A lot of rain is on the way so it may be that you will not get your paper on time. Delivery to homes could be a day late if the rain is heavy, however our store and other indoor outlet copies will be available at the usual time Wednesday. You can also check out our offices in Bridge City and Orange for a copy of the paper. We hope the rain for the most part stays away but just wanted you to know what we are facing. *****I’m working in low gear and it’s a slow go so I best get going. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


My intention was to do a review of last weeks local election but I haven’t gotten the information in time for my deadline. Everyone knows who won and lost but I was interested in where particular candidates ran stronger and where the weak spots were. There weren’t really any surprises. Some races could have gone either way, which shows up in close races. I’ve told you before it is a popularity contest and not necessarily about qualifications. In the case of Commissioner John Banken losing to John Gothia, that is very much the case. There were no negatives about the job Banken is doing; he’s a good, dedicated commissioner. Gothia did a better job of selling himself and his ideas for economic growth. Most people feel that, like Banken, Gothia should be an independent voice on the court, not just another rubber stamp. Time will tell but John has a chance to bring a new prospective to the county. He’s smart and has a knack for promoting. *****Sheriff Keith Merritt was given a big mandate by the voters. We are fortunate to have Merritt as our sheriff. It’s all business with him; he’s above board and runs the department like it should be run. On the other hand, Keith and Marlene love people and never meet a stranger. ***** I was glad to see Constable David Cagle win by such a large majority. He is sincere and dedicated to the job of constable and deserved to win big. He had a lot of good supporters, none working harder and smarter than Nelda Burton. If I was running in the Mauriceville area I certainly would want Ms. Nelda on my team.*** We can all be proud of the campaigning job the four women, running, in very close races for tax accessor and county clerk, ran. The races were very close. County Clerk Brandy Robertson had a slight advantage over Trish Williams because of being an incumbent. Karen Fisher and Debbie Meaux ran a close race, less than 100 votes separated them. Karen and husband Joe came in this week and she has nothing but kind words to say about Debbie and praised her for being a good worker. *****The only other woman running was Shirley Zimmerman, in the Pct. 1 commissioner’s race. Shirley came in third despite not having any family or school mates in the area. She has a sincere desire to serve. A runoff will be between Johnny Trahan and Bobby Manshack, two local guys. *****While the primary vote was higher than expected, getting voters to go back to the polls in a runoff will be difficult. It’s estimated that between six and seven thousand Democrats crossed over and voted in the Republican Primary. *****On the Democratic side, I was glad to see Deborah Mitchell re-elected Democratic Chairman. She’s such a nice lady, but will need some help between now and November to rebuild the party. Hillary should be on top of the ticket. If the race is against Trump she should carry Orange County. The candidates and this publication did a great job publishing and promoting the election and getting the vote out.


Former First Lady Nancy Reagan died March 6, at age 94. She was the wife and partner of the 40th President Ronald Reagan. Historian Douglas Brinkley wrote, “She is the one who deserves credit for orchestrating the great legacy that is Ronald Reagan. She will be buried beside him on a hill top at the Reagan Presidential Library, in California Friday. She was born Anne Frances Robbins, in New York, July 6, 1921. Historian Carl Anthony wrote that Nancy was one of the most powerful first ladies in the post World War II era, not for her policy influence, like Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton, but for her personal influence and managing access to the President’s decision making process. All first ladies preform an impossible role under incredible pressure. They must listen to people criticize their spouses and children, their wardrobes, hairstyle, vacation choices and so much more. We don’t have to agree with their husband’s politics to appreciate the sacrifice that every one of our first ladies has given our country. Nancy brought elegance to the White House. R.I.P. Nancy.


We were sorry to hear about the death of Terry Paul Harvey, age 61, who died March 4. Terry was a 1973 graduate of Bridge City High School. He was the son of former Bridge City mayor Gordon Harvey. Many of you might remember that Terry, a few years ago, was in the business of selling cooked Cajun meats, cracklins and etc, next to his sister and brother-in-law’s Burger Town Restaurant, on Hwy. 1442. He and Burl LaSalle put out tons of specialty fried items. Terry was a very likable guy way too young to be so sick and to leave us so soon. He was a United States Air Force veteran. Please see obituary.


