Beginning Tuesday, families affected by the recent storms and flooding can meet with a variety of agencies in one location to aid in their recovery. Multi-Agency Resource Centers (MARCs) will be operational starting Tuesday, March 22, from 2-8 p.m. each day except this Sunday.

Fixed resource centers are available at First Baptist Church of Newton, 319 Main St., Newton. On Wednesday, this MARC is open from 10 am-4 pm only; Deweyville High School, 171 Texas Hwy. 12, Orange and the old WOCCISD Administration Building, 505 N. 15th St., Orange.

Visitors can expect to meet with case workers who will help identify potential resources to aid in their recovery. Items such as food, water and cleaning supplies will be available.

To ensure visitors receive the help they need, they should bring a utility bill, driver’s license or other document showing they live in the flood-affected home.

Families with flood-related needs but aren’t able to visit a Multi-Agency Resource Center are urged to call the American Red Cross at 1-866-526-8300.

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