I have a long way to go and I’m running late but I’d be proud if you came along,  I hope to report on a little bit of everything. Grab a seat and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


For months Donald Trump insisted he would finance his own campaign. He destroyed his 16 opponents saying he was the only candidate not taking campaign donations. “I’m not going to take any money,” he said. At a news conference last month he also said, “I will repel the influence peddlers by refusing all contributions.” I said at the time that was bull-corn that Donald would never use large sums of his own money and after the Primary his true colors would come out. Well, on his first day as the Party’s nominee he announced that he will start soliciting donations to fund his general election campaign. His out is he will claim to be raising money to help the Party. “I’m not looking out for my self.” he said, which of course is another lie. The race will cost a billion dollars, even though Trump said he could self finance, he can’t afford it, plus, it’s all about the money with Donald. Win or lose, he’s going to make money. He claims to be worth $10 billion, another lie. According to Bloomberg Analysis, they put his net worth at 2.9 billion, $225 million in cash and other assets. He could generate about $200 million by selling the remaining condominiums at Park Avenue or by taking loans out against Trump Towers, valued at $490 million. Trump said on MSNBC that he could sell a couple of buildings, and then added, “I don’t know that I want to do that.”  FactCheck has dubbed Trump the “King of Whoppers.” In 12 years of factcheck.org’s existence, we’ve never seen his match. PolitiFact says, “Bending the truth or being unhampered by accuracy is a strategy he has followed for years.” It adds, “We have been documenting Trump’s statements on our Truth-O-Meter, where we’ve rated 76 percent of them mostly false or Pants on Fire out of 77 statements checked.” Other fact checkers say, “Trump makes four Pinocchio statements over and over again even though fact checkers say they are false. In a piece for Politico titled “Confessions of a Trump Tabloid Scribe,” Susan Muncahy who has followed Trump for the New York Post since the 1980’s, says, “Trump could not control his pathological lying. If Trump said, ‘Good morning,’ you could be pretty sure it was 5 p.m. in the afternoon.” Investors are concerned; they believe there is much risk associated with Trump. He has gone on record saying China is not playing fair so he will slap tariffs on Chinese imports. Trump could start a trade war if he were to impose a 30 percent or 40 percent tariff on Chinese goods and on other countries like Japan and Mexico. This could have a dire impact on the economy and be extremely disruptive to certain countries and sectors of the global economy. His off the cuff remarks could spark markets around the globe… Four bankruptcies should convince everyone that his fifth could bankrupt the United States. What worries me most is to have someone with such a big ego that he won’t listen to any one. The Pentagon and generals won’t be able to advise him. His ego will say he’s smarter than they are and he’s the one with his finger on the button…


Jack Smith, his wife Juliet, brother Scott and cat, “Mr. Kitty,” drove to the Smith mountain home in Colorado for a few days vacation. “Mr. Kitty” hates auto trips. While loading the car to return to Texas, “Mr. Kitty” retreated inside the house. Ready to go they went inside to get him however, couldn’t locate him. With a flashlight Jack looked everywhere, in closets, on hands and knees under beds, for over two hours they looked. Finally deciding “Mr. Kitty” must have gotten out, they searched the area for another hour. Finally giving up, they assumed one of the wild animals had gotten him. They drove home in sadness. They loved that old cat. When they arrived home, the phone was ringing, it was the maid who had gone to the Colorado home and low and behold, “Mr. Kitty” was sitting there, probably wondering why they left him. Jack contacted a pet transport company who wanted $700 to bring “Mr. Kitty” to Orange but it would be 10 days before they could do it. To fly him would cost $1,500, so with only one night’s rest they left on the 2400-mile trip the next day. They drove two days. Needless to say, “Mr. Kitty” was glad to see them. The Smith’s got a nights rest and early the next morning they prepared to leave but were careful to put “Mr. Kitty” in his carrying cage and started the two day trip home. Tired after a week on the road Jack says that the cat hating to car ride and hiding, cost him nearly $400 in gasoline and motel bills, but worse, now when he rides in a car he has to sit on a donut and hates it almost as much as “Mr. Kitty.” His wife loves that cat and Jack knows how to get along. Now they are all a happy family again. You just gotta love Jack. What a guy.