10 Years Ago-2006

Capitan Thomas Hennigan has retired after 26 years with the Orange County Sheriff’s office. He served under six sheriffs, Buck Patillo, Ed Parker, James Wade, Newton Johnson, Huel Fontenot and Mike White. It’s hard to survive that many administration changes. Employees jokingly called Hennigan “Cockroach” because he always survived. He began with the sheriff’s department 30 years ago but also worked for West Orange Police Department before returning to the sheriff’s office. During his first year he was stabbed in the neck with a piece of glass during a jail escape. He was a newly wed and his wife Phyllis wanted him to quit law enforcement. He started Dec. 15 and was married five days later, Dec. 20. He got one day off for the wedding. At the time, the sheriff‘s department had a total of 34 employees, with eight to 10 jailers. One night while working alone, a prisoner held for murder, stabbed him in the neck with a glass weapon made from the jar of a coffee maker. The escapee was caught and is now serving two life sentences. After being stabbed, Hennigan called for the dispatcher. He was bleeding like a stuck pig. He later said it was a good thing it wasn’t Sunday or he would have been working along as dispatcher and jailer. Hennigan and Phyllis, who retired from Bridge City Bank, plan to just kick back and enjoy life. (Editor’s note: Ten years have gone by. I hope they’ve had a great life. Their plans were to move to the lake. If I recall correctly, Thomas is Sheriff Keith Merritt’s brother-in-law, who is Marlene’s brother.) *****Two local students are named Students of the Month by Bridge City Chamber. They are Andrew Havens, of Bridge City, son of Douglas and Lisa Havens and Sam Owens, of Orangefield, son of Sam and Linda Owens.*****Word has reached us that Gov. Ann Richards has esophageal cancer. Ms. Ann is a Lone Star treasure. She and Orange native Bum Phillips visited Orange when she ran for governor. Nolton Brown, her Orange County chairman, arranged a large rally at the County Courthouse. *****Dana Reeve, age 44, has died of lung cancer. She was the wife of Christopher Reeve, Superman, who died last year. They were supporters of stem-cell research. *****Forbes’ list of billionaires are #1, Bill Gates, $50 billion; #2, Warren Buffett, $42 billion; Five Waltons, Wal-Mart empire, are listed #16 to #21, all worth at least $15 billion. Donald Trump and Ross Perot are listed #271 and#272, worth about 1.5 billion.*****Judge Roy Derry Dunn, Justice of the Peace, is reelected by a two to one majority.*****The top vote getter was County Clerk Karen Jo Vance, with 3.425 votes, 19 votes ahead of District Clerk Vickie Edgerly, who was one vote behind Judge Buddy Hahn. All of them are lifetime Democrats. (Editor’s note: Something happened along the way in the last ten years. I bet their core values are still Democratic.)*****West Orange-Stark coach Dan Ray Hooks is inducted into the “Southeast Texas Coaches Association Hall of Fame.” He has compiled a 229-61-2 football record and two state championships, 1986 and 1987. *****The Bridge City boys track team took first place in annual Vidor relays. The B.C. girls finished third. Ronnie Johnson took first place for Bridge City in the high jump with a leap of 5.0; Sam Elmore won first in the discus with a 153-8. He won second in shot put with 49.3. Ryan Kelly led the pack to win the 3200 meter run. Distance runner standout Randy Becker won first place in the 800-meter. Girls distance runner, Erica Garza, placed second in the 3200 at 112:34 and also second in the 1600 meter. The B.C. boys had 134 points. Silsbee was second with 121 points and WO-S came in third with 111 points. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: *****Mary Alice Hoffpauir, 67, died March 6. Service was held at St. Helen Catholic church. She is survived by her husband Tillman Pat Hoffpauir, Sr., their children and two brothers. *****Garney L. Cooper, 72, of Orange, died March 7. He retired as a welder from Levingston. He was preceded in death by his wife Barbara and is survived by a son and two daughters and their families. *****Nick Silva, 79, of Orange, died March 7. His wife Jennie preceded him in death. He is survived by their children and their families, *****Peter Schreiner, 85, of Orange, died March 8. He is preceded in death by his wife Florence. He is survived by daughter Peg Shearer and husband Mike, step-son Samuel Coates and wife Grace and 12 grandchildren. *****Loy Gene Tarver, 72, of Orange, died Friday, March 10. A native of Bellwood, LA., he was the son of John Luther and Lucille (Long) Tarver.  He worked as a carpenter for WOCISD. He was preceded in death by his father and daughter Dee Tarver. Survivors are his wife Marie, mother Lucille, son and daughter-in-law John and Dena Tarver. Pall bearers were Brandon Tarver, Jeremy Smith, Eric Smith, Dan Redding, Ira Zerko and Gary Suggs.*****Eva Frances Egan, 98, of Orange, died March 10. She was preceded in death by her husband Harry, son Paul and brother Jimmy Furlow. Survivors include sons and daughters-in-law, Doug and Jeanette, Don and Jackie, daughters Margie Burch and Johnnie and husband Johnny Jones. *****Gerald Blanchard, 67, of Orange, died March 11. He retired from American Bridge and was a United States Navy veteran. He is survived by his wife Nancy, brothers Perry and Elvin and sister Geraldine Cherry and their families. *****Thomas D. McAbee, 70, of Orange, died March 11. He was a health inspector for Orange County. He is survived by his wife Eula and their sons and daughters.

