According to a press release sent out by the Orange County Office of Emergency Management, there have been reports of citizens flying drones over areas that have been hard hit by flooding. The emergency management officials would like to advise citizens that flying drones are dangerous at this time. There are many official aircrafts surveying the flooded areas and providing valuable information to decision makers on the ground. The flying of drones present a real danger to the aircraft and may present a danger to the people on the ground as well. Please do not fly drones in or near the City of Orange, City of Pinehurst or Eastern Orange County.

Also the flood waters in and around Orange may contain snakes, alligators and other wildlife, as well as, other debris that pose a health risk to humans. Entering the waters could be hazardous to your health. Residents are urged to stay out of the water. Please watch small children who may be tempted to play in the flood waters.