10 Years Ago-2006

Cardinal distance runner Aaron Brannen achieves his lifelong goal by winning double gold at the UIL State Track and Field Championship in Austin. The Bridge City senior won first place in both 3200-meter and 1600-meter runs. Meanwhile, teammate Sam Elmore won bronze in the doubles. That’s three gold medals for Brannen in one year. He won the gold in cross country earlier. I doubt we will see the likes of this young man again.  The West Orange-Stark relay team came home with a bronze. Congrats also to Little Cypress-Mauriceville’s Drew Bean, who nabbed a bronze in the 4-A 1600-meter and a fourth in the 3200-meter. *****Donald Castille, 69, of Bridge City, died on May 13. He was a local businesses man. No other details are available at this time. Arrangements are being handled by Levingston Funeral Home in Groves. GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Huey Pierce Martin, 77, longtime resident of Bridge City, died Sunday, May 14. He was employed in safety for Texaco for 31 years and was a school bus driver for BCISD for 20 years. He is survived by his wife Betty, son Wendell, daughters Rhonda and Anetha and their families*****Terry Lee Bourliea, 54, of Orange, died May 13. He was a lab tech for inland Orange and served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He enjoyed fishing, baseball, football and wrestling. He is survived by his wife Shelley, mother Isabell, son Corey, daughters Candance and Christina, step sons Isaac, Jacob, Caleb, Luke and Samson and their families.*****Rena Marie Foreman Cormier, 51, of the Orange/Orangefield area, died Friday, May 12. She is survived by her husband Gary, son Jacob, two grandchildren, brothers Alvin, Nathan and Ralph, sisters Lois, Jeannette, and Beverly. *****Larry Wayne Smith, 59, of Orange, died Saturday, May 6. Services were at 2 p.m. Saturday, May 13 at Claybar Funeral Home. He worked as an electronic engineer, loved woodworking, building and repairing clocks and loved playing the guitar. He is survived by his wife Lenora South, daughters  Heather, Nevada and Chrystal and eight grandchildren. *****Belma G. “Nannie” Johnson, 93, of Vidor, died Tuesday, May 8. She was a member of Family Fellowship Baptist Church in Vidor and a life member of the Degree of Honor Lodge. She enjoyed gardening and working in her yard. She is survived by her son John, daughter Mary, six grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. *****C.J. Smith, 48. of  Orange, formerly of Bridge City, died Thursday, May 11. Funeral services were held Monday, May 15. Burial at Forest Lawn Cemetery in West Orange. *****Mertis Staley Broussard, 85, of Orange, died Friday, May 12. She was a homemaker, a member of Saint Mary Catholic Church, the Legion of Mary and the Catholic Daughters. She is survived by her sons, Chester J., Reggie and Blain all of Orange, daughter Carolyn, and their families. *****Clarence Arthur Richey, 85, of Orange, died May 7. Services will be held May 11. He had resided in the Orange area for 65 years, retired as a self employed roofer and was a veteran of the U.S. Army during World War II. He is survived by his son Clifford Richey, daughters Janice Cox, Carolyn Weiter, Christine Sargent, Elizabeth Richey and Angela Richey.

