By Tommy Mann Jr. – The Record

Another Orange County community is the latest to join the growing trend in adding the national motto to city-owned vehicles.

Councilmembers in Bridge City recently approved a measure which will allow for the placement of the United States national motto, “In God We Trust,” to not only be placed upon police department vehicles, but upon all city-owned vehicles in the very near future.

“This is something that has been going on recently through Orange County, and I think it is a very nice thing, which is why I asked to have it placed on the agenda,” said Mayor Kirk Roccaforte during March 15 city council meeting. “I think having it placed on all city vehicles is appropriate.”

Jerry Jones, the city manager of Bridge City, informed councilmembers that the city could not “expend funds” on the purchase of the vehicle-made motto and graphics, but funds could be obtained in other ways.

“This would have to be done on a volunteer basis,” Jones said. “But I feel we would have no problem obtaining funds to have this done.”

Although cost estimates were not immediately available to purchase the items for the vehicles, Mayor Roccaforte and Councilman Eric Andrus both quickly volunteered to donate to the cause.

Chief Paul Davis of the Bridge City Police Department there have been inquiries from the community on the matter.

“I’ve had a lot of phone calls from citizens who have been asking about this,” Davis added. “And there is a lot of support for it.”

Early this month, the City of Orange approved a measure to place decals with “In God We Trust” on city vehicles following a request by Councilman Patrick A. Pullen of District 1.

In February, the City of Pinehurst approved placement of the National motto on its vehicles during its meeting on Feb. 9, 2016.

This action is not just relegated to local communities. On Jan. 4, 2016, the City of Lake Charles, La. announced it would place the national motto on approximately 200 of its city-owned vehicles after the measure was adopted in November 2015, according to a press release.

The City of Lake Charles purchased the decals for its vehicles through private donations and would place them upon all city-owned vehicles first, and then offer them to its citizens at no cost on a first come, first-served basis.