The rains came Monday morning. Several places got more than we did but I saw water on roads, in yards and everywhere. In several places the water was too deep to drive through. I saw way more water coming out of the river banks after Monday’s rain than I did during the ten day mandatory evacuation. I still can’t get over how silly that was. A big waste of money. Over the last four weeks, it’s been a guessing game where and when commissioners court would meet. They met in Vidor, met on Wednesday, didn’t meet at all last week, this week, they met on Tuesday. Sometimes the court meeting depends on which commissioners are around to vote on certain issues. Sometimes they will cancel or move the meeting date to suit the agenda. This is not the first court to do that and won’t be the last. This week a subject was taken up about building that loop around Vidor. This is one the citizens need to watch real closely. If the loop was a political deal made back then, it could be very costly to tax payers down the road. Toll roads and loops don’t have a very good record of success. The state and counties have to pick up the remains, usually the company promoting the deal gets money up front, and then files bankruptcy. Texas has had to pick up a $10 billion a year liability for toll roads etc. If the county has to put up money or guarantee payment, it’s not a good deal. I agree with Judge Thibodeaux, if the state believes we need that loop, let them build it, don’t put the county’s neck in a noose with the tax payers held responsible for payment if the promoters drop the ball.*****I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



Quite often someone will say to me, “ If Bill Clinton was on the ballot, I’d vote for him in a New York minute,” or something like that. I wonder what makes them think Hillary would govern that much differently than Bill. I know you heard people say when Bill was president that the real brains was Hillary. She had the reputation of being a good lawyer and decision maker and was a very successful United States senator. One has to wonder that after losing a very hard fought race for the presidency against Barack Obama which he won, that he picked her to be his Secretary of  State.  She became  the most traveled Secretary ever. Aids say she often met with leaders in two or three countries a day during a crisis, often with just two or three hours sleep. President Obama said the country couldn’t have been served any better than by Hillary’s tireless dedication to the job. When she gave the job up, she had an 80 percent approval rating. Had she chose to stay retired it probably would have stayed high. Right after her retiring however, Karl Rove was on the Bill O’Reily show and was asked how the Republicans could beat Hillary with an 80 percent approval if she ran for president. Rove’s answer was that she would have to be branded with something that would stick. O’Reily asked, “Like what?” Rove said, “Hit her on trust, not being trustworthy, truthful and honesty. The spinners picked up the talking points and constantly repeated that she wasn’t trustworthy and questioned her honesty. Adding to the fire were all the hearings on Benghazi and the e-mail controversy. There is no proof that she is dishonest or is not trustworthy. Karl Rove was right, today most people would say if asked for a poll, that she’s not trustworthy. They simply repeat it because they have heard it so much. The media didn’t do a lot on it but in January, for the 20th time, Hillary Clinton was named the “World’s Most Admired Woman.” Gordon Baxter used to say, “You’re more popular away from home.” That certainly is the case for Hillary because she has been damaged with negative talking points that have no merit here at home but around the world she is still very popular. In my lifetime, I don’t recall any candidate for president that has more experience and more qualifications to be president than Sec. Clinton. There certainly is no one in either party, running now or has ever run, that even comes close to her government knowledge, both domestic and on foreign policy. A former First Lady of a state, an effective First Lady of the United States, a successful U.S. Senator and one of the best and most traveled Secretaries of State. No one even comes close. She dedicated her life to public service and could very well become the first woman president. My late mom would like that.



We were sorry to learn of the death of Lee Roy Boehme, Jr., age 79, who passed away April 14. All of his life Lee Roy was dedicated to community service and for over 47 years he had perfect attendance in the Lions Club. Lee Roy had retired from Dupont after 40 years. He is survived by his wife Jeanette and their children. Ironically Lee Roy Boehme, Sr. died exactly 10 years ago in April at the age of 92. See Gone But Not Forgotten.*****Bridgett Lynn Nugier, 32, of Bridge City, died April 12 in Houston. Services were held Saturday, April 16, at Claybar Funeral Home. She is survived by her children Westin and Lexi and parents Lori and Joel Haynes and Thomas and Bebe Nugier.*****We were also sorry to learn of the death of Dorothy Cotton’s brother Charles James Leach, 77, who passed away April 11. He is survived by sons Richard and Kenneth and daughter Teresa and their families, sister Dorothy and brother-in-lawRay Cotton. Please see obituaries.



