Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Feb. 1-15:

Dollar Tree #193, 170 Strickland Dr., Orange – Soap is needed inside restroom and paper towels can not be stored on top of the toilet, needs a dispenser; all foods inside walk-in cooler/freezer and inside storage room need to be stored six inches off the floor; back storage room needs to be cleaned and organized. Score – 96

Star Stop #5, 1104 Burton Ave., Orange – Ice scoop laying on top of drinks inside storage room; mold found on the Slushi machines, need to clean more often; no hot water was found inside restroom sinks; drinks being stored on floor inside storage room, needs to be six inches off floor; light shields are needed throughout store; bed was found inside storage room, need to remove from store. Score – 92

Stateline Chevron, 2323 Lutcher Dr., Orange – Gasket at walk-in cooler door needs to be replaced, torn at bottom of door; All drinks are required to be stored at least six inches off the floor inside walk-in cooler and in storage room; floors under shelves inside walk-in cooler need to be cleaned of trash; light shields needed throughout; missing ceiling tiles need to be replaced; air filters improperly stored; soap needed inside restrooms. The store was recently sold and is under new ownership and management. Score – 89

Oza’s Diner, 1907-B, MacArthur Dr., Orange – Pre-opening inspection. No score.

Bridge City Intermediate School, 1029 W. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City – Score – 100

Judice’s Cajun Cafe, 2045 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Heating element inside reach-in freezer is broken and needs to be repaired; several damaged/broken containers and dishes found; Vent-A Hood and area around fryers needs to be cleaned of old grease; inside of ice machine needs to be cleaned of mold and lime. Score – 97

Vidor Middle School, 2500 Hwy. 12, Vidor – Score – 100

Kid’s Castle, 100 Parkside Place, Bridge City – Score – 100

Ming’s Buffet, 840 N. Main St., Vidor – Improper food storage, cover all foods; dirty dishes; improper storage of all air filters; date all foods;  soap needed at hand washing sinks; food stored inside plastic grocery bags; fly strips hanging from ceiling; employee drinks without lid and straw found; manager’s food with public food; thawing shrimp inside bucket of water; Vent-A-Hoods, floors, equipment and shelves throughout need to be cleaned of old foods; employee restroom needs cleaning and walls repaired. More cleaning required at this location. Score – 80

Donut Palace, 11258 Hwy. 12, Mauriceville – Sausage/boudin found at unsafe conditions and no policy on holding foods at room temperatures; meat stored above raw donuts inside coolers; plumbing under sinks need repair; no dates or thermometers found; soap needed at hand washing sink; foods being stored in plastic grocery bags; employee drinks without lid and straw; pan liners for kolaches being used more than once; Vent-A-Hood and fryers/grill needs to be cleaned of old foods; damaged ceiling tiles found throughout bakery. More general cleaning needed. Score – 78

Mauriceville Middle School, 19952, FM 1130, Mauriceville – Score – 100

West Orange Elementary, 2605 MLK Dr., Orange – Score – 100

Dollar General #11492, 2500 MLK Dr., Orange – Dented cans found throughout; no hot water inside restrooms; shelves inside the milk cooler and shelved on front sales floor (ships) need to be cleaned of old foods; floors throughout need to be cleaned of dirt and missing ceiling tiles were found; employee restroom needs to be cleaned; more cleaning and organizing is needed at this location; restrooms and front freezers need to be repaired and in working condition. Score – 92

Noah’s Seafood Kitchen, 950 N. Main, Vidor – Chemicals not approved for food service found in kitchen; no hot water found inside restroom sink; dates needed on all products; plastic grocery bags were used to store foods inside cooler/freezer; flat top grill needs to be cleaned, object that manager could not identify found on top, needs to remove; Vent-A-Hood, storage racks and sides of fryers/flat top grill need to be cleaned of old grease; broken floor tiles and missing baseboards found; more general cleaning is required; pipe needs repairs. Score – 86

Super Star Food Mart, 420 S. Main St., Vidor – Inside of cappuccino machine and floors inside walk-in cooler need to be cleaned of old foods; not water found inside restrooms; no dates found on sandwiches inside reach-in cooler; hot water required on all hand washing stations; drinks were found stored on the floor inside walk-in cooler and back storage area; damaged and missing tiles were found throughout; need to replace the rusted door on the ice machine. Score – 88

McDonald’s #4110, 1710 N. 16th St., Orange – Dates needed on all products, several broken dishes found; employee with ear buds; Vent-A-Hoods, area around fryers, floors, storage racks and containers need to be cleaned of old foods; drink dispensers need to be cleaned daily – found slime on outside; floors, walls and ceilings need to be cleaned of old foods; need to pull all equipment out from wall and clean more often; more general cleaning is required and follow-up visits with store manager; cleaning schedule will need to be daily. Score – 90

Little Cypress Elementary School, 5725 Meeks Dr., Orange – Score – 100

Little Cypress Jr. High School, 6765 FM 1130, Orange – Score – 100

Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School, 7565 N. Hwy. 87, Orange – Score – 100

Smoker’s Express, 1050 16th St., Orange – Drink Dispensers, inside of ice machine and Slushi machines ned to be cleaned of mold and slime; floors inside walk-in cooler needs to be cleaned of old dirt; several gnats found under drink dispensers – pest management needs to re-treat. Score – 95

The Enchanted Cottage – 2908-B MacArthur Dr. – Score – 100