Last Thursday evening County Judge Brint Carlton terminated head of Orange County Emergency Management Ryan Peabody. He had been hired by Carlton in early 2015. Peabody was due to turn in his inventory Friday but due to being ill it was put off. We are not aware if he has done so or singed his termination papers. Missy Pillsbury, Airport and Loss Control Manager, has been named interim Emergency Manager by Carlton. The job falls under the sole authority of the judge and doesn’t require a vote or ok by Commissioners Court. Applications for the job are now being accepted by the county judge. Peabody lacked the qualifications and had no experience in emergency management. Carlton gave the reason for hiring him was due to the fact that he was a lawyer and would prevent past mistakes made in filing paper work for grants. Now it turns out that Peabody failing to file reports to the state on time might jeopardize grants from Texas Emergency Management. The first real disaster Peabody was in charge of was the Sabine River flood in March. Many hours of disaster pay (double time plus) was paid out by the county to many employees over the ten days of the mandatory evacuation at a big cost to the county. That is probably when Peabody ’s troubles began even though he didn’t call the mandatory evacuation, the county judge, who was out of town, did. Peabody however, signed off on his own pay sheet that amounted to well over $20,000. The total salary payout alone amounted to over $465,000 without the fringes, that doesn’t include all the other expenses, food, etc. The flood turned out to be a disaster in more ways than one. We may not have heard the last of the money disaster and wouldn’t be surprised if an investigation goes much further. For now it’s wait and see. As for Ryan Peabody, he leaves like he came in, under a cloud of suspicion and secrecy.*****I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


I’m not surprised Donald Trump used the alias John Miller to boost his ego. As far as his exploits with women, that’s no surprise either and that’s small stuff next to what’s in his skeleton closet. The bombshell is really in his tax returns. I don’t believe his ego will ever let him release them. He will quit the race first. Every major party nominee for decades have released at least a few years of returns. In fact, in 2012, Trump insisted that Mitt Romney was hurt very badly by hiding his tax returns and called for him to “Release them now.” Romney finally released two years that showed he had paid a very low tax rate. Trump urges transparency for everyone else but himself. Earlier this year, he said he couldn’t release his tax returns while being audited by the IRS. They say a tax payer can release returns whether being audited or not. The audit is after 2008 anyway. He could release all the earlier ones. Trump says, “There’s nothing to learn from them, believe me.” Really? The voters are just supposed to take The Donald’s word for it. He will use every possible excuse. He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s not as wealthy as he claims is almost a sure bet. Also those millions he claims to have given to charity probably didn’t happen. Also, the returns most likely show he didn’t pay much in taxes if any. I believe it’s something much worse that has to do with the bankruptcies or something else. When it comes to money Trump can’t be trusted. He beat 16 opponents claiming he would finance his own campaign and unlike the other candidates he wouldn’t be obligated or beholden to anyone. I said several columns back he would flip flop on that as soon as he got the nomination. He will betray his followers in the end, you can book it. On the other hand the RNC will use Trump to gain votes and avoid losing seats in both houses. In the end, it’s the American voter who is getting jacked around by a pack of lies. Now Trump says building a wall was only a suggestion and so was banning Muslims. The bottom line is he knows absolutely nothing about governing. He said he would surround himself with very knowledgeable people so far it’s Chris “Bridgegate” Christi, Sarah Palin, Ben Carson, etc. You go figure. I can’t believe the American voter will ever buy this con game



Warren Buffett, 85, the billionaire investor is now the proud owner of nearly 10 million shares of Iphone maker Apple. Worth $1.1 billion, the purchase gave Apple a bounce Monday from Friday’s close of $90.52 to $93.88.*****First penis transplant in U.S. called a success. Surgeons in Boston have performed the transplant, a procedure that soon could help severely wounded soldiers. Thomas Manning, 64, whose penis was removed in 2012 due to penile cancer is recovering well and shows no sign of rejecting the transplant. He underwent the operation May 8 and May 9, a 15 hour procedure. Manning is expected to regain full urinary and sexual function. (Editor’s note: I wonder where they will get the donors and will a recipient be able to pick and choose. My prediction is it will be a big business a few years down the road for women who want to become men. I understand they have already perfected the man to woman conversion.)