40 Years Ago-1976

Roy S. Wingate named Citizen of the Year by The Opportunity Valley News. He is the great grandson of Judge D.R. Wingate, a pioneer lumberman, forester and county judge in both Newton and Orange counties. Two of the judge’s sons served in the Confederate Army and another, Walter, became County Judge in Orange County. The colorful old judge died Jan. 14, 1898, at age 80. Like his great-grandfather, Roy’s life has been varied. After graduating from Stark High, he attended the University of Colorado. Returning home he entered the family meat business. His first love was to be a lawyer but was told that would never be because of an incurable eye disease. Several years later the diagnosis was changed. He left the family business and enrolled in the University of Texas law school and received his Jurisprudence Degree in 1958. He became District Attorney from 1966 to 1968 after serving as assistant to District Attorney Jim Morris. Roy is the son of Claude and Lumen Marie. His siblings are Julia, Mable, Cecil, Lance, Nick and Edith. Because of Roy’s ancestors’ historical background in Orange County, it is most appropriate that he and wife Crystal were chosen to serve as the year’s Bi-Centennial co-chairpersons. *****Roland Elledge buys a big, black hearse that he rides around in. Not to be outdone, Roy Ingram bought an 11-passenger Lincoln limo that he sports around in.*****The Bridge City Police Chief, Wilson Roberts, hates mowing grass so much that he is importing chinch bugs and he says if that doesn’t work, he’ll borrow a couple of goats from Dick Bivins.*****Corky Harmon celebrates another birthday on March 18. His brother Jackie celebrated his on the 13th. *****Bubba Voss has a red, white and blue backyard in honor of the Bi-centennial. He also has a patriotic fire hydrant.*****Lester Barrett is now operating the Lake Show Club, in Bridge City.*****Pretty Tracey Stout is in this week’s Gunn Studio ad.****The Bill Pittman’s suffer through the tragic death of their six-year-old son.*****H.D. Pate said he saw a sign while visiting New Orleans in a hippie coffee shop that reads, “Guess your sex, 25 cents.*****Dal Sasso Enterprises is offering quality housing at Camelot-Kingston Apartments, Thousand Oaks, International Village Apartments, Nottingham, Linkwood and Sunset Grove Apartments.


