Sen. Bernie Sanders has expanded his double digit lead among millennial in the Democratic presidential race. However, a new USA Today/Rock the Vote poll finds a way for Sen. Hillary Clinton to solve her generation gap and that is to go heads up with Donald Trump.  In November voters under 35 would choose Clinton by a crushing 52 percent to 19 percent. Among whites she would be backed by nearly 2-1, 45 percent to 26 percent. With Hispanics she wins 4 to 1, 61 percent to 14 percent. Among Asians by 5 to 1, 60 percent to 11 percent. Among African Americans by 13 to 1, 67 percent to 5 percent. Clinton would carry young men and women by identical margins of more than 2 to 1. Nearly one in four Republicans would defect to the Democrats if the GOP nominates Trump.  One of the very best things for the Democratic Party is Bernie Sanders. He’s a good man, with far-fetching ideas. Some of his programs would make for an ideal world if at all possible. The reality is that it’s taking too big a bite and unrealistic. Bernie has been able to do some things that no one since the Vietnam War, that’s getting young people to vote. Baby Boomers, the EX-generation and others have stayed away from the polls in large numbers as youngsters. If Bernie can’t get the nomination, but supports Hillary and brings a third of his new voters, Democrats would not only elect Clinton but win the Senate and if Trump is the GOP nominee, it is very likely, the Republican Congress would lose many seats. Trump will make it a big sweep for Democrats and if Bernie brings his millennial to join Hillary, it could be the worst defeat the Republican have taken in years. That is exactly why every effort will be made by the GOP to deny him the Republican nomination. The Democrats race will go on for some time yet.*****I’ve got to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Well, its four feet high and rising. I had never heard of rising water causing such a stir before. TV news donated their entire 30-minute news show to flood water. They repeated that it is a record rise for the Sabine River from water released from the Toledo Bend Reservoir. Flooding will occur all up and down the Sabine River Basin. Newton County will get the blunt of the rising water, the Deweyville area is totally submerged, Burkeville, Bon Weir, along with Kirbyville, are covered with river water. Nine floodgates at Toledo have been open since last week. Parts of Orange are covered. In Orange, the Kristin Chenoweth show, scheduled for Wednesday at the Lutcher Theater, and Saturday’s music festival on the Riverfront Pavilion have been canceled. Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center are closed for now because of rising water from Adams Bayou. The area will have very few flooded out houses in Orange compared to Ike. The county is less affected with less than 5 percent of the residents having water problems. The closing of IH-10 in Louisiana probably affects the county more than anything. Back in the 1950’s, flooding in downtown Orange was common place. There were few outlets, Coopers Gully, and a couple others. There also weren’t any lift stations or pumps. Almost every time we got a big rainfall, flooding would occur. We kept sand bags stored and when it rained, we would stack them at least two bags high at each door at our store on Second Street. When we got the OVN building, on Sixth Street, bags of sand were stored in the back room. I recall a 10-inch rain in the early 50’s that did a lot more flooding damage than the Sabine River overflow will do. I found it kind of amusing how some media folks were running around hyping flood waters like we had been hit by a massive storm. It’s very little damage in comparison to some of our storms of the past. To those that were hit, it’s just as devastating. Some people like Bill, our distribution manager, who lives in Deweyville, has lost everything, home and belongings.