10 Years Ago-2006

After 12 years on the Bridge City council, Mayor Bobbie Burgess is back to being a simple citizen. For the past six years she has served as mayor. *****Holly Williams, 17, and Caitlin Shuff, 17 are valedictorian and salutatorian of the West Orange-Stark class of 2006. Williams is the daughter of Mike Williams and Karen and Del Basinger. Shuff is the daughter of Judge Michael and Jennifer Shuff.***Angela Evans is valedictorian and Leah Moss salutatorian of the Bridge City 2006 class.***Little Cypress-Mauriceville’s highest honors goes to Lauren Wendt, valedictorian and Jamie Dolezel, salutatorian.***Orangefield valedictorian is Zena Matlock, salutatorian is Rebecca Giarratano.***Community Christian 2006 class named Chris Block valedictorian and Grace Karunanithi, salutatorian.*****Bridge City Cardinal pitcher Jeff Stringer pitched a no hitter against Barbers Hill in the critical game three of the Region III Quarter Finals. The Cards defeated the Eagles 8-2 and will move on to play Columbus in the Regional Semi-final round. In game one against Barbers Hill. Bridge City pitcher Kevin Angelle struck out 17 batters. The Cards won 12-18. Bridge City lost game two, 10-0. In game three Cody Sparks and Johnny Dishon both hit a homerun. Sophomore Casey Jackson hit two homers. The Bridge City catcher hit a grand slam in game one. He went 3 for 4 in game three. He and Dishon are tied with 10 homeruns apiece.*****The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Lady Bears defeated Angleton 4-3 with Cody Trahan on the mound. In game two, the Lady Bears won 1-0. They advanced to Region III Finals against Klein Oak. A few of the LCM stars are Harlie Harrell, Angella Zimmerman, Chelsea Riley, Amber Bryan, Miriam Richards, Jessica Wells, Sara Schoenberg and a host of other great Lady Bears.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Will David Frey, 69, of Orange, died Wednesday, May 17. A native of Eunice, Louisiana, he moved to Orange in 1966 to pursue his dream of opening a landscape nursery. Will and Katherine, his wife, opened Frey’s Nursery & Garden Center and spent many years sharing their passion for gardening with others.  Will is survived his daughters Kim, Sabrina, Karen, Stephanie and son Mark and their families.*****Louis Edward Stevison, 53, of Deweyville, died May 19. A native of Port Arthur, he was a US Army veteran, and a union bricklayer. He is survived by his wife Patricia Stevison, father Victor Stevison, son Beau Louis, daughter Bridget, step-sons Eddie, Chris and Tim Beaudeaux.*****Jobe Cannon Waldrep, Jr., 81, of Orangefield, died May 19, service was held May 23. He was a retired Boilermaker, Local 587 and was a foreman for Sabine Steel. He also worked as a carpenter. He loved to hunt and fish. He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Rena Waldrep, son Danny, grandchildren Athena Miles and Julie Moore, and great-grandchildren, Robert and Kayla Moore.*****Perline Margaret Simonton, of Orange, passed away May 18. Service was held Sunday, May 21. Pearline is survived by her husband, Hebert Simonton, sons Richard Faulk Steven Simonton, James Simonton, daughter Karen Steck and their families.*****Sudie Allen Peveto McQuhae, 86, of Orange, died Friday, May 19. Burial was held Tuesday, May 20. A native of Orange, she was the daughter of Flurentine “Flurry” T. and Denease Granger Peveto. She was employed by Gasow Motors and was a member of the Catholic Daughters, Daughters of the American Revolution, Old Timers Association and many other civic organizations. Sudie is survived by son Charles Allen McQuhae, daughter Kathleen Swope and their families.*****Joe Terry Freeland, 56, a Bridge City native, passed away Wednesday, May 17. Terry was a United States Army veteran, serving in Vietnam and later worked as a Derrick hand and welder. He enjoyed hunting and fishing in his spare time. He is survived by his companion Katherina Ross, children Kathyn Rene Comeaux, Ricky Joe Freeland, Georgette Michelle Langley, Terri Jo Freeland, Tammy Lynn Glawson, Bryan Droddy, 16 grandchildren, twin brother John Freeland and sisters Meredith, Darlene, Paula and Vivian.*****Leroy Mistrot, 77, of Bridge City, died Thursday, May 18. Service was held May 22 at St. Henry Catholic Church.  He was a veteran of the United States Army, and worked for Bradley’s Collision Clinic for 15 years. He is survived by his wife, Lenora, daughters Cheryl, Dawn and grandchildren.*****Jerry Wade Delano, 70, of Orange, died May 17. Service was held May 20. He was a native and lifelong resident of Orange and was an iron worker for Local 125 and a member of the Masonic Lodge. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Delano, daughters Paula and Margaret, sons Marty and Jerry Lee, brothers Harry Delano and Vertis Delano of Orange and sister Lavenya Ravellette and their families.