40 Years Ago-1976

Lianna Dixon, a seven year old student at Phyllis Guidry’s School of Dance, received two first place, a second place and two fourth place trophies and medals in Groves.*****Howard and Evelyn Morse are vacationing in California this week.*****Jessie and Windell Hebert of Industrial Contractors, have purchased a building on Roberts that was formerly a doctor’s office. (Editor’s note: I believe the building was built by Dr. John Greco and was later occupied by the Boren Drywall Co.)*****Ernest Swanson is in charge of the Bridge City Lions Club “Mop and Broom” sale. He has a truck load of them. ****The West Orange Chiefs baseball team, coached by Ronnie Anderson, is headed to the 10-AAA playoffs. The West Zone champions will meet the East Zone champs Stephen F. Austin Eagles. *****Orangeite Bruce Taylor, coach of the TJ Yelllow Jackets, has guided his team to the 22-AAAA baseball title. Coach Taylor formerly starred for Stark High, Lamar and a Connie Mack team. *****Durward Shull wins DERA fishing tourney. Tommy Humphrey wins Orange County Bass Club tourney at Toledo.*****Mark Dunn covers ‘Over America’ tour in Houston, featuring Paul McCartney and Wings and Bob Dylan’s ‘Rolling Thunder Review.’ The make up of the show, for Linda and Paul McCartney, came from the Beatle’s hits written by Paul; “Long and Winding Road,”  “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Reach in the Falling Rain,’ and more recent songs like ‘Band on the Run,” and “Wings at the Speed of Sound.” Paul closed the show with “Yesterday.” Thousands in the crowd sat silent. *****Bob Dylan at the Hoffines,” proved he is the poet’s poet and is a master of capturing the spirit of life in America.” wrote Mark. Dylan’s ‘Story of the Hurricane’ was responsible for the New Jersey Supreme Court granting a new trial for former boxer Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, who was convicted to 10 years for murder. Carter has always maintained his innocence. Mark described that it was more of a show than a concert. Willie Nelson was right out of ‘Whiskey River,’ Joan Baez sang a cappella on ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’ then came Kinky Friedman at the end, joking in song in ‘Laid Around and Played Around too Long.” Mark took many pictures of both concerts. *****Lynn Hall receives a letter from First Lady Betty Ford. The two ladies are from Grand Rapids. Lynn met Mrs. Ford, and presented her flowers when she was in the Orange area. *****Angela Cole, daughter of Don and Alice Cole and Marilyn Patton, daughter of Charles and Juliet Patton, both received Associate of Science degrees in Respiratory Therapy from Tyler Junior College May 15.*****On Saturday, May 15, all television in Orange will be turned to the Miss USA Pageant where home town beauty, Liz Wickersham, was competing as Miss Georgia. The daughter of Charlie and Mary Wickersham was one of the finalists and was named Miss Photogenic. Liz came home the following weekend to attend the Gumbo Cook-off in Orange. Lynn Hall and Mark Dunn visited with her at her dad’s home. After beating Mark in a game of pool, she sat down and told them the story of the pageant from start to finish. Mark took photos and he and Lynn co-wrote the story of the “Georgia Peach Raised in Orange.”


