Lent begins today, Ash Wednesday. The next 40 days is a special Holy time for most Christians. I know how special it is to Catholics because of my upbringing. Those long ago days have stuck with me. The Lenten season, starting with Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday is when faith meets tradition. It’s a joyful time in one’s religion. Of course there are those who will ask, “What did you give up for Lent?” In my youth, people were sincere and gave up something they would truly miss. Today, that practice is still important to a lot of people who take their faith seriously.




Last week I predicted if Wade Phillips’ Bronco defense could hold Cam Newton and the Panthers to 24 points or less, Denver could win. I figured Peyton Manning and his Broncos could score 24 points with the defense good for at least two TD’s. I thought Peyton could pass for two but that didn’t happen. The 24-10 victory against the Panthers couldn’t have been a more fitting end for Manning. Two-hundred career victories, regular season and post-season, the most by an NFL quarterback. He tied Brett Favre with 186 in regular season, the most in history. No one will remember that this wasn’t the 39-year-old Manning’s best game. They will remember however, that he left the field for what was likely the last time with the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl 50. It was Orange native Wade Phillips’ defense that carried the day. Wade was born in an Orange hospital, his roots run deep in Orange County. The son of “Bum” Wade’s first coaching job was for Coach Dexter Bassinger at Stark High in Orange. Wade, defensive coordinator for Denver has built the number one ranked defense in the NFL. His junk-yard dog defense is led by former Texas Aggie Von Miller, who was named MVP. Along with DeMarcus Ware, the two had to bail the Broncos out time and time again. They sacked NFL-MVP Cam Newton seven times and forced four turnovers. Miller has earned a reputation as the NFL’s elite defensive player with 60 sacks in his first five seasons while missing seven games but it is only the beginning for him. He’ll almost certainly receive the Broncos’ franchise tag worth in excess of $100 million. Wade’s game plan to stop the Panthers was a mix of coverages and rushes that kept Newton off kilter from the start. The Panthers great receivers were over matched by Wade’s boys. They couldn’t get open. Newton finished 15 for 38 passing for only 245 yards. The Panthers, had 27 carries for 118 yards. What a great Cinderella finish not only for Manning but also for Coach Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips, who just two years ago, were fired by the Houston Texans. It’s only fitting that they would ride off into the sunset as champions. You couldn’t write a better script. As for us Orange Countians, we couldn’t be more proud of our native son. He doesn’t and his dad never did, receive the recognition they deserve right here at home.



We were sorry to learn of the death of Sarah Granger, 86, of Orangefield, who died Feb. 3. Service was held at St. Helen Catholic Church on Tuesday, Feb. 9. Sarah and her late husband of 62 years, Thomas ‘Tick,’ Granger were always very active in the community. ‘Tick,’ named after his father, a former county commissioner, followed in his father’s footsteps and also served as a commissioner while Sarah stayed active in the community, worked and raised a large family. She and ‘Tick’ were salt-of-the-earth people. I’ve had the great fortune to have known them and their children for many years. The passing of Sarah, for me, closed a great chapter in a period of politics, entertainment and special gatherings, that this brand of people were a part of, folks like ‘Tick’s brother Wade, Bob Montagne and others who are now gone. Orangefield was at one time a beehive of activity that brought people together for good causes. It will never be the same again. Sarah was such a large part of that while raising a great family. She has now rejoined that ‘old gang.’ May she rest in peace. Please see obituary.



10 Years Ago-2006

Local artist Gary Landry paints a mural on the center dome of the Meadows health care facility which will open at the end of February. By the end of March, the nursing home will have a capacity for 120 patients.*****The fourth annual Mardi Gras will join the Orange Gumbo Cook-Off this year starting with a parade to be held Saturday, Feb. 28, at 6:30 p.m. The ‘Mardi Gras Las Vegas Casino Style’ will be held in downtown Orange Saturday night. The Cook-Off, started 30 years ago, will open to the public at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. *****Cheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong have decided they don’t want to be married to each other after all. *****Devon Shirey celebrates 11th birthday Feb. 14. *****Madison Johansson celebrates 4th birthday Feb. 5. *****West Orange-Stark coach, Doug McCarter, won his first outright district basketball championship with a 20-point blowout of pre-district favorite Hardin Jefferson. The Mustangs get a first time bye and the second round is as of now undecided. *****Judge Roy Derry Dunn, Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2, is running for re-election. The former longtime educator is asking for a second term. *****Former district attorney Bill Wright has suffered a stroke. He had quit the DA’s post and moved away years ago. Attorney friends in the area are helping to raise medical funds. Bill has depleted his. (Editor’s note: Ten years later I don’t know what the outcome or situation is with Bill. I remember him as a nice, Christian guy.)*****It has been discussed that all emails between Scooter Libby and Karl Rove are missing. Libby is being made the scapegoat. Scooter told special prosecutor that superiors told him to leak that Valerie Plane was a CIA agent. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN:  Patricia Ann Goldsmith, 58, of Bridge City, died Feb. 6. *****Johnny Ray Harrison, 66, of Orange, died Feb. 6. *****Katherine Virginia Sneed, 83, of Orange, died Feb. 7. Hubert W. Curlee, 86, or Orange, died Feb. 7. *****Raymond Ray Burdine, 80, of Orange, died Feb. 7. *****C.W. “Huck” Huckaby, 78, of Mauriceville, died Feb. 7. *****Barbara D. Renander, 54, of Webster, died Feb. 8. She was formerly a resident of Orange. *****John E. Bud Alderson, Sr., 91, of West Orange, died Feb. 9.*****Mildred LAvine ‘Doll’ Johnson, 93, of Jasper, died Feb. 9.*****Thomas McClelland, Jr., 83 of Orange, died Feb. 11.*****Gwen Vincent, 70, of Orange, died Feb. 11.*****Clarence Ray Tompkins, Sr., 75, of Deweyville, died Feb. 11.*****Annabel Morris Tisdale, 80, of Bridge City, died Feb. 13.*****Ruby Nora Bland, 93, of Pinehurst, died Feb. 13.