40 Years Ago-1976

Helen Harrington and the kids are guest of Sen. D. Roy Harrington and wife at their Colorado home.*****Janet Fontenot spotted out and about while husband James is on a fishing trip.*****Jewel Bearden is in the hospital in Beaumont.*****Laverne Ridley, the runaway mom, who has been in Europe for six weeks, has sent word home that she is extending her vacation one more week.*****Mr. and Mrs. James Compton returned from two weeks in Spokane, Washington, where they visited Mrs. Compton’s relatives.*****Chester Simon was selected most outstanding Bridge City D.E. Student at banquet. Phil Copeland named outstanding boss.*****Jay Ridley opens Swimland pool for summer. Swimming lessons available from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and again from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.*****Bridge City Student Council elects Linda Minner president, Franklin Scales, vice-president, Mitzi Kelly, secretary.*****Showers were held for LeAna Beth Hudson, bride-elect of Glen Permenter, and Barbara Copeland, bride-elect of William Curl.*****A sign hangs on the wall at Fred Bailey’s place on Sabine Lake that reads, “Please, no profane language, be sensible, respect ladies and children. Thanks, Grandma Bailey. Not responsible for accidents.*****The first annual West Orange Lion’s Club Open Bass Tournament is held. *****Carl Thibodeaux and wife Mike, get hard luck prize, presented by Johnny Wolf.*****A 68 unit apartment complex is underway in Bridge City. Gladefield Manor, 2100 Wise Street. Fields Lumber Co. is general contractor.*****First Baptist Kindergarten present bi-centennial program. Administrator for the school is Maurice Fennell. Mrs. Edwin Johansson is principle and teacher. Also teaching is Mrs. Calvin Harvey and Mrs. Earl Darby.*****Sheriff Buck Patillo faces Ed Parker in June 5 runoff.


The Shootout on the Sabine will be held May 21-22. The DSARA boat races are sponsored by the Orange Convention and Visitors Bureau. Kree Harrison, a local singing star, runner up on American Idol, will perform a free concert at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 21. Her show has been canceled twice before at the Riverfront Pavilion due to weather. Hopefully it will be great weather Friday. Speaking of Kree, her grandfather, Wilson Roberts, had major heart surgery last week. After a rough few days he was doing better Tuesday and expected to go home this week even though he feels he’s not well enough yet. He must like all that extra attention.*****Congrats to our longtime friend Elaine Meyers, 2016 Athena Award winner. I know of no one more deserving. She’s a hard working Christian woman.*****If you attend the Texas Swamp Pop Jamboree, Friday night at the VFW, you will hear some of the best musicians around. Example: Warren Storm started playing drums in his daddy’s band when he was 9-years-old. Today he plays several instruments and at every gig he demonstrates his drumming talents. The rest of the group are just as talented. Get your tickets now, (see ad), but if they’re out at locations mentioned, a few will be available at the door.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and at PK’s Grill next week. Everyone always welcome.*****Early voting has begun in the runoff Pct. 1 race between Bobby Manshack and Johnny Trahan. Both are local hometown boys. They are running to replace Commissioner David Dubose. It’s an important race. You should make an effort to vote.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. For the last 44 years we have been wishing Frank Finchum a happy birthday on May 18. Also celebrating on this day is Wilson’s better half, V.J. Roberts, Ron Hutchison and Easton Gibbens, who turns 12-years-old today. He’s Crystal’s son and Debbie and David Fusilier’s oldest grandchild. Celebrities celebrating on this day, from Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey, 46, country singer George Strait, 64 and baseball player Reggie Jackson, 70.*****On May 19, a great bunch of guys celebrate. Longtime friend Hubert “Sprad” Spradling, Judge Flo’s brother, Marc’s dad, Leon Carter, Harry Dodge, Mark Watts and Justin Knight all celebrate. Joining them are football player Archie Manning, 67 and pop singer Grace Jones, 68.*****On May 20, Roy and Ms. Phyl’s only daughter and youngest of the Dunn clan, Karen Gros, celebrates. Also turning a year older are Alayna  Womack, David Jones and John Sims. Celebrities joining them are pop singer Cher, 70, race car driver Tony Stewart, 45 and actress Mindy Cohn, 50.*****On May 21, our friend, Constable Mark’s better half, Babette Philpott, celebrates as does longtime employee Bill Pope, pretty June Gregory also has a birthday on this day. Celebrities joining them are actor Mr. T., 64 and pop singer Leo Sayer, 68.*****We go back a bunch of years with Margaret Toal, back when she was a young reporter. Margaret worked at The Record 10 years ago. On May 22, Margaret celebrates another year and we hope number 63 is her lucky number. Also celebrating is Bailey McCurry and Gary Hollingsworth. They join model Naomi Campbell, 46, novelist John Flanagan, 72 and Olympic gold medal speed skater Apolo Ohno, 34.*****On May 23, Ms. Pearl’s grandson, Jody and Beverly’s boy, Billy Raymer, has a birthday. Also celebrating is a great gal, Amanda Uzzle, Justin Trahan and Philip Douglas Thomas. Celebrities celebrating birthdays today are boxer Marvin Hagler, 62, TV show host Drew Carey, 58 and actress Joan Collins, 83. This is also the day, in 1934, that Bonnie and Clyde were killed.*****May 24, The twins, two great guys, Joey and Rusty Williams celebrate another birthday as does Fran Bullard, Nelson Derrick and Chris Greer. They are joined by folk singer Bob Dylan, 75, Elvis’s wife, Priscilla Presley, 71, and country singer Rosanne Cash, 61.*****Belated 58th anniversary wishes go out to Norris and Pat Brandon, of Bridge City. Best wishes for many more happy years together*****I got my first garden fresh tomatoes of the season thanks to Judge Derry, who picked them right off his plants. If we don’t get too much rain, tomato crops should start coming in for other growers. I’ve got to check with Owen, Nelda always sees that I get a few.*****A couple of weeks ago, doctors told Pinehurst Mayor, Judge Pete Runnels, that he had suffered a silent heart attack. Last week, he joined the ‘Stint Club’ when doctors inserted a stint and today he’s doing well. He has modified his habits and plans to use the new Pinehurst Walking Park.*****Orange County high school baseball Regional Quarterfinals matchup this week. West Orange-Stark baseball will play Bridge City in a best of three series beginning Thursday, May 19 at Lamar University, 7 p.m. Game 2 will be played Friday, May 20, at Jasper High School, 7 p.m. If necessary, game 3 will be played Saturday, May 21, 11 a.m. at Jasper High School. Little Cypress-Mauriceville plays Silsbee at 7 pm. Thursday at Jasper High.*****Congratulations to Annette Pemell, who was elected to the Orange City Council. In last week’s issue, we mistakenly reported that her opponent, Mary McKenna, had won. We apologize for the error.*****I’ve been wondering what has become of Zach Johnson? He hasn’t been around lately. We need to know if he’s joined the Texas Team for Trump.*****I noticed Trump’s short list of V.P. candidates didn’t include Rick Perry. Rick has eaten out of the public trough all of his adult life, now he’s out of a pay check and has tried hard to get on the Trump team payroll. Last month he said Trump was “A cancer on the Republican Party.” However others who are on the list said much worse.


