From right to left:  In front- Justin Hill (in blue), DJ Burch (in black);    In the back- Caleb Honeycutt (red), Trent Heard (white) and Ashlynn Koons (pink)
Cardinal Theatre had the privilege to work with Mrs. LeBleu’s fourth grade class this week. Yesterday,  BCHS went into the classroom to teach an interactive playwright workshop called Kidwrites. The workshop is designed to emphasize the importance of an author, “You can’t have a play without a playwright!”
With BCHS guidance, the BCI children generated ideas of setting, characters, conflict, resolution and dialogue. Together they verbally created a class play while some of the BCI students acted. The actors used the dialogue that was being made up on the spot. In other words, a few BCI children acted, while the rest of the class shouted the dialogue to them. They were a blast! 
Mrs. LeBleu said, “They immediately began to write their own plays when y’all left the classroom.” What a treasure that is. It was apparent that Mrs. LeBleu has cultivated a creative environment for her students. Her class’s knowledge of plot structure and vocabulary was obvious.  What a treasure BCISD has in her.
Today, HS students went back into the classroom to scaffold the BCI children in creating their own plays. Many of the BCI kids had already brainstormed, and had rough drafts prepared before we got there.  Pictures of today are attached. 
BCI children will be able to see their plays come to life when the HS performs them on May 17th.
It was a blessing to hear so many positive remarks from all ages of BC children regarding writing!