Congrats to West Orange-Cove CISD trustees elected Saturday. Linda Pratt-Bryant, incumbent, received 522 votes, Tony Dallas, 560 and Demetrius Hunter, 451. BCISA incumbents reelected. Thad Hill received 989 votes, his opponent Bryant Champagne, 487 votes. Rebecca Rutledge won with 967 votes, opponent Bryan Gremillion, 517, Jerrry McIness, 845 votes his opponent Brandy Slaughter, 642 votes. It was one of the largest turnouts in several years. *****A great group of entertainers are coming to the VFW Hall on May 20. The Texas Swamp Pop Jamboree is loaded with great, talented musicians and entertainers. I’ve followed their careers for years and they put on shows second to none. Great artists performing are Warren Storm, Tommy McLain, TK Hulin, Charles Mann, Brent Miller, Willie Tee and Cypress. No other show features so much talent on one stage. Remember May 20. Tickets only $20 each; get them before they run out. Come out and recall the good times. See Advertisement for ticket information. *****Our longtime good friend, former Bridge City police chief and career law enforcement officer, Wilson Roberts had heart surgery Monday at St. Elizabeth to replace the main heart valve. The operation took nearly four hours. He was reported to be resting well in ICU Tuesday evening. He plans to be home next week for wife V.J.’s 58th birthday. It’s special because she was born on May 18, in 1958. Our prayers for a speedy, successful recovery for Wilson. *****Our buddy H.D. Pate had vein surgery in Houston last week. He’s out of the hospital and says he’s ready to go. He’s looking for some legal clients to make up for lost time. If you need a good attorney call H.D. He’s giving special bargains on legal fees so if you’re thinking about getting that divorce, now is a good time. Just kidding.*****Our buddy Mark Cook has opened Lone Star Flooring, located on Hwy. 87 South, just over the railroad bridge on the left coming out of Orange. He also has bought out Orange Carpet and has all your flooring needs and will not be undersold. Really, he has some great deals. Tell him we sent you and for him to go the extra mile. *****Nyquist was winner of the Kentucky Derby by 1 ¼ length over Exaggerator, trained and ridden by the Cajun brothers from Vermillion Parish. Keith Desormeaux is the trainer, brother Kent the jockey. Some believe Nyquist has a shot at the Triple Crown. I’m not betting on it. *****We were sorry to learn that Lionel Turner, 55, longtime Houseman Company employee died May 6. To wife Rhonda, daughters Chelsey and Terri and their families and to fellow employee Shirley Walker and the staff at Houseman’s we send our sincere condolences.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days: On May 11, Pat Collins, Sarah Moreland and Penny’s little sister, Sherry Walles, all celebrate. Celebrities celebrating on this day are football player Cam Newton, 27 and politician Louis Farrakhan, 83. *****On May 12, Jerry Hardee, Market Basket employee, celebrates. Also celebrating are Justin Roberts, Bridgett Bonneaux and Hazel Heckendorf. They are joined by skateboarder Tony Hawk, 48, actors Emilio Esteves, 54 and Kim Fields, 47.*****May 13 finds Calvin Granger, Douglas Wilson, Kristie Hughes, Jamie Garcia and Kate Jackson all celebrating. They join R&B singer Stevie Wonder, 66, country singer Darius Rucker, 50 and politician John Kasich, 64.*****On May 14, L.K. Jarrell is a year older as is Brad Johansson and Cortney Spring. Celebrities joining them are entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, 32, director George Lucas, 72 and football player Clay Matthews, 30.*****On May 15 our longtime Bridge City school councilor Nancy Chenella celebrates another birthday, as does Deborah Ellender, Heather Brinson, Ronda Savoy and Norman Gaspard. They are joined by football players Ray Lewis, 41, Emmitt Smith, 47 and baseball player George Brett, 63.*****On May 16, the Gold Dust Twins, Pat Clark and Sam Frank Lucia, the boys who went off to college together, celebrate another birthday. They ain’t boys no more. Also celebrating are Mark Simmons, Clay Sims and Sondra Taliaferro. Celebrities having birthdays on this day are actress Megan Fox, 30 and Michael’s sister, Janet Jackson, who turns 50. *****On May 17, Angela “Angie” Breaux celebrates a birthday. Also celebrating is Barry Hunt, Nickie Wall, Donna McClanahan and Greg Defrates. They share birthdays with boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, 60, Dancing with the Stars dancer, Derek Hough, 31 and actor Bill Paxton, 61.*****Mowers Tractors Inc., at 411 Border Street is under new ownership. An open house will be held May 13 and 14. Come out and meet owners David Studder and Trey Alvey, manager Robert Rayon and the crew. A friendly bunch of folks you’ll enjoy doing business with. See advertisement in this publication. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week and at Robert’s Restaurant next week. Everybody always welcome. *****Monday President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act. The bill declares the Bison the national mammal of the U.S.A. It’s entirely a symbolic action.


Tee-Man Comeaux and Clovis Comeaux, wat is cousins, were fishing at White Lake. It was a nice day, dey sip dere beer and talk sports. The talk was mostly bout da New Orleans Saints.

All of a sudden Tee-Man says, “Cuz, I tink I’m going to divorce my wife Clotile yea, she hasn’t spoken to me in two months, her.”

Clovis sip on his beer and finally replies, “Tee-Man, you better tink bout dat, womens like dat them are hard to find.”


The Gulf Coast’s steamy climate with abundance of mosquitoes is ripe for the Zika Virus, which has spread to 37 countries and territories in the Americas. The disease causes devastating birth defects and has been liked to paralysis and other complications. The Zika Virus could arrive in the continental U.S. in the next few weeks. It only takes one person infected to arrive in a location and then the transmission cycle is off and running. The GOP is slow to endorse action on President Obama’s request for $1.9 billion to combat Zika. Even the onset of mosquitoes coming hasn’t created any urgency. Republicans from Gulf States have been slow to endorse Obama’s two month old request. The National Governor’s Association is urging the administration and lawmakers to work together to reach an agreement for funding levels needed to prepare for and combat Zika Virus because it’s coming. Sen. Marco Rubio, who supports the President’ bill said in a speech, “It’s a matter of days, weeks, before you open a newspaper and it will say that someone in the United States was bitten by a mosquito and they contracted Zika. When that happens, everyone is going to freak out. This is going to happen.” Rubio calls for immediate action. My bet is that partisan politics will put it off until it’s too late to prepare. *****Well, I’ve run out of time. Thanks for yours. Take care and God bless.