cruz a birther. Cruz beat Trump pretty soundly and freshman Senator Marco Rubio finished third, stepping on Trumps heels. It couldn’t have come out any better. Trump needed his wings clipped. It’s a joke for that jerk to even be running for president. Cruz is too far to the right to be elected president, Rubio is a lightweight but he may be who the establishment has to dance with. Trump will continue to disrupt the process and he’ll win some. His ego took a blow and he will now shift into another gear and put everything on New Hampshire. My belief is that the GOP’s best qualified candidate is Gov. John Kasich, of Ohio. He’s the best Republican governor in the country, but he’s not wild eyed enough to suit the right wingers. *****In the Democratic contest, Sec. Hillary Cliton scraped out a narrow win over Bernie Sanders. Even though the votes were close, it’s really a good win for Clinton. Think about it, Iowa has almost no minority vote so if she can break even in a state without that vote, she will win big in states with large Black and Hispanic voters. Bernie is good for the Democratic Party, he’s registering many young people and that makes the Party stronger. In the end, Sanders could be Clinton’s greatest asset. With his support in the general election, along with endorsements from President Obama, VP Biden and the establishment, she would be difficult to beat. In my opinion, for the GOP to have a chance to win, it will have to be someone other than Cruz. Trump or Rubio.



Constance (Connie) Fontenot Bourgeois

We were very sad to learn of the death of Constance (Connie) Fontenot Bourgeois, 76 of Groves, who passed away Jan. 28. She was survived by her husband of 56 years, Gene Bourgeois, who we had known for over 60 years, long before he became famous as Jivin’ Gene. A native of Port Arthur, Connie was a member of St. James Catholic Church and had lived in Groves since 1964. Connie had worked as a floral designer for many years and also taught CCD classes in her Parish. She is survived by her husband Gene, daughter Elizabeth Cormier and son-in-law Blaine Cormier, brothers Noson Fontenot and Cedric Fontenot, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Service was held Monday, Feb. 1, 2016. See obituary.


Mary Beth McDuff

We were also very sorry to learn of the death of Mary Beth McDuff, 77, who died Jan. 28. Ms. McDuff had been a teacher and principal for West Orange-Stark ISD for 25 years before her retirement. Service was held Sunday, Jan. 31. She was a resident of Port Neches. See obituary.



10 Years Ago-2016

Orange County Pct. 3 commissioner, John Dubose, is in Washington trying to get more federal money for Hurricane Rita recovery. Dubose said Rita is definitely a forgotten storm. He met with representatives from Homeland Security and said all they talked about is polices for Hurricane Katrina. They seem to have forgotten about Rita, There’s definitely a difference in reimbursement policies for Katrina and Rita. Dubose and the Southeast Texas delegation were hoping to obtain $2 billion for Texas from President Bush’s $18 billion hurricane recovery budget. He said they are getting help from Congressman Kevin Brady and he was optimistic about getting funds. *****Brittney Zenos crowned Miss Bridge City in the 38th B.C. pageant. Also crowned was first runner up, Lynsie Renee Fontenot, second runner up Hannah Dunahoe and Miss Congeniality Heather Marie Gisclair.*****Edith and Charles Pratt will celebrate their 50th anniversary on Feb. 9. (Editor’s note: Charles has since passed away but Edee is still hanging tough. She’s a remarkable lady.***** Congrats to Cody Duplechin and the Bridge City tennis team. Cody won singles title and the team won the tournament. *****The Steelers beat the Seahawks 27-10 to win Super Bowl XL. The Steelers are five time Super Bowl champions. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Calvin T. Emerson, 78, of Bridge City, a native of Dunn, Louisiana, died Jan. 30. A navy veteran during the Korean conflict, he was retired from NOVA Chemicals and was a deacon at First Baptist in Bridge City. He is survived by wife Billie Jean and their children. *****Gary R. Russell, Sr., 59, of Orange, died Jan. 30, after a lengthy illness. He is survived by his wife Patsy and a large family. *****Brandy Cole Molbert, 23, of Orange, died Jan. 30. Service was held Feb. 3. *****Travis Moore, 86, of Orange, died Feb. 1. He was a WWII Army veteran and owned Travis Grocery and Market for 29 years. He was a member of Masonic Lodge 120. *****Georgia Marie  “Gee Gee” Umfrid, 40 died Feb. 2. She was born in Orange to George and Frances (Ragusa) Miller, in 1965. She is survived by husband Scott Umfrid and their children. *****Laura Andrus, 72, of Bridge City, died Feb. 2. Service was held at Triangle Baptist, in Orangefield. Survivors include her daughter and son-in-law, Cynthia and Fred Vandiver, sons Donald Andrus, Thomas and wife Carolyn Andrus and their children.