10 Years Ago-2006

The 25th Mauriceville Crawfish Festival Pageant had more than 100 beauties participating. Maureen Bais was named Senior Queen; Tiny Miss Queen, Taryn Matthews; Little Miss Queen, Ashton Cotton; Petite Miss Queen, Burgundi Mason; Baby Miss Queen, Emma Pressley; Dainty Miss Queen. Kenna Peveto and Toddler Queen is Daisy Cutchins.*****Pat Pate undergoes fourth surgery on her back Tuesday in Houston. She will be in a cast for six to eight weeks. (Editor’s note: Pat had another surgery about five years ago and is getting along quite well.)*****Bridge City native Matt Bryant signs to stay in Tampa Bay. The free agent kicker requested $1.5 million. Three other teams wanted his service.*****A pleasant, early morning is a fresh cup of coffee and visiting time with Mary Stanton, manager of Express Mart. She makes it a great way to start the day along with a fresh cup of Joe.*****Workers have recovered what was left of three pianos from Fats Domino’s Ninth Ward home in New Orleans. His home was under 10 feet of water when the levee broke. Louisiana State Museum are hoping the Domino family will donate the black Baby Grand Steinway for a travel exhibit about Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Fats lost everything including many awards.*****The Dallas Cowboy’s sign Terrell Owens for $2.5 million. I wonder how long that honeymoon will last with Coach Parcells?*****Orangefield Lady Bobcat Katie Sandels is named to 3-A All State Basketball Team. She also participated in volleyball, golf and track all four years of high school.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN:  Johnny Jackson Vaught, 75, longtime resident of Bridge City, died March 13. He is survived by his wife of 54 years Arlene and their children and several sisters.*****Etha M. Crowell, 86, of Bridge City, died March 14. Graveside services were held March 17, with Darrell Segura officiating.*****William “Tex” Smith, 80, of Orange died March 15. Those left to cherish his memory are his daughter and son-in-law Vicki and Roney Baxter son and daughter-in-law Larry and Rachal Smith.*****J.A. Murdock, Jr., 81, former assistant superintendent and director of classroom instruction at L.C.-M, died March 16. He was raised in the Corsicana State Orphans Home where he graduated from high school in 1943. He entered the U.S. Navy and after WWII earned a masters degree at SFA. He became athletic director and head coach in Kountze before coming to Orange where he retired in 1983. He is survived by wife Marjorie of Deweyville, son John and daughter Nancy and their children.*****Geneva Johnson South, 90, of Orange, died March 17. She is survived by sons Luther South and  Larry South and their families.*****Alma Beverly Davis, 78, of Orange, died March 17. She is survived by her husband Bert Davis and their children.*****Bobbie Gunstream Copeland, 86, died March 18. She lived in the McLewis community for 42 years. A member of Winfree Baptist Church, she had been a Sunday school teacher for many years.*****M.J. Breaux, 76, of Bridge City, died March 18. Service was held at Claybar Funeral Home in Bridge City with the Rev. Dale Vance officiating. He was a Korean Army veteran. He is survived by his wife Frances and their children.*****Mary “Sass” Maulsby, 71, of Bridge City, died Sunday March 19. Service was held at St. Henry Catholic Church on March 23, with Father Jim McClintock officiating. Sass was a 1951 Stark High grad, real estate agent, and avid bridge player. Survivors include her husband of 54 years Gene, son Arthur, sisters and brothers-in-law Judy and Gene Hidalgo and Pat and Richard Payne and sister-in-law Kate Mulhollan. (Editor’s note: Gene and Judy have also died since then.)*****Edwin Andrew Guyote, 43, of Bridge City, died March 20. Service was held at St. Henry on March 22. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Joseph Guyote.

40 Years Ago-1976

A few businesses around Bridge City are Lee’s Texaco, 1505 Texas Ave., Curtis Lee owner; The Print Shoppe, Hwy. 87,  Tim and Ann Lieby owners; Silver Dollar Liquor Store, 230 Texas Ave., Wynne Hunt, Burt and Del Mires, owners; Cecil Grocery, 440 E. Roundbunch, Cecil Williams owner; P.S. Tire and Supply, 2200 Texas Ave., Jerry Pesson and Bobby Smitherman, owners; Howard’s Food Center, 1150 Texas Ave., Howard Morse owner; Gravely Tractor, Hwy. 87, Patton family owners; H&E Automotive, 2420 Texas Ave., Huey Simon and Paul Eason owners.*****Allen “Buck” Patillo is sheriff, some of his top brass are Col. Noel Bratton; Maj. Sterling Simoneaux, Capt. Aubrey Bickham, Lt. Harvey Barron, Lt. Jim Cook, Lt. Jim Reed, Lt. Earl Droddy, Lt. Michael Ramsey, Gene Zunker, Russell Lambert, Larry Franklin and J.T. Bradley.*****Louvenia Hryhorchuk is running for re-election as county tax assessor.*****Jimmy Conn puts up billboard in the esplanade on Texas Ave., in Bridge City, that reads, “Orange County streaking championship, Doug Harrington finalist vs Roy Dunn, three time champion. Free tickets available at Harrington’s Pharmacy.” The sign was a picture of two streakers racing. (Editor’s note: Conn was always up to something. Once he put up a 4×8 plywood sign announcing a big, free party at Roy’s place with address, time and date. Y’all come. Roy and Phyl locked the house and left town.)*****Some of the writers for the Opportunity Valley News are Gordon Baxter, Ann Lieby, Dick Corder, Joe Kazmar, Betty Em, Harold Beeson, Bo Lewis, Dennis Hall, Joyce Poche’, Roy Dunn and Debbie Wheeler. Nina Harden is the editor.*****Debbie Bishop is bride elect of John Johnson. Regina Gibbs to wed Carl Pointer. Angela Perkins to wed Anthony Giarratano.*****Art students from North Junior High win awards in Beaumont art competition. They are Cathy Ramsey, Norma Roberts, Dianne Bass, Angie Bellaire, Reagan Dugas, Ray Mitchell, John Hardin and Mike Wofford.


