The Orange County Livestock Show Association (OCLSA) will be holding their Spring Bash, Saturday, Feb. 27, at the OCLSA Barn in Mauriceville.

Each overall Grand Champion will receive a belt buckle and $100. Each overall Reserve Champion will receive a large rosette and $50. Showmanship 60/40 split with a $5 entry paid at the gate. Entry fee will be $25 per animal. Checks are accepted payable to OCLSA. Entry fees will be accepted up until the end of check in.

Check In will be 7-8:30 am for Swine, Lamb and Goat with show time at 9 am. Check in 10-11:30 am for Steer and Heifers with show time at 12:30.

Swine, Lambs, & Goats shown by weight. Steers shown by breed and weight. Heifers shown by breed and age. Steer and Heifer classes rosettes for Breed Champions American, English and Exotic : Class 1, 0-6 months, Class 2 7-12 months, Class 3 13-18 months, Class 4 19-24 months, Class 24 months and up.

Concession Stand Provided. Generators Welcome. Questions Contact: Tommy Harrington 504-5210 or Jennifer McConnell 746-9727.

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