The Bridge City Cardinal baseball team hasn’t lost a home game since 2012. Speaking of Bridge City, two former stars Cameron Dishon at Ole Miss homered Saturday and Matt Menard homered for Baylor.*****Mark your calendar; St. Mary Catholic Church Parish will hold its annual St. Joseph’s Alter, Saturday, March 19, the day before Palm Sunday and the day spring begins. Contact Rosalie or Judge Pat Clark at 886-2577 if you wish to make a donation to provide fruit and other food items or flowers for the alter.*****Denver quarterback, Payton Manning, will hang up his cleats after 18 seasons, five MVP awards and two Super Bowl titles, with two different teams. The Colts drafted Payton first overall in 1998. He rewarded them with 11 playoff trips and a Super Bowl title. He then went to the Broncos in 2012. In 2014, he passed Brett Favre as all time passing TD leader and in 2015, he broke Favres’ all time passing yards record. It’s hard to pick the best of the best. Most sports fans have Joe Montana, with the 49ers. He won all four Super Bowls he played in and never threw a single interception in all four games. I’m not sure where Manning fits in. I’m sure somewhere in the top five. Tom Brady, Johnny Unitas, John Elway, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Roger Staubach, and maybe Bart Starr. In my youth, the big star was Otto Graham, with the Cleveland Browns. He won 10 consecutive playoff game appearances during the 1940’s and 1950’s. He won seven NFL titles. One guy that never gets any credit is Troy Aikman. He may not be top ten but he’s top 15. Payton Manning leaves a big impression as one of the best quarterbacks ever. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at JB’s Bar-B-Que this week and back at Robert’s next week. We were sorry that one of the founders of the Lunch Bunch, Judge Claude Wimberly, has been under the weather. We pray for a quick recovery.***** Some folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. On March 9, Brittney Zenos, Don Grooms, Elaine Padgen and Jordon Doiron celebrate. They are joined by celebrities TV show host Steve Wilkos, 52 and actor Matthew Gray Gubler, 36. *****March 10 finds Josh Gross, Gloria Jones, Mary White celebrating. They are joined by country singer Carrie Underwood, 33, actor Chuck Norris, 76 and singer Robin Thicke, 39.*****On March 11, Rick McCall, James McClanahan and Dottie Gunstream celebrate. Also celebrating on March 11 is Entrepreneur Rupert Murdock, 85, and Empire actor Terrence Howard, 47. *****March 12 finds Jack Morgan, Bryleigh Moore, Andrew Willingham and Carol Kimbrow all a year older. They join folk singer JamesTaylor, 68, politician Mitt Romney, 69 and baseball player Darryl Strawberry, 54.*****On March 13, Amy Peevey, Kyle Dubose, Jean Braus and Lindsey Bland celebrate. They are joined by singer Charo, 75 and singer Neil Sedaka,77. *****On March 14, Jill Peveto, John Brister and Bud Briggs are a year older. They are joined by actors Billy Crystal, 68 and Michael Cain, 83 and music producer Quincy Jones, 83. *****March 15 finds Gene Harper, Julie Myers and Amber Doiron celebrating. Also celebrating on this day are actress Eva Logoria, 41, singer Brett Michaels, 53 and religious leader Jimmy Swaggart, 81.


We heard from Cuzzin Sostan this week. It seems his grandson Pistach got in some trouble wit da law. Judge Nunez done agreed to make a deal dat if Pistach would join da Army him, da judge would dismiss da charges. His papa Joe Breaux brought him to da Army recruiter and dey signed Pistach up and da judge dropped da charges him.

On his first day of boot camp, dat Army private issued him a tootbrush. Dat afternoon, da Army dentist yanked out a half dozen of Pistach’s teets.

On da second day da private came by and give Pistach a comb and hair brush. Dat afternoon dey sent him to da Army barber who sheared his head. Pistach him, wasn’t so happy bout dat. He didn’t want to go in da Army anyhow, he jus had to.

On da turd day, Pistach was issued tree jock straps. His papa Joe says da Army dem is still looking for Pistach. He’s AWOL him.


A veteran Republican strategist, Katie Packer, whose aim is blocking Donald Trump for winning the GOP presidential nomination, says she wakes up to death threats every morning. She says the flood of emails and tweets from Trump supporters threatening to kill her, her family and her dog are the most hateful vitriol that she’s ever encountered in 25 years in politics. Trump has given voice to a group of people to do and say anything, through his example. A move by Packer and a Super Pac may not be enough to stop Trump from winning the 1,237 delegates needed. Meanwhile, PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem said there might not be a golf tournament at Trump’s International Doral a year from now. Trump’s polarizing campaign and statement on Mexicans, Muslims and women have angered many people in the PGA and golf industry. Cadillac, a sponsor in the final round of the World Golf Championship, has declared it will no longer be a sponsor. The PGA, in December, disavowed Trump for his strong language. General Motors, a sponsor for 50 years, will not sponsor Trump courses. We really don’t need Donald Trump  and God forbid that he would ever be president of this great country.*****The economy added 277,000 manufacturing jobs last month, 17 consecutive months of job growth, 4.9 percent unemployment. A pretty good base to build on, not go back to trickle down economics. *****Well, my time is up. Thanks for yours. We thank our family of advertisers for making this publication possible. Take care and God bless.