40 Years Ago-1976

First National Bank opens new location at 16th Street and Green Ave. The new facility has six new motor bank windows. *****County Attorney Jim Sharon Bearden has been hospitalized and confirmed to be a very sick man. *****The County Attorney’s office is involved in the Jerry Lynn Bishop murder case in Houston. The case has one complication after another. Linda Staton, a key witness in the case, has not been located. *****Viola Schivley, former manager of the13th Street package Store, is now employed at O&I. *****Benita Hebert is the new manager of Mr. Carter’s store. *****Charlie Warner, with mustache, overalls and Afro, is the model in Gunn’s Studio ad this week. *****While Bearden is in Orange Memorial, he has a son in St. Elizabeth and another also under the weather. *****The Heritage House is now open. The Historical Society is looking for Orange County artifacts to put on display. *****Bridge City coach Andy Griffin has announced that  Randy Feverjean will sign a letter of intent to play football for West Texas State.*****Jim Jenkins filed for school board at Little Cypress-Mauriceville.*****Helene Litton, Bridge City High School librarian, was named ‘Woman of the Year’ by B&PW. Katy James, club president, made the presentation.*****Dr. David Olson is appointed chairman of Bridge City Day Festival by the Bridge City Chamber.*****Mr. Shirley Marks, Bridge City city councilman, represented the city in the Austin Municipal League Legislative Committee.*****Billy Cagle and Charles MacAbee threw their hats in the ring for the seat Jack Pepper is vacating on the city council.*****Vickie Bean and Gary Gauthier were crowned queen and king at the school coronation.*****Larry Ward named as life member by the Bridge City PTA.*****Howard Morse opens 24-hour superette, formerly Bendy’s, on Texas Avenue. The store has been remodeled. The red and white stripes on the exterior were painted by “The Striper Brothers,” Mark and Allen Dunn. *****Max Boatman, 50, issues statement for office of sheriff. *****Andrew Trahan, Jr. age 22, caught a 10-pound bass on Toledo Bend Lake this week.



