Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Feb. 16-29:

California Corn Dog Stand, 795 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Employee drink found without lid and straw; thawing hot dogs inside sink of water. Score – 98

Orangefield Elementary School, 10288 Hwy. 105, Orangefield – Score – 100

Zuniga’s Mexican Food, 1925 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Dry storage food found sitting on floor and chemicals stored next to food; not water at hand washing sink, also found faucet with no handles – needs repair; Dates needed on all foods; no soap or paper towels at hand washing sink; storing foods in plastic grocery bags; thawing foods inside three compartment sink; Vent-a-Hood, floors and walls need to be cleaned of old foods. Will followup on hand washing station.

Pine Forest Elementary School, 4150 N. Main St., Vidor – Score – 100

Vidor Jr. High School, 945 N. Tram Rd., Vidor – Score – 100

Casa Ole #47, 1015 N. Main St., Vidor – Raw meat/vegetables stored incorrectly inside coolers/freezers; clean dishes found with food still on them – manager pulled and rewashed; floor drain clogged – need to repair; rusted storage shelves; found several chipped plates/containers – need to discard; sides and under fryers/grill and floors throughout need to be cleaned of old foods; walls need to be cleaned and paint beginning to come off wall – need to repair; ceiling tiles near most air vents need to be cleaned of old dust. Score – 87

Tee Nah Nah’s Cajun Cooking/Cardinal Fireworks Stand, Bridge City – Pre-opening inspection. Will set up at Cardinal Fireworks on the weekends only. No score.

Tekoa Academy, 1408 W. Park Ave., Orange – Score – 100

Community Church School, 3400 N. MLK Dr., Orange – Score – 100

Bridge City Elementary School, 1035 W. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City – Score – 100

The Jumping Bean, 7174 N. Hwy. 87, Orange – Restaurant does not have 2016 food service permit. Score – 98

Stop-N-Drive #21, 1510 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Dates needed on all products (sandwiches) inside coolers; store does not have current 2016 food service permit; rusted storage shelves found inside walk-in cooler; all drinks need to be stored off the floor inside walk in cooler. Score – 93

JJ Wings and Seafood, 2246 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Raw shrimp found uncovered; need to date all foods; restaurant does not have current 2016 food service permit; towels needed at hand washing station and need to move objects so employees can wash hands; employee drinks without lid/straw and stored improperly; chemical found next to food being stored on floor; utensils/knives wedged between wall/sink inside of reach in coolers; floors and walls need to be cleaned of old foods; more general cleaning is needed. Score – 83

West Orange Middle School, 500 N. 13th St., Orange – Score – 100

Delta Food Mart, 705 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Chemicals being stored above pet foods and plastic utensils; store does not have current 2016 food service permit; storing bottled drinks on the floor; missing floor tiles found inside walk in cooler; store under construction to place a deli-type food service area, will call for inspection when complete. Score – 93

Vidor High School, 300 Orange St., Vidor – Score – 100

Oak Forest Elementary School, 2400 Hwy. 12, Vidor – Score – 100

Brookeshire Brothers #270, 1380 N. Main St., Vidor – Dates needed on all foods inside reach in freezers; rusted storage shelves found inside produce walk in cooler. Score – 96

Valero Corner Store, #377, IH-10 E, Orange – Score – 100

Freeway Express, 115 E. Freeway, Vidor – Need to date all foods (sandwiches) inside walk in cooler; broken ice scoop found; store currently does not have any sinks to wash dishes, need to replace sinks that were taken out; light shields needed inside walk in cooler; restrooms are currently not working – need to repair. Score – 92

Orangefield Junior High School, 7745 Sand Bar Rd., Orangefield – Score – 100

Step_N-Go, 234 S. Main St., Vidor – Ice scoop laying on top of ice machine; damaged ceiling tiles found – need to replace immediately; old washers/dryers sitting outside, need to remove immediately; followup needed on removals. Score – 95

St. Mary School, 2600 Bob Hall Rd., Orange – Score – 100

Bridge City High School, 2690 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Score – 100

Neches Grocery, 3035 Hwy. 1131 – Store does not have current 2016 food service permit. Score – 98