Car dealership.

Just the words create a different feeling to everyone.  Some people have the positive memories of destination dealerships, and others have the negative memories of the “sleezy salesman.”   I’m sure every one of you has a varying level of trust for dealerships and sales consultants.  What I would like to do is tear away the veil and connect customers with the real dealership.  I want to put the control in the buyer’s hands.

Now, what qualifies me to teach anyone about dealerships and how to get the most out of your experience?  I am in one every day.  I am a General Motors Certified Seller.  At this point, some of you are probably thinking you can’t trust a single word I say because I am one of “them”.  I respect that position and I understand it.  However, this is my inaugural article, and I ask that at the very least, you please give me the benefit of the doubt.  I have been working in the community of Orange, serving people who need assistance.  Some of whom you may know and trust.  Rodney “Chief” Hammerly, Lucy Moreau, Charles Howard, Dennis and Cassandra Bishop, Brad and Stephanie Williams, and many others.  If these people trust me, then certainly you can too.

With this column, I want to give advice to those who may need it.  Tips on how to get more for your trade, how to find the best deal for yourself, leasing versus purchasing, etc.  Beyond all of that, I want to let you know exactly what a dealership is and does. Not what people think, but what it truly is.

A dealership is a multi-faceted organization with many different types of people who believe in the same ideals and principles.  We at Granger Chevrolet believe in customers.  We believe in challenging the “salesman” stereotype.  We believe in making people happy.  We believe in providing a World-Class Experience.  We believe in Orange, Texas.  These things just so happen to be done by consistently providing an exceptional automotive purchase and ownership experience.

No, this isn’t an ad for Granger Chevrolet, but I believe that to understand something, it is best to start with what it stands for.  With that being said, Granger Chevrolet is not a large faceless organization that spits out mottos and just expects you to believe it.  Al and Dean Granger are people in Orange Texas, just like you and me.  They grew up here, shop here, and love it here. They are just Orange citizens that own a business.  As a result, they truly care about their neighbors and the people who drive the same roads they do.

I worked with Dean on coming up with a way to help you, the buyers.  So, it is with his full support that I supply you with my knowledge and his. We are here to serve you.

This being the first article in a monthly series, my goal is to simply introduce myself and open up the door between you and me.  I am available 16 hours a day to accept calls (I do try to get some sleep), and I will be more than happy to answer questions,  give advice,  or schedule an appointment for one-on-one time.  Thank you for your attention, and call me anytime at 1-888-715-8514.