Elizabeth Hoosier-Bloodworth is seen in her new business Elizabeth’s Hidden Treasurers located within the former Bridge City Cleaners location. RECORD PHOTO: Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn – For The Record

Elizabeth Hoosier-Bloodworth returned to Bridge City to be near her mother after the loss of her father, Johnny Hoosier, 82, in Oct. 2015. His wife, Betty, found comfort in the company of her daughter. Elizabeth was the owner of a resale and gift shop in West Lake, Louisiana and the long vacant Bridge City Cleaners building presented an opportunity for the family. She decided to move her business from West Lake to Bridge City, her hometown.

“Mom loved the idea,” Elizabeth said, and having a business in Bridge City was also appealing to the 1985 BCHS grad. She put the plan in motion and by the end of 2015 she was near moving her West Lake store to it’s new location, the empty Bridge City Cleaners on Texas Avenue. In the process, however, Elizabeth’s mother became ill and passed away in February 2016.

“We dreamed and talked a lot about me moving my business here,” Elizabeth said, “Mom was friendly and enjoyed people. She was looking forward to working with me in the new store.”

Elizabeth regrouped from the loss of her parents and on Friday, March 4 she opened “Elizabeth’s Hidden Treasures” within the former Bridge City Cleaners with it’s landmark neon sign dating back to the early 1970’s.

She knew the place well, for decades Bridge City Cleaners and the beloved “Miss Anne” Segura were a fixture in the community. The famed neon sign, once the brightest object on Texas Avenue, had not been lit since before Hurricane Ike after blinking for two generations on the main drag.

Upon opening her new business Elizabeth once again fired up the flashing neon Bridge City Cleaners sign.

“It seemed appropriate,” Elizabeth said, delighted to be the person to bring back a symbol of that era in Bridge City. The sign needs minor repair but for now is flashing round the clock again. On the wall is a photo of “Miss Anne” standing at the counter of Bridge City Cleaners not long before her death in 2009. Next to it is a portrait of Johnny and Betty Hoosier, her parents when they were young.

“This place is part of the community,” Elizabeth said. “So many people have just stopped by to take a look inside and remember.”

Now she hopes her new business has a similar impact and success. Elizabeth’s Hidden Treasurers is a resale and gift shop offering antiques, glassware, furniture and a selection of items vintage to modern. “It has been my life long dream to do this,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth said she is planning a grand opening soon and a ribbon cutting with the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce.

Elizabeth has two grown children; Dawn Breaux, 29, and Quintin Bloodworth, 21, who was graduated from BCHS in 2013. She has two grandchildren; Madison Melacon, 9, and Peyton Melacon, 6, both are students of BCISD.

Elizabeth’s Hidden Treasurers is located at 1595 Texas Avenue in Bridge City.