Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from April 1-15:

7-Eleven, 527 S. Hwy. 87, Orange – Mold/slime found inside both ice machines; store name and address are needed on all bags of ice sold from store; torn gasket found on walk-in cooler door, need to repair; storage racks inside walk-in cooler beginning to rust and need to be cleaned; floors throughout need to be cleaned of old foods. Score – 91

The Snack Shack, 2822 Western Ave., Orange – Pre-opening inspection – No score

Walgreen’s, 1408 16th St., Orange – Floors inside walk-in cooler need to be cleaned of trash. Score – 99

Wienerschnitzel Hot Dogs, 2420 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Hotdogs found at unsafe temperature, ice scoop laying on top of ice; faucet needs repair; dates needed on all products; vents missing above fryers; air vents falling down, need repair; front cooler broken and food found inside – food was disposed of; air conditioning broken, needs repair; hair restraints needed; improper jewelry; floors/walls/ceiling need to be cleaned of old foods and dirt; poor cleaning; lights needed inside walk-in freezer; area around fryers need to be cleaned of old grease; broken floor tiles found. Score – 83

Stop and Shop, 111 Green Ave., Orange – Pre-opening inspections – No score given.

LaCantina Mexican Grill. 2709 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Raw meats stored above raw vegetables inside reach-in freezer; rusted storage shelves found inside coolers; damaged ceiling tiles near dish washing station, need to repair; broken and missing floor tiles found throughout; need to repair or replace; missing floor grout found near dishwasher, need to repair; restaurant was  found to be improved on food safety practices and cleaning.  Score – 94

Flava-Foods @ LSC-O, 410 Green Ave., Orange – Score – 100

Orange County Jail. 105 S. Border, Orange  – Score – 100

Family Dollar #9137, 1301 N. 16th St., Orange – Three carts of expired foods found on sales floor; storage racks inside reach-in cooler (milk); found with black mold, need to clean and sanitize. Score – 96

What-A-Burger #819, 1905 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Mold found inside ice machine; wall found damaged inside kitchen area, need to repair. Score – 96

HEB #035, 2424 16th St., Orange – Raw vegetable cooler needs to be cleaned more often – especially the sides; hand washing station inside produce storage area is leaking water in the back, needs repair; reach in freezer on sales floors hassle opts of ice forming on outside of food packages and freezing together, need to repair; freezers inside of all walk-in coolers in back storage area need toe cleaned of dirt/trash; storage shelves at milk cooler to be be cleaned of old foods. Score – 91

Shipley Donuts, 2913 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Employee drinks found inside reach incooler/freezer; buckets of donut filling and flour found stored on floor – need toe 6 inches off floor; currently using same pan liner to bake several batches of kolaches – pan liner can only be used once; vent-a-hood, storage shelves and floors under equipment needs to be cleaned of old foods; vent-a-hood needs to be cleaned immediately; more general cleaning is needed daily at this store; need to clean and organize back storage area. Score – 96

Crawdad’s #8 (store), 4080 IH-10 W., Orange – Pulled several expired foods from shelves; all food products need toe stored 6 inches off the floor inside walk-in cooler and back storage area. Score – 96

Crawdad’s #8 (Moz Grill), 4080 IH-10 W., Orange – Vent-A-Hood needs to be cleaned of old grease; storage shelves need to be cleaned of old foods/dirt in back storage area; need to replace light shields. Score – 99

Sonic Drive-Inn #1214, 2805 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Chicken strips found being stored on top of container lid out in open without them being covered; vent-a-hood at fryers and flat top grill need to be cleaned of old grease; portion of wall in back storage area mission, need to repair; baseboards in back storage area missing, need to repair; back storage area needs to be cleaned and organized; all unused/broken equipment needs to be discarded. Score – 95

Jack in the Box #4718, 1315 N. Main St., Vidor – Paper towels for hand washing sink station found outside dispenser and sitting on shelves; found several broken/damaged  food containers inside reach-in coolers and freezers; improper jewelry found on several employees; vent-a-hoods/storage racks/toasters need to be cleaned of old foods; all areas of floors, walls and the ceilings needs to be cleaned of old foods/trash; more general cleaning is required at this location, along with daily cleaning schedule. Score – 87

McDonald’s #3325, 765 N. Main St., Vidor – Dates needed on all products; vent-a-hood, area around fryers, floors and walls throughout need to be be cleaned of old foods and grease; more general cleaning is needed at this location. Score – 96

CVS Pharmacy # 851, 485 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Score – 100

Dollar Tree #5972, 2013 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Several dented cans found on shelves – Score 97

Romano’s 8:31 Italian, 995 W. Roundbunch, Bridge City – All ice scoops found stored incorrectly (laying inside ice machine and on top of ice machine); faucet at three compartment sink dripping water from base- need repair; dates needed on all product inside reach-in cooler/freezer; need to repair damaged ceiling near three compartment sink. Score – 92

The Stuffed Mushroom, 1922-B Strickland Dr., Orange – Pre-opening inspection – no score