40 Years Ago-1976

Fain Holbrook, with Conn’s on MacArthur Center, welcomes you to the once-in-a-year Friedrich Air Conditioner sale. Fain says he’ll be glad to tell you the full Friedrich story. *****Bridge City Cardinal quarterback and running back Richard Slaydon becomes a Texas Longhorn. He became the first Orange County player to sign with the Longhorns since Bridge City’s All American Steve Worster.*****Former Bridge City high school coach Van Williams is now a backfield coach at West Texas State.*****District Attorney Sharon Bearden will add a new assistant to his staff Feb. 7. He is Michael Shuff, a native of Silsbee. *****Attorney Roy Wingate has purchased the Prince property on the corner of Border and Henderson. A new attorney will be added to the Wingate-Carlton Law Firm. (Editor’s note: If I remember correctly, the new lawyer who came in was Tommy Gunn. I know Tommy was there in 1980.)*****On Feb. 6, ‘Blondie’ and ‘Dagwood,’ Vera and Gerald Dolly, celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. *****On Feb. 8, ‘Lady Snake,’ Elizabeth Risinger, became the bride of ‘Cobra,’ Arthur Turner, Jr. The two met at the Golden Triangle CB Club. Everyone in 1976 had a CB radio and also a ‘handle’ name. *****City election is Saturday at Bridge City. Jim Shepherd, incumbent, Place 6, is unopposed. Lou Garriga is challenged by Billy Wright for Place 2. Georgia Calliouet is running for the post held by Jack Pepper, who is not seeking reelection.*****Bridge City students, Arthur Simmons and Ronnie Weishaar, receives the ‘President’s Honor Scholarship’ to Texas Lutheran Collage in Sequin.*****Orange Savings and Loan is paying 7.5 percent interest on a $1,000, 4-year certificate of deposit, 5 percent on a No-Time-Limit CD. They paid out $2,770,750.74 in interest. *****Former United States Senator Fred Harris, presidential candidate, will visit Orange Saturday, Feb. 14.*****Delegates will be elected to go to the Democratic National Convention.*****Novella Choate is opening a nice night spot in Bridge City.*****Doug Harrington can’t get the best of J.K. Conn, so he might as well give it up. Jimmy plays hard ball.



We were glad to hear that after a rough three months things have turned around for our friend Jimmy Dillon. Since January he has been on the upswing. He’s one tough guy.*****Congrats to Ricky and Jerrilynn Hollier, of Bridge City, who were named Duke and Duchess for the Krewe of Aurora, Mardi Gras, 2016.*****National signing day for colleges has arrived. Lamar seems to be making a better effort to recruit locally. It will be interesting to see which players in Orange County colleges are interested in.*****Speaking of signing, we heard from Coach Josh Smalley who proudly announced that two of his players will be signed up Wednesday Feb. 3. Austin Moore will sign with Lamar and Matthew Watkins with Southeastern Oklahoma State. The signing will take place at 10:45 a.m., in the competition gym, Orangefield High, and Coach Smalley invites folks to come by and celebrate the occasion. We also understand that another local talent, Derick Dearing, of Bridge City, has signed with Lamar.*****Our buddy, Tommy Simar, brought us some goodies. He and Sue are good people.***** We heard from our longtime friend Joe Chenella, former BCISD employee. It seems while his wife Nancy and daughter were attending a conference in Dallas, Joe was doing yard work in the spring-like weather in College Station.***** We were pleased to have a visit from Diana Hill. Back when we were both youngsters she was a real beauty and she still is a very pretty woman. She has a big, beautiful Christian heart that has never changed.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days: On Feb. 3, a good guy, Charlie Johnnie, turns 71, also celebrating are Stephanie Carpenter and Alssa Allensworth. Celebrities joining them are football star Julio Jones, 27, Amal Clooney (George’s wife) 38 and actress Morgan Fairchild, 66.*****On Feb. 4, the late Ms. Dot Eshbach’s pride and joy, grandson, state and national poll vaulting champion, Eric Eshbach celebrates. Also celebrating are Brad Freeman, John LeBlanc, Mel Moreau and Luther and Sylvia’s boy Rheese Rhodes. Joining them are rock star Alice Cooper, 68, singer Davin DeGrew, 39 country singer Clint Black, 54 and politician Dan Quayle, 69.*****On Feb. 5, we wish happy birthday to Madison Johansson and David Cooper. They are joined by baseball player Hank Aaron, 82, singer Bobby Brown, 48, country singer Sara Evans, 45 and football player Roger Staubach, 74. On this date six years ago, everyone’s friend Mary Fontenot died, in 2010.*****Feb. 6 finds one of Bridge City’s real beauties, longtime school teacher, mother of three fine young men, Ms. Ginny and Neighbor Cox’s little girl, Karen Duplichin, celebrates. Also having a birthday are Betty Harmon, a great friend, Cindy Lessard, David Gryden and Grant Jones. Celebrities celebrating this day are Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99, singer Fabian, 73 and TV newsman Tom Brokaw, 76. On this day President Reagan and Babe Ruth, the legendary baseball player, celebrated birthdays. *****Feb. 7, finds Luke Lyons, Jamie Beaulieu, Darlene Brown and Jeanna Campbell celebrating. They join Chris Rock, 51, country singer Garth Brooks, 54 and actor Ashton Kutcher, 38.*****On Feb. 8, our buddy, ‘The Crawfish Man,’ Big Daddy, Todd Landry, turns a year older today. Also celebrating are Dolores McQueen, Lois Powell and Barbara Fox. Celebrities celebrating are actor Nick Nolte, 75, actress Mary Steenburgen, 63 and singer Vince Neil, 55.*****Feb. 9, the boy from Abbeville, Doyce Sherman, swamp popper Jivin’ Gene and his buddy, sweet Karen Fusilier all share birthdays. This will be a sad birthday for Gene, who just lost his wife Connie. It’s ironic that all three of these Cajuns celebrate on Mardi Gras Day. They are joined by actor Joe Pesci, 73, songwriter/singer Carole King, 74 and country singer Travis Tritt, 53.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dined at Robert’s this week and will be at PK’s Grill next week. Everyone is always welcome.*****The NFL announced this week that NBC will join CBS and the NFL network for Thursday night football telecast during the 2016-2017 regular season games. CBS and NBC will broadcast five games apiece; NFL will retain exclusive rights to eight games.  At this rate we soon will be able to watch pro-football everyday.