Tee-Neg Dartez was off in da thick woods hunting wen he got turned around and lost his way. He walked for hours and got deeper in da tick forest. Night would soon be coming and Tee-Neg him, was always so scared of da dark he had often got sick from fright or being where he can’t see nutten.

Tee-Neg him, walk some more until he nearly panic. Finally he dropped to his knees and raised boat his hands to da sky and axe da Lord to help him find his way.

Bout dat time, a big hawk bird flew over and relieved hisself. Da droppings landed in da middle of Tee-Neg’s hand. Wit tears in his eyes he say, “Lord, don’t give me any of dat crap, I’m not kidding no, I’m really lost and scared me. Please Lord.”


Last week I had a Cat’s Tale, this week I have a tale of two brothers. Sean Gros, home on leave from his Coast Guard post in New York, wanted his brother Collin to see New York before he leaves and drives cross country to California. Collin was unable to get on the same plane that Sean had a ticket on so different arrangements were made for Collin. Sean went to Houston by shuttle bus, Collin flew on another airline to Dallas. He would have to wait two hours at LaGuardia, in New York, for Sean to arrive. Of course like most well thought out plans bad weather was not considered. Sean had a delay in Houston and arrived four hours later than expected. The boys finally got together at 2 a.m. and had to drive another hour to Long Island, arriving at 4 a.m. From noon at Jefferson County to their destination in New York at 4 a.m. made for a long trip but well worth it. Collin says New York is awesome. They made it to Manhattan Tuesday and attended the Mets-Nationals game. The Yankees were not playing at home. Sean has duty a couple of days then they will fill the time sight seeing. Since the base is in the Hamptons, he might even spot a Kardashian or one of the many stars who live there. It’s an exciting experience for a country boy like “Billy Jack.” One he’ll be thankful to his brother for the rest of his life. Like most of us, he will probably never visit New York again.*****My time is up, thanks for yours. Shop our family of advertisers and read us cover to cover. Take care and God bless.