10 Years Ago-2006

The Record Newspapers bestows its annual service award to County Judge Carl Thibodeaux.  Roy Dunn, publisher of the two newspapers, said, “In the past the award was called “Citizen of the Year” but that designation didn’t allow public officials to be honored so starting this year, the award name is being changed to “Person of the Year.” Thibodeaux is the first county judge to serve three consecutive terms. His skills at helping people and finding solutions were put to the highest test in 2005 when hurricane Rita, a category three storm, tore the county to pieces. Judge Thibodeaux led the effort to put the pieces back. Thibodeaux received many accolades from different sources throughout the state for his leadership. *****Congratulations to Kody Duplechin, Bridge City tennis star. He was recruited by Lamar and given a scholarship. The Record ran a picture of Cody and his granddad, Millard “Neighbor” Cox playing the guitar together. Congratulations also go out to Randy Becker and Aaron Brannen, track stars, who will also attend Lamar on scholarship. *****H.D. Pate’s little girl, Penny Pate McHale, turned 36 on April 22. That must make dad feel old. (Editor’s note: Ten years have gone by. He just felt old then, now he is.)*****Bill Nickum, of Bridge City, was named “Small Business Person of the Year,” by SCORE.*****Our boy in the major league, John Patterson, with the Washington Nationals, is leading all baseball pitchers with 32 strikeouts and the major’s lowest walk percentage.*****Our friends Imogene McKinney and Don Cole both celebrate their 80th birthdays.*****In the next few months Lake Ronel Oil Company will be drilling for gas in the Orange County area but at $75 a barrel they won’t pass up oil.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Betty Jean Elkins Richard, 70, of Orange, died Sunday, April 16. Services were held April 20. She was a homemaker and member of Winfree Baptist Church. She is survived by husband J.D. Richard, son Kei, daughters Vickie and Tracy and their families.*****Melviadine Dorman Gray, known as “Deannie” to friends and family, a lifelong resident of the McLewis Community, age 72,  died April 18. She was a loving housewife for 52 years and a member of Eagle Heights Baptist Church. She is survived by husband, J.B. Gray, sisters Octavia Juneau, Faye Peveto and Patsy Albright, brother Earl Dorman, son Lynn, daughters Ronda and Regina and several grandchildren.*****Alan “Iceman” Stevens, 41, died April 19 from a brain tumor. Alan came from a great family. He is preceded in death by his dad,  Steve, served as Bridge City city councilman. Our condolences to his wife Gladys, children Mazirene Stevens, Crystal Gordon and Freddy Guerra, mom Irene, siblings Danny, Kerry, Mark, Paulette and Sherry and their families.*****John Dullahan, 84, died April 19. Services were held April 21 at Claybar Funeral Home. John was a good man involved in his community who never met a stranger. Condolences to his family.***** It’s with sadness that we learned of Tommy and Helen Locke’s loss of their pretty daughter Amy Hudnall, 38, of Orange, died April 19. She is survived by husband Mark, son Destrick, sisters Jennifer and Diane and Tommy’s mom Sybil Lock.*****Winnie May Lormand, 94, passed away April 21. Our condolences go out to Curney Lormand, Sis Keogh and their families on the loss of their mother. ******Lee Roy Boehme, Sr. passed away April 23. Service was held April 26. He served in World War II and was awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He is survived by son, Lee Roy Boehme, Jr. and wife Jeanette, daughter Kaylard LeBouef and husband Paul, brother Wilbur “Skeet” Boehme and sister Ruby Parks, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.*****Funeral service was held April 24, at Claybar Funeral Home for Milton “Coy” Charrier, 80,. A native of Argo, Louisiana, he had resided in Orange since 1948. He was a member of the Noon Optimist Club and Lions Club. He is survived by sons Patrick, Randy and Darrell, daughter Rebecca and their families. ***** Jo Eleanor Hieatt Kelly, 86, of Orange, died April 21. Services will be held Thursday, April 27. She was a member of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. She is survived by her son Andy and daughter-in-law Diana Kelly, five grandchildren and 11 grandchildren.