Robert Griffin, III and Johnny Manziel were Texas legends, Heisman Trophy winners, Griffin at Baylor, Manziel at Texas A&M. Once coveted celebrity athletes, they join the ranks of the unemployed. Manziel was released Friday from the Cleveland Browns, Griffin was released by Washington. He is expected to be picked up  by someone as a back up. Manziel, once known as “Johnny Football” faces a much tougher job situation. The boy took a gold bar and turned it into pewter. What a shame.*****Roy writes a Life’s Highway column on his Irish side and how the Opportunity Valley Newspaper was born on St. Patrick’s Day. A picture of the front page of that paper appears with column. Steve Worster, All American and National Champion at Texas and Pete Runnels, sports editor of the OVN, appear on the front page. Pete used his notoriety as sports editor in the popular paper to propel himself into politics. He won his first, in over a dozen elections, since. He defeated a popular Jim Morris to become Democratic Chairman, a powerful seat back then and as they say, “The rest is history.” We didn’t have any equipment, you can tell we cut out letters and glued them down for headlines. The paper was laid out on the floor, using scissors and glue cans. Every word in the paper had to be typed twice in order to justify the columns. There was no way of making copies, so newspapers had proofers who ran the original ads to the customers for them to proof. Today, we print a newspaper using a satellite. It’s like night and day in just 45 years.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathers at Robert’s this week and will dine at PK’s Grill next week. Newly elected tax assessor Karen Fisher, reelected constable David Cagle and Sheriff Keith Merritt enjoyed a victory lunch at JB’s last week. Everyone is always welcome.*****We ran into longtime friend Jackie Wilson last week. We haven’t seen her in a long time. As Grover Halliburton’s longtime secretary she has a barrel full of stories about the late attorney. She is now legal secretary for Jim Dunaway.*****If you are in the market for a new tractor, or will be in the near future, now is the time to visit David Self Tractor in Buna or Winnie. Mahindra has some great deals across the board on all their products. If you go to Buna tell our friend George we sent you. He will make it possible for you to get a tractor. They will arrange the financing to fit your budget on the world’s #1 selling tractor.***** *****A few folks we know celebrating their special day. On March 16, Brandy’s sister Buffy Doiron celebrates as does Cody Edwards, Karli Anderson, Leslie Paula Robinson and Jordan Doiron. Celebrities having birthdays on this day are comedian Jerry Lewis, 90, and actors Erik Estrada, 67 and Victor Garber, 67.*****On March 17, Brenda Swan, Josh Sims, John Tallant, Sally Wingard, Stephanie Hughes, Luke McFarlane and Tiffany Moreau celebrate. They are joined by actors Rob Lowe, 52, Kurt Russell, 65 and Patrick Duffy, 67.*****March 18 finds our buddy of many, many years Corky Harmon notching another year. It doesn’t seem so long ago we were youngsters full of pee and vinegar. Celebrating also are Beth Shepherd and Tammy Stark. Joining them are singer Adam Levine, 37, actress Vanessa Williams, 53 and country singer Charley Pride, 78.*****On March 19, a lovely lady, Carol Emerson, celebrates as does Larry David. I believe it’s the Gumbo Chef’s 75th. They are joined by actor Bruce Willis, 61, actress Glenn Close, 69 and it’s hard to believe but actress Ursula Andress is now 80.*****On March 20, Palm Sunday, those celebrating birthdays are Kamela Latiolais, Diane Sims, Erma Goss, Brittany Backer, Ben Walles and Jan Savage. Celebrities joining them in celebrating birthdays are director Spike Lee, 59, actors Michael Cassidy, 32 and Bianca Lawson,36.*****On March 21, former Bridge City High star Johnny Dishon gets a year older as does Pam Nugent, Barbara Mosier, Harold Scales, Lisa Roberts, Ramona Hugg and Kyle Anderson. They are joined by Scott Eastwood, 30 (Clint’s son), actor Matthew Broderick, 54 and TV show host Rosie O’Donnell, 54.*****On March 22, Carsen Carpenter celebrates. Also Wanda Taylor, Robert Thomas, Carroll Kile and Kyle Leyendecker. They are joined by Texan star J.J. Watt, 27, actress Reese Witherspoon, 40 and sportscaster Bob Costas, 64.*****Quote of the Week:“I’m not married, I don’t have a girlfriend, I don’t have kids, I just want to play ball and I want to win, I really want to win.” The remarks were made by Mark Sanchez, new Bronco  quarterback, successor to Payton Manning, when he had his introductory news conference Monday in Denver. I’d say the boy is committed to football. I have a lot of confidence in Elway’s Q.B. picking.*****Sports briefs: Green Bay Packers free agent, defensive tackle B.J. Raji, intends to step away from football for at least the 2016 season. Raji said he was walking away from a very nice deal from Green Bay. Raji said he realized his passion for football had waned after the 2015 season. “This game is hard, and I’ve got too much respect for myself and the Packers to come back just for the sake of money.”*****Steelers wide out, Martavis Bryant, is suspended for one year for violating league substance abuse policy. This is Bryant’s second discipline. Last year he was suspended for four games. *****Colt’s linebacker, D’Qwell Jackson. was found guilty Monday of simple assault in Washington, D..C. The case stemmed from a 2015 assault of a delivery driver.*****The Real Texas Gun Show, scheduled for the weekend at the Expo Center, has been canceled so the Center can be used as an emergency command post for high water rescue and first responders. The Gun Show will be rescheduled at a later date.*****Depending on the rise of flood waters, Joseph Catalina, of the Cajun French Music Association of Nederland, will be playing French music at Peggy’s on the Bayou on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.   Remember you can bring your own bottle and Peggy’s is now serving crawfish and Lenten specials. Peggy’s will be closed Easter Sunday.


