A 29-year-old American will go down in history for committing the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Omar Mateen was born in New York where he attended public schools. The shooting that killed 49 people and injured 58 others took place in the wee hours of Sunday morning, June 12, in an Orlando, Florida gay night club. The act of terrorism was also a hate crime. Mateen used an assault rifle to shoot over 100 people, some as many as six times. A somber President Barack Obama called the attack, “An act of terror and an act of hate” against the LGBT community. Across the country and around the world leaders and ordinary citizens expressed outrage and grief. Mateen pledged allegiance to the Islamic State before he was killed in a hail of gunfire. He was a resident of Fort Pierce, Florida, who worked for the security firm G4S. Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump reacted to the shooting by attacking presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and President Obama for not using the words “Radical Islam.” For that reason Trump  said, the President should step down and Hillary should get out of the race for the presidency. The President and Clinton refused to blame an entire religion for what a radical few are doing. Clinton said, “Instead we need to redouble our efforts to defend our country from threats at home and abroad.”  Shutting our borders to all Muslims the way Trump wants to do would not have stopped this attack by an American born citizen. According to the shooters father, Mateen grew angry two months ago when he witnessed two men kissing in Miami. Who knows, he might have been gay. The FBI says he didn’t belong to a terrorist group. Once again Americans will take sides; some will say it is too easy for people to get assault weapons that let them inflict mass casualties, unlike a hand gun. Other Americans will wrongly lash out at all Muslins, holding them collectively responsible for the acts of a fanatical few. Most will go back to the old NRA line, “Guns don’t kill, people do.” To blame all Muslins would be like blaming all Italians for the killings, robberies, drug pushing, etc., acts the Mafia committed.*****Well, it’s time to get on down the line. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



Congratulations to The Record Newspaper staff who received eight awards from the Press Club of Southeast Texas. Mark Dunn received one for Sports Page Design, Debby Schamber claimed a first place for Feature Story, and Mari Elen Jacobs won a first place in the Sports News with her article “Mustangs claim state championship.” Columnist Caroline Brewton won three awards, a couple of second places and an honorable mention. Dunn, who won three awards,  said, “We entered just a few categories in the Press Club Awards this year and placed in all of them.” The Record Newspapers, The Penny Record and The County Record are the largest circulated publication in Orange County and boost over 40,000 readers weekly. The publications are also featured on the web at


