Bridge City High School competed at the UIL District Academic Meet at Silsbee High School on Saturday, April 2. The following are the results from this contest:

In Calculator Applications, Brandon Curl took 1st, Kendall Gibson took 2nd, Jacob Cunningham took 4th, and Zach Dionne took 5th. The Calculator Applications team of Brandon Curl, Kendall Gibson, Jacob Cunningham, and Zach Dionne took 1st place. In Mathematics, Edward Doan placed 2nd, Steve Nguyen placed 4th, and Jacob Cunningham placed 6th. The Mathematics team of Edward Doan, Steve Nguyen, Jacob Cunningham, and Kendall Gibson took 2nd place. In Number Sense, Jacob Cunningham placed 3rd and Michael Tran placed 5th. The Number Sense team of Jacob Cunningham, Michael Tran, Wesley Lewis, and Steve Nguyen took 2nd place. The sponsor for these events is Daniel Auchenbach.

In Science, Steve Nguyen placed 1st and Edward Doan placed 3rd. Ty Bodin took the 1st place Physics award and Edward Doan took the 1st place Chemistry Award. The Science team of Steve Nguyen, Edward Doan, Kendall Gibson, and Marlee Bradley took 1st place. The sponsor for Science is Davina Faries.

In Computer Applications, Walker Case took 2nd place. The sponsor for Computer Applications is Stacia Ener.

 In Editorial Writing, Fabian Rodriguez took 3rd place. In Feature Writing, Bryana Simmons took 6th place. In Headline Writing, Bryana Simmons placed 1st and Savanah Contreras placed 6th. In News Writing, Bryana Simmons took 6th place. The sponsor for these events is Genevieve Garrison.

In Literary Criticism, Tabi Blakeney placed 1st and Alexys Erwin placed 2nd. The Literary Criticism team of Tabi Blakeney, Alexys Erwin, Stephanie Romero, and Bree Cloud took 2nd place. In Ready Writing, Fabian Rodriguez took 2nd place. The sponsor for these events is Diane Grooters.

In Spelling, Nicholas Pfister took 1st place, Kevin Fontenot took 3rd place, and Emma Breaux took 5th place. The Spelling team of Nicholas Pfister, Kevin Fontenot, Emma Breaux, and Faith Stephson took 1st place. The sponsor for Spelling is Kathie Dorman.

In Persuasive Speaking, Ruby Sanders took 1st place. The sponsor for Persuasive Speaking is Shannon King.

 In LD Debate, Ruby Sanders placed 1st. In Social Studies, Brianna Cross placed 2nd, Zach Dionne placed 4th, and Dane Piper placed 5th. The Social Studies team of Brianna Cross, Zach Dionne, Dane Piper, and Marlee Bradley took 2nd place. The sponsor for these events is Don Miller.

All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place individuals, and 1st place teams will advance to the UIL Regional Academic meet at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville on April 22-23, 2016.  Number Sense, Literary Criticism and Social Studies will also advance to Regional contest as the Wild Card teams.