40 Years Ago-1976

The John Herman’s are the proud parents of a 6 pound, 11 ounce baby girl.*****First Lady Betty Ford is presented a bouquet of flowers from the bi-centennial commission during her visit here. Lynn Hall made the presentation. Lynn and Mark Dunn, from The Opportunity Valley News, covered the event for the paper. Mark shot a lot of great pictures. *****State Rep. Wayne Peveto is running for re-election. In its July 7, 1975 issue, Texas Monthly magazine named Peveto one of the “Ten Best Legislatures” in the state of Texas. Here is what the magazine wrote about Wayne, “Wayne Peveto, 36, a moderate Democrat, Orange, is best known this session for taking on a politically thankless but badly needed chore, the reform of property tax administration, and doing a superb job on it. With careful preparation and hard man-to-man persuasion, he got 84 cosponsors for the bill by the day it was introduced; thereby insuring that more than half of the 150 member House would take a fatherly interest in its passage. A successful lawyer he used his courtroom skills to slice through double-talking witnesses; shredded oil company lobbyists who claimed that the Texas petrochemical industry would pull up stakes and move to Louisiana if the legislature increased their taxes. He made a monkey out of a Rice University economist, speaking against a proposed refinery tax by (among other things) forcing the professor to admit that he had been paid to prepare his testimony. He manages to display the tenacity of a bulldog without seeming personally antagonistic and won’t back away from tough, controversial issues and wins surprisingly often. One example; he led the floor fight to abolish the office of County School Superintendent, once an important position, but now an anachronistic sinecure, carefully guarded by its well-paid occupants. He was successful in the House, but like so much of his program, his victory was largely snuffed out in the Senate. His main weakness is distaste for power politics. When the property tax bill fell under the disapproving eye of Lieutenant Governor Hobby after passing the House more than 3-to-1, he might have rescued it from certain death in subcommittee by threatening to blame Hobby publicly for its failure; but he doesn’t play the game that way. Wayne Peveto is popular in his home district and respected by his colleagues, a comer who’s certain to be a star in future sessions.” Editor’s note: Wayne went on to be the father of tax reform in Texas, known as the “Peveto Bill.” Wayne blends his intelligence with good East Texas common sense and that makes him one of the smartest people this writer has ever known.)



Congratulations to Mark Kirby, of Bridge City, who won the Golf Channel Disney Classic in Orlando, Florida on Sunday.*****A large “gator” was spotted in the water off Hwy. 105 in Orangefield Sunday. Gary Saurage and the crew from Gator Country was on the scene trying to capture the beast. A contest was made out of it. Whoever could come closest to guessing how long the gator was would win a Gator Country t-shirt. The gator measured in at 9‘ 9”, but no word on who the winner was.*****Orange will have a new bank soon. The bank will be located on MacArthur Drive. More on this later.*****Sometime in the next  few months all of the old MacArthur Shopping Center will be leveled. A large top-of-the-line HEB will be constructed, also other retail stores, one will rival Super Wal-Mart. The center is in the Pinehurst city limits so it should bring in some sales tax, even though supermarkets don’t bring as much taxes as regular retail outlets.*****

Tommy Burton underwent gall bladder surgery last week. We understand he’s doing well. That might have been his problem all along.*****We haven’t heard from Donna Scales since her retirement. She must be playing catch up.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch met at PK’s Grill last week and had one of the lightest turnouts in a long time. Low turnout makes for more one on one conversation. It seems there was a lot going on last week. This week the Bunch will take in JB’s Barbeque and next week meet at Robert’s.*****Becky Rutledge stopped by the office last week. We hadn’t seen Becky in quite awhile but have known her since she was a teenager. She’s one of Miles and Ann Hall’s daughters. I believe Becky and brother Bubba both graduated valedictorian at Bridge City High. Becky, (her friends and David call her “Bear”) is a Bridge City school trustee.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days: On April 20, the youngest of Ms. Pearl’s three, pretty daughters, Beverly Burgess Raymer, celebrates. Jody latched on to her in high school and never let go. Beverly is a retired BCISD school teacher. Also our old buddy Kenny Brown celebrates as does Belinda Norman, Donna Wiegreffe and Becky Atkins. Celebrities celebrating on this day are actors Ryan O’Neal, 75, Jessica Lange, 67 and Star Trek’s George Takei, 79.*****On April 21, Joy’s big boy, Christian Dubose Simonton, celebrates as does Dana Hill, Virginia NcNair, Bonnie Short and Courtney Williams. They join British Royalty Queen Elizabeth, 90, football player Tony Romo, 36 and actor Tony Danza, 65. This is also the day, six years ago, 2010, that our friend Mickey McNamera was murdered. *****April 22 finds Amelia Hollier, Allison Rendall and Scott Fisher all celebrating as does football player Marshawn Lynch, 30, actor Jack Nicholson, 79 and country singer Glen Campbell, 80.******On April 23, Pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Paul Zoch celebrates as does coach Josh’s big brother, Jason Smalley, Samantha Briggs, Brandon Fisher, and Jeremie Breaux . Celebrities celebrating this day are wrestler John Cena, 39, comedian George Lopez, 55 and “Six Million Dollar Man,” Lee Majors, 77. Singer Roy Orbison died on this day in 1988.*****On April 24, longtime fishing guide and columnist, Dickie Colburn, celebrates as does OFISD Assistant Superintendent Shaun McAlpin, Barbara Fuselier, Peggy Granger, and Crystal McCarthy. Celebrities joining them are first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, 34, singer Barbara Streisand, 74 and actress Shirley MacLaine, 82.*****Those celebrating on April 25 are Brother James Gilbert, Roberto Deleon, Jeff Fisette and Glenn Jeter. Joining them are actors Al Pacino, 70, Renee Zellweger, 47 and Talia Shire, of Rocky fame, 70. This date would also be the birthday of the late Darby Byrd. *****On April 26, Creely Riana Leblanc, Christi Goodyear, Donna Lee, Pam Broussard, Julie Williams and Luke Domas. They join actors Channing Tatum, 36, Carol Burnett, 83 and Donald’s wife, Melania Trump, 46.*****I understand David Ball, news writer, who left us to join the Port Arthur News, has now joined Don Dodd and his staff at the Examiner. Maybe he will have time now for the Lunch Bunch.*****I hear everyone had a good time at the Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo. Sorry I couldn’t make it this year. In fact, I missed everything by being under the weather all weekend.


Brad Williams, Bill Broussard, Beverly Raymer, Donna Wiegreffe, Emory Webb, Ken Brown, Becky Atkins, Belinda Norman, Benjamin Ezell, Bonnie Short, Courtney Williams, Dana Hill, Virginia McNair, James Corley, Christian Dubose, Marshall Myers, Scott Fisher, Allison Rendall, Amelia Hollier, Brandon Fisher, Glen Prince, Jason Smalley, Linda Robinson, Nancy Rendall, Paul Zoch, Samantha Briggs, Jeremie Breaux, Kathie Stephson, Shaun McAlpin, Robert Schilicher, Sean Edgerton, Peggy Granger, Barbara Fuselier, Crystal McCarthy, Darby Byrd, Glenn Jeter, Jeff Fisette, Louise Savoy, Marriet Litton, Roberto Deleon, Bro. James Gilbert, James Gilbert, Pam Broussard, Julie Williams, Luke Domas, Stephen Russell, Christi Goodyear and Donna Lee.


Father Landry, da parish priest in Breaux Bridge, was driving to New Iberia where da Thibodeaux brothers were putting on a big crawfish boil party. Father had someone dat was going to say Sunday Mass for him so he could take a couple days off to have fun wit his buddies.

He’s rolling down da highway at a good clip wen he heard boo-dan, boo-dan, boo-dan. He look in his rearview mirror. It’s a policeman, wit da bubble on top flashing. Da state trooper tells Father Landry he’s stop him for speeding.

Den officer Guidry smells alcohol on da priest’s breath and sees an open wine bottle on da floor of da car.

Officer Guidry axe, “Sir have you been drinking, hanh?”

“Jus water,” says da priest.

Trooper Guidry him says, “Why den do I smell wine me?”

Father Landry stares at da bottle and turns it over tree or two times and finally says, “Good Lord, he’s done it again.”




The New York Primary can be big for Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Both consider New York their home state. The Empire State has 247 pledged delegates at stake, second only to California. Hillary is hoping a victory here will create momentum that sweeps through the next wave of primaries in the northeastern states. Bernie Sanders has said that no matter what, he’ll take the Democratic nomination fight all the way to the convention in July. Without a big win in New York he doesn’t have a realistic path to victory in the delegate count. However, if he continues his Clinton bashing the rest of the way it will hurt the Democratic Party in the General Election. Donald Trump is favored to win the New York Primary and leads polls in Pennsylvania and other northern states. The cry is still “Stop Trump” by denying him the necessary delegates and throwing the convention into a contest after the first ballot. There is no way Sanders or Trump can deliver on what they are peddling however there is not much harm done with Sanders but Trump is plum scary. An ego maniac with that much power and his finger on the button should make everyone really concerned at the possibility. I say stop him anyway they can. He said, when he filed for bankruptcy four times and left folks holding the bag, that he was just playing according to the rules of bankruptcy. Now he’s claiming the rules are not fair and the GOP is cheating by not going according to the popular vote. The rules are the rules. Donald wants to play only where he controls the rules. *****I’ve got to get out of here. Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.