BCES’s Coach Pittman, who is a cancer patient won by a landslide, the chance to kiss a pig after students raised money for the school’s Relay for Life team. Coach Pittman thanked all the students for their help in battling cancer. 

This past week at Bridge City Elementary students were asked to bring their change and donations to raise money for the Cardinal Cancer Crushers Relay for Life team. The students could put their donation in the bucket of their choice with the picture of the person they wanted to kiss the pig. The contestants were Mr. Gaspard, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Smith and Coach Pittman.

At the end of the week students had donated $535.47 and had chosen Coach Pittman to Kiss the Pig by a large margin. All the students came to the gym to witness the kiss and join in the fun. They were also thanked by Coach Pittman for raising the money because he said they were helping him because he has cancer.

BCES would like to thank all students and parents who helped in this effort.