The Jefferson County Go Texan Committee, a subcommittee of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, announced its annual scholarship recipients Tuesday night at Courville’s in Beaumont. This year’s recipients represented an array of schools across Jefferson County & surrounding areas.

Hope Isabella Hardin, a Deweyville High School student, was the lone Orange County student to receive one of the scholarships.

“This is such a great groups of kids.” Said Brian Abney, Jefferson County Go Texan Ambassador. “I speak for the whole committee when I say how excited I am to help out the youth of Jefferson County.”

One of the highlights of the night included recipient Morgan Linn Novak, who received a 4-year scholarship from the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo in value of $18,000. Each of the 68 participating Area Go Texan counties awards a scholarship to one of the county’s graduating high school seniors, and an additional 10 awards are given at large to eligible students within these counties.

From the 1970’s, Jefferson County Go Texan has over $446,000 in committed scholarships to the youth of Jefferson County.

Brian Abney said, “We have a great group of people that are fully committed to seeing these kids succeed. I think that embodies not only Jefferson County Go Texan, but the people of Jefferson County too.”

Judge Larry Thorne, 317th District Court was the honored speaker for the night.