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I am certain all of you have seen the television ad for the “Quick and Easy Dump Cakes and More” cookbook presented by the author, Cathy Mitchell.  As for myself, I seldom order anything advertised on television.  However, I do recommend this series of *Cathy Mitchell “Dump” Cookbooks as a good buy whatever the source.

When I was visiting my son and his now new bride, Dwight and Brenda Stewart, last October, I noticed a cookbook by the same person but titled “Quick and Easy Dump Dinners” lying on the kitchen table.  I picked it up, started reading it and liked it.  I then asked them where they had purchased it.  Dwight told me he had bought it at the Super San Antonio HEB grocery store where they regularly grocery shop.  HEB Grocery Stores are only located in Texas.

Now I am probably stranger than most people are because when I visit a town one of the things I like to do is visit the local grocery stores.  Dwight knew this so he took me with him grocery shopping at that Super HEB.  One of the things I searched for was that same cookbook without success.  Shortly after my return to Minden, I received a package in the mail from Dwight and Brenda.  Not only was it the Dump Meals cookbook but also the Dump Cake cookbook.  They also sent the same set of books to Dwight’s sister (my daughter), Carol Farley.  What a thoughtful and generous surprise. 

I have been so pleased with both books that while recently searching through a catalog, I found an ad for a “sister” cookbook titled “Crock Pot 5 ingredients Dump Meals.”  Now I am enjoying all three cookbooks.

This week’s KEEPER recipe is from the “Dump Cakes and More” book.  If you are one of those “chocoholic” people, these bars are for YOU.




                                                ½ cup (1 stick) butter, melted

                                                1 (about 15 oz.) pkg. chocolate cake mix

                                                1 egg, beaten or ¼ cup egg substitute

                                                12 chocolate sandwich cookies, coarsely crushed

                                                1 (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk

                                                1 (12 oz.) pkg. chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 350○.  Spray 13 X 9 inch baking pan with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. Pour the melted butter evenly over bottom of prepared pan.  Cover with dry cake mix and drizzle with egg; stir with fork until moistened (OR mix butter cake mix and egg in large bowl until crumbly).  Press mixture into bottom of pan with fingers to form thick crust.
  3. Top crust with crushed cookies.  Slowly pour sweetened condensed milk over cookies, covering as evenly as possible.  Sprinkle with chocolate chips.
  4. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until set.  Cool 5 minutes; cut into bars.


*Quote from Cathy Mitchell’s cookbooks: “She never refers to herself as a chef, but rather a great home cook who enjoys making simple, easy meals with ordinary ingredients.”


Louis Webster, CEO of Publications, International, LTD gave me permission to share this recipe with The Record.  If interested in acquiring one of these books send request to the Publications at 8140 N. Leigh Ave., Morton Grove, IL 60053.

Dump Cakes – ISBN #978-0-9895865-2-8

Dump Dinners – ISBN #978-0-9895865-6-6

Dump Crock Pot Meals – ISBN #978-0-9909635-2-3