In keeping with the Mardi Gras season, Allison Gregg made a boudain King cake for Super Bowl. The cake was complete with pepper jelly and bacon. Talk about good…. Mom Debbie Gregg agrees.*****Not to be outdone, Lauren Kemp, who is giving locals a run for their money,  made a cheesecake King cake to die for.**** We are happy to hear Jan Norris is on the mends after a double knee replacement. She says physical therapy is going well and she looks forward to walking without pain. Mark Dunn is also recuperating after surgery. Mark had a hip replacement on Feb. 6 and thanks to therapy, is moving around pretty well and also with no pain.***** Jerry Howeth scored big… Bobbie Jo is sporting a huge rock on her finger.***** We noticed the folks at K&K Christmas Tree Farm are busy planting trees. K&K is a family farm that strives to teach the children about hard work and family farming.*****A few folks we know having birthdays this week: On Feb. 10, Ash Wednesday, our friend on the bayou Peggy Albair celebrates. Richard might give her the day off since its her birthday. Also celebrating are  twins Travor and Tyler Gunn. I’ve been reporting those boys birthday since they were six years old and they are old enough to go in bars now. Bobby Arnold and Shane Brister also celebrate. Celebrities having birthdays on this day are TV show host George Stephanopoulos, 55 and Glenn Beck, 52, R&B singer Roberta Flack, 79 and Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz, 66.*****On Feb. 11, the twins Deric and Eric Prevost celebrate, along with Brittany Carpenter, Stephen Aven, Jody Connor and Kevin Bourque. They join actress Jennifer Aniston, 47, politicians Sarah Palin, 52 and Jeb Bush, 62. Burt Reynolds turns 80 on this day.*****Celebrating on Feb. 12 is Michelle Moore, Sara Childs, Christy Reves and John Hall. President Abe Lincoln was born on this day. They are joined by actor Josh Brolin, 48 and TV show host Arsenio Hall, 60.*****Feb. 13, Jeremy Delano, Liz Fontenot and Judy Ford all celebrate. They join TV show host Jerry Springer, 72, actress Kim Novak, 83 and pilot Chuck Yeager. This was also the date our dear friend Joyce Young died in 2012.*****Feb. 14, Valentines Day, Lynda’s Valentine, T.W. Permenter celebrates his big day as does Judy Harrison, Fred Kennedy and Dan Batchelor. Celebrities joining them on this day are Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson, 82, politician Michael Bloomberg, 74 and football player Jim Kelly, 56.*****On Feb. 15 is George Washington’s birthday but also Presidents Day in the USA. Longtime educator and Superintendent Robert Montagne is a year old today as is Drew Domas. Celebrities joining them are actress Jane Seymour, 65 and Simpson cartoonist Matt Groening.*****On Feb. 16, six lovely ladies celebrate their special day, Mandy LeBauve, Pat Davis, Inez Jones, Judy Brownlie, Vicky Stanley. Ann McDuff and also wishing a special day to Clint Britt They are joined in celebrating by tennis player John McEnroe, 57, football player Jerome Bettis, 44 and actor LeVar Burton, 59. . Happy birthday to all.*****Vince Gill’s latest album, “Down to My Last Bad Habit” is due out Friday. It’s not traditional country but he has one, “A Sad One Comin On,” (A song for George Jones.)*****Constable David Cagle is having a big gathering Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the corner of Highway 62 and Highway 12 in Mauriceville. Free eats and drinks. Y’all come. I plan on being there with the Creaux.*****The Avenue, 2209 Texas Ave., in Bridge City, is serving wine and cheese for Valentine Day shoppers. That should be fun.*****Charlotte Ragan Premiere Real Estate is hosting an open house Sunday at 9665 Mistletoe, Orange. Stop by.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at PK’s Grill this week and back to Robert’s next week. Stop in and enjoy great fellowship and great food. Everyone welcome.*****Quote of the Week: “You inspired me to work hard, to be disciplined, to be respectful, to take notes. You inspired me to love the process, to love the sweat, to love the tears, but most of all you inspired me to love the game. Thanks Peyton, if this is it, thanks.” (Excerpt from Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s tribute to Peyton Manning.)



Po “Tee Nonk” Robecheaux him, done cut off all ten of his fingers in an accident at Boudreaux’s Saw Mill. At da hospital, Dr. Desormeaux axe Tee Nonk to give him da fingers and he would see wat  he could do him.

Tee Nonk say, “Mais Doc. I don’t got da fingers me.”

“Wat you mean, you don’t’ got da fingers?” Da Doc. axe, “It’s 2016, we can do all kind of incredible tings. I could have put dem back, at least some of dem. Why you don’t’ bring da fingers hanh?”

Tee Nonk, wit tears in his eyes and in a lot of pain say, “Damn Doc., now tell me how da hell was I suppose to pick dem up me.”



The results of the New Hampshire presidential primary won’t be known until past my deadline. It is known however, that with an early victory in the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary, a long shot candidate can catch fire, at least for a while. After those two contest the campaign moves to bigger states and a faster pace. A win or loss in the early states becomes insignificant. On the Democratic side, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has led Hillary Clinton by double digits. The granite state’s independent minded electorate has a history of rewarding candidates from neighboring states. Bernie needs political momentum to propel him through the next set of states, starting with Nevada and South Carolina. If Clinton manages to win, she would go a long way to establish herself as the clear front runner. If she simply narrows the gap to single digits, she will minimize the bump he gets from a victory. Her qualifications will propel her in the larger, minority filled states. Sanders needs a very big win. A good show by Clinton will appear to be a win. On the other hand, a win by Sanders is just a start. For the Republicans, the polls have Donald Trump leading with 31.0 percent of the vote. If any candidate, who polls say are far behind, can edge past Trump, that outcome would be a stunning surprise and a political game changer. If Gov. John Kasich can finish in the top three, his chances would be good on Super Tuesday, March 1. If he doesn’t do well, he will give it up because his money will dry up. He’s a long range candidate only if he lands a top spot. Jeb Bush had his best debate Saturday and not a moment too soon. Jeb has been more successful raising money than attracting votes. If he can secure a turn-around, even a fourth place finish, he can live to see better days ahead in South Carolina and beyond. Gov. Chris Christie is the only other governor with executive experience but the problem is he would have to best Kasich and Bush. One of those three could end up with the nomination but the three only experienced candidates are drinking from the same well. The rest of the field is very weak in qualifications. Rubio, who finished third in Iowa, has no record to run on. In the long term that will catch up to him, maybe as early as New Hampshire. Sen. Ted Cruz carried a Bible in Iowa and carved out a win. He’s well organized in South Carolina and Super Tuesday states, with some Tea Party backing. No matter what happens in New Hampshire, Cruz is poised to campaign into future states. His best bet to catch Trump is for all the governors to stay in the race, not get down to one. Dr. Carson and Fiorina are about done unless a miracle happens. *****Thanks for your time. Also thanks for the political candidates who choose this paper to reach the voters with their message. Please check them out and give them your consideration. Don’t forget the banks are closed Monday, President’s Day. Take care and God bless.