10 Years Ago-2006

Staff Sergeant Benjamin Dwayne Williams, a 1994 graduate of Little Cypress-Mauriceville High was killed in Iraq. He joined the Marines June 7, 1994. He and two others from his unit were killed in Al Anbar Province. Williams was an infantry unit leader. Asst. Principle at LC-M, Linda Warner, said he was an above average student. He was involved in many school activities. He excelled in football and track. Williams is the second Marine from Orange to die in combat in Iraq. Another LC-M grad, Cpl. Shane Goldman was killed in April, 2004, a few days before his 20th birthday.*****Dr. Sarah Boehme is named Director of the Stark Museum of Art, to replace retiring Davis Hunt.*****Jessie Domingue, of Bridge City, is featured in documentary “Storm Stories” on the weather channel. Last week the 30-minute show “Hurricane Rita” featured him and his neighbors Michelle and Arthur Connor.  The film crew went with Jessie to his Gilmer Street home where he first saw the destruction of the house.*****Bridge City Bank celebrated the return to their main facility with a ribbon cutting. In the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, the bank conducted business from portable buildings.*****Our friend Don Stanton had a big retirement party at Courville’s. Don hung it up at Exxon Mobile Chemical when illness prevented him from continuing, plus he wants to spend more quality time with his lovely wife Mary. (Editor’s note:  Ten years later I wonder how that’s worked out?)*****Republicans vote down raising the $5.15 an hour minimum wage. A 40-hour week earns $206 before deductions. Democrats vow to keep bringing it up until it passes.*****Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenet, died June 22 from ovarian cancer. She was 49 years old. JonBenet was found dead in the cellar of their home on Dec. 26, 1996. No one has ever been charged with the murder.*****Gary Stelly celebrates his 40th birthday with a party at the Country Club. It was a total surprise put together by his wife and mother. They really ‘Skunked’ him. He had no clue.*****Nicole Kidman and singer Keith Urban are wed in their native Australia in a fairytale ceremony.*****Landon “Billy Goat” Harris turned two years old on June 17. (Editor’s note: That boy is 12 now. I wonder what became of his sweet mom Patty?)*****Chelsey Chaffin turned 9-years-old June 16.. She celebrated with an “American Idol” slumber party with friends and sister Breanne.*****Charlie Wilson’s War author George Crile III, died of pancreatic cancer at his New York home. He was a longtime 60-Minute producer. Shaun Davis, former Con. Wilson employee, writes a long story on the life of Crile III and his former boss. He tells how Crile spent several years traveling with Wilson on junkets to the front lines of Afghanistan-Soviet conflict. He also wrote about having boarded “Pine Tree I ”Wilson’s well known mobile office for trips through his East Texas congressional district. (Editor’s note: It’s a great story that Shaun wrote for The Record Newspapers. Shaun is Directory of SETRP.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: H.L. “Pete” Prince 82, of West Orange, died Monday, June 26. Services will be held Thursday, June 29. Prince was a lifelong resident of the area and graduated from Stark High where he played football in 1940 and 1941. He was a WWII veteran and served in the Air Force from 1943-1946. He retired from Gulf Oil Refinery where he worked for 35 years. He was very active in many civic activities. He is survived by his wife Mary Dumesnil Patillo Prince, and son Robert Prince.*****Wade Allen Herman, 48, of Cove, died Thursday, June 21. A memorial service will be held Saturday, July 1. A lifelong resident of Orange, Wade was a shipfitter at Orange Shipbuilding, Levingston Shipbuilding and American Bridge. He is survived by his mother, Marie Morris Fontenot, sister and brother-in-law, Telisa and Ronald Norwood and nephew Michael Norwood.*****Mary Esta Bates Hall, 68, of Little Cypress died Thursday, June 22. Services were held Sunday, June 25. She was a retired nurse and was always the first one to offer help to anyone in need. She was preceded in death by her husband Dr. Robert Hall. She is survived by her sons, Robert Hall, Keith Hall, granddaughters Kimber Lynn Hall, Tifany Dowden and Jana Hirschfelder and their families.*****Abdon Dominic Suire, 87, of Orange, died June 20. Services were held Friday, June 23. A native of Erath, Louisiana, he worked and retired in the Orange area from American Bridge. He enjoyed dancing, traveling and duck hunting and family was always most important to him. He is survived by his sons Brud,  Joey, daughters Drue, Loretta, Carolyn and 13 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.*****Lloyd Joseph “Joey” Johnson, 38, of Cove died June 23 at his home. He was a lifelong resident of Orange and had worked as a Railroad Engineer for the Sabine River Northern Railroad. He is survived by his daughters Savannah Nicole Johnson and M’Kayla Marie Johnson, mother Shirlene McPherson, father Lloyd Johnson, sisters Melanie McPherson, Shannon Wilkerson and Carrie Lee Miller.*****Dorothy Myers Cormier, 69, of Bridge City died June 22. Services were held Monday, June 26. She was preceded in death by her husband Patrick Cormier. She is survived by her daughters Melisa Spruell and Lisa Moore, sisters Grace Comeaux and Gladys Pourciaus and several grandchildren.*****Derek Prejean, 22, of Orange died Wednesday, June 21. Services were held Saturday, June 24. He worked as a bellman at the Delta Down’s Hotel and Casino. He was a 2002 LC-M graduate. He is survived by his parents Norman and Jackie Prejean of Orange, sister Renee Prejean, brother Devin and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.


40 Years Ago-1979

In a few days the United States will celebrate it’s 200th birthday. On June 31, 7 p.m., the Bridge City Bi-Centennial beard contest will be held next to Bridge City Bank. *****A two-day community wide picnic in the park to be held Saturday, July 3 and Sunday, July 4, at Adams Bayou Park, 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Wear your Bi-centennial outfits. Over 30 booths and displays, live radio, free games will be on the grounds.Sunday will be Edgar Brown, Jr., Memorial Day with plenty of live entertainment and a fireworks show. Everything is free, presented by Sabine Area Bi-Centennial Commission. Roy and Crystal Wingate are co-chairmen.*****A USA softball game held between Carl Parker, incoming Texas senator, and a team put up by Roy Dunn, made of members of the media, with H.D. Pate thrown in. Richard Cordor is umpire. All proceeds, plus a donation from the losing team, will go to the Bridge City/Orangefield Community Center fund.*****Max Windham is the young manager of Perry’s in Bridge City. He will be 32-years-old this week.*****Judge Homer Stephenson is in St. Elizabeth hospital after having a heart attack.*****Big chested Sherri Morse, who just returned from a grocery store convention in Houston, was admitted to the hospital for emergency gall-bladder surgery. She says she will be glad to finally eat like everyone else. Her first choice will be stuffed lobster at Paw Paw’s.*****Ann and Jimmy Segura took a flying trip to North Carolina to visit son Tommy and wife Becky. They are stationed at Polk Air Force base.*****National Bell Ringing will take place July 4 at exactly 1 p.m. across the country.*****A big sale at Payless Shoe store. Cowboy boots, only $17.96, in honor of our 1976 birthday.*****Mark Dunn writes a feature story on G.G. Shinn and the TSC Trucking Company, made up of