Thopile Thiboeaux, after a tree day drunk, left T-Boy’s Bar and Grill and caught da Greyhound bus to Baton Rouge to visit his ex-wife. Thophile smelled like a distillery him when he flopped in a seat next to Father Bilbeaux, da Catholic priest of Mamou.

Thophile him, wore an old tie stained wit gumbo, his face was plastered wit real red lipstick and a half empty bottle of gin was sticking out of his torn coat pocket. Thophile opened da newspaper he had picked up on da bench and began reading. After a few minutes, he turn to Father Bilbeaux and axe, “Say Fater, wat causes Arthhrtis, hanh?”

Father Bilbeaux look Thophile over and he answer “Mister, it’s caused by loose living, being wit cheap, wicked womens, too much of dat alcohol and a contempt for your fellow man.”

Thophile scratch his head and said, “Well, I’ll be dam.” Den he return to his paper.

Father Bilbeaux tinking he was hard on Thophile apologized, “I didn’t mean to come on so strong me, how long you got arthritis you?”

Thophile say, “I don’t got Arthritis me, I was jus reading rat here dat da Pope does.”


With all the evil around there are still some good people among us. While shopping, 90-year-old Opal Hawley left her billfold in her buggy at Wal-Mart. The person who found it drove to her home and put it in her mailbox. She said after much prayer it was such a blessing to find that “gift.” Ms. Hawley would like to thank the good Samaritan who returned her billfold to her complete with all the contents..*****Well, I’ve run out of time. Thanks for yours. Just thought I’d end with a feel-good story. Take care and God bless.