Michael Hilliard, Stephanie Broussard, Rosalie Jones, Stephanie Carpenter, Alssa Allensworth, Lisa Ludwig, Don Mosier, Lydia Wilson, Brad Freeman, Eric Eshbach, John LeBlanc, Lindsey Hollingsworth, Mary Bull, Mel Moreau, Rheese Rhodes, Syliva Holloway, Jack Jones, Madi Johansson, David Cooper, Grant Jones, Haley Arnold, Harold M. Collins, Lindsey Day, David Gryder, Peggy Jones, Cindy Lessard, Darlene Brown, Charles Smith, Jamie Beaulieu, Jeanna Campbell, Luke Lyons, Jeremy Sleeman, Kaitlyn Ezell, Lois Powell, Dolores McQueen, Addison Geldard, Kezavien Roberts, Todd Landry, Barbara Fix, Doyce Sherman, Lisa Woods, Jivin’ Gene, Karen Fusiler, Leonard Bock, Sandy Sanford and Cynthia Fisher.



Sostan’s wife, Sugar Bee, was traveling between Abbeville and Kaplan on da way to see her sister Nelda, when a state trooper pull her over.

Trooper Fontenot walked up to her car window, flipped open his ticket book. Sugar Bee say, “I bet you gonna try to sell me a ticket to da Louisiana Troopers ball hanh?”

Trooper Fontenot real stern say, “Look Ma’am, state troopers dem don’t have balls.”

Dere was a moment of silence; Fontenot closed his ticked book, tipped his hat, got in his patrol car and left him.



The greatest players from Pittsburgh, Dallas and San Francisco dominated the Super Bowl 50 Golden Team that was voted on to celebrate Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, Calif. The Steelers, Cowboys and 49ers have combined to win 16 Super Bowls, so it was no surprise they totaled for 19 players on the 26-member dream team voted on by the Pro-Football Hall of Fame Board of Selectors.The Golden Team roster was as follows: OFFENSE: Quarterback, Joe Montana, San Francisco; Running Backs, Franco Harris, Pittsburgh and Emmitt Smith, Dallas; Wide Receivers, Jerry Rice, San Francisco-Oakland and Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh: Tight End, Jay Novacek, Dallas; Center, Mike Webster, Pittsburgh; Tackles, Forrest Gregg, Green Bay-Dallas and Art Shell, Oakland; Guards, Gene Upshaw, Oakland and Larry Allen, Dallas; DEFENSE: Ends, Charles Haley, San Francisco-Dallas and Reggie White, Green Bay; Interior Linemen:  Joe Greene, Pittsburgh and Randy White, Dallas; Outside Linebackers: Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh and Ray Lewis, Baltimore; Cornerbacks: Mel Blount, Pittsburgh and Deion Sanders, San Francisco-Dallas; Safeties: Ronnie Lott, San Francisco and Jake Scott, Miami. SPECIALISTS: Placekicker, Adam Vinatieri, New England-Indianapolis. Punter: Ray Guy, Oakland. Returns: Desmond Howard, Green Bay. You can’t argue with that team, however many other great stars come to mind, such as Mean Joe Green, Lawrence Taylor, or even O.J. Simpson, etc.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up. Read us cover to cover, shop our Family of Advertisers, check out the political advertisements and follow us 24/7 on the web, Take care and God bless.