The City of Orange will hold its annual Easter Egg Hunt for area children from 9 a.m. – noon, Friday, March 25, on the grounds of the Orange Riverfront Pavilion near the corner of Fifth Street and West Division in downtown Orange. The egg hunt is open to children ages 0 to 8-years-old. Photo by Tommy Mann Jr.

By Tommy Mann Jr. – The Record

Despite recent flooding of the Sabine River, an annual holiday children’s activity is still scheduled to go ahead as planned.

The City of Orange Annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place from 9 a.m. – noon, Friday, March 25, at its new location, which is the Orange Riverfront Pavilion located at the corner of Fifth Street and West Division. Hundreds of area children take part in the yearly event in the mad dash for plastic eggs, many of which are filled with prizes and even opportunities to win bicycles.

The Easter Egg Hunt will begin at 10 a.m., Friday, and areas are sectioned off for each respective age group. Children ages 0-to-3, ages 4-to-6 and ages 7-8 are able to take part in fun event as they seek to fill their baskets with plastic eggs.

“We don’t know how many children will turn out for this year’s egg hunt, considering recent events, but we want those who do show up to have a great time,” said James Lawrence, Parks Manager for the City of Orange. “Whether it is 100 kids or 1,000 kids, we will be ready for them to have a fun time.”

There are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained during the morning event. Along with the Easter egg hunt, there will be hot dogs and drinks, balloons, a fire truck for children to see and learn about, and even a bounce house.

According to Lawrence, approximately 12,000 eggs will be available for children during the egg hunt and many of those will be prize eggs. Prizes include six bicycles, which is two bicycles in each age group, as well as 30 Easter baskets, which is 10 baskets for each age group to claim.

“We even have a couple of new things for everyone to enjoy this year, including the addition of a petting zoo and little train ride for the kids,” Lawrence added.

The Easter Egg Hunt has been a tradition in Orange for more than 20 years with its beginning at the Thomas Center. The event eventually moved to Orange Lions Den Park before moving to the City of Orange Boat Ramp. The egg hunt moved to the Orange Riverfront Pavilion in 2015 following heavy rains in Orange in March of that year and with the boat ramp area having been used for the Bassmaster Elite Series event and in less than adequate condition.

The recent flooding of the Sabine River cause some damage to various buildings and facilities in downtown Orange, but Lawrence said the grounds of the Orange Riverfront Pavilion are in excellent condition.

“The grounds are in good shape and completely dry,” he explained. “The water came up over the wall and was around the pavilion, but the grounds are good and ready to go for the Easter Egg Hunt. It begins at 10 a.m., sharp (Friday), so don’t be late!”

For those needing more information, please call the City of Orange Parks Department at 409-883-1032.