Second Baptist Church, Bridge City, will host “Road to Resurrection” on Saturday, March 19 from 9 am-noon. This is a family event which takes participants down the road that Jesus walked beginning with Palm Sunday and ending with the Resurrection. Meet characters who take you inside the scriptures as you are part of the Triumphal Entry, participate in the Passover meal, visit the jail where Jesus was held, meet a Roman guard who was part of the crucifixion detail and finally meet Cleopas who reveals who he encountered on the Joyous Road to the Resurrection.

Call and reserve your travel voucher for the Road to Resurrection by calling the church office at 735-8156 on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings from 9 am-noon. It is not necessary to have a reservation but you can reserve a spot for your entire family to travel together.

Second Baptist Church, Bridge City is located at 340 Bland Dr., next to the fire station.