Pictured, top row, from left- Haley Powell, Evvy Champagne, Coach Christi Wiegreffe, Kaylea Smith, Valerie Graham, Katelyn Green, Mia Simon, Whitleigh Moreau, Shay Fredeck, Austyn Daniels, Larae Mirabella, Adrienne Cunningham, Waverlee Cooper, Ashley Gerald, Destiny Block, Coach Renee Knuth and Chloe Huff. 

Bottom row: Cadence Underwood, Aubrey Moore, Kaelyn Smith, Courtney Ball, Mckenzie Jackson, Ruth Hamilton, Kyler Myers, Gabby Honeycutt and Natalie Varney

Bridge City Middle School would like to congratulate the 7th grade girls track team on becoming District Champs. This group of girls won all four of their track meets this season. 

Highlights were:

First place: Katelyn  Green, pole vault; first place: Kaylen Smith, 2400; first place: Kaylea Smith, 100 and 200 dash; first place: Destiny Block, Kaylea Smith, Adrienne Cunningham and Aubrey Moore, 400 Relay; first place: Destiny Block, Whitleigh Moreau, Kyler Myers and Kaylen Smith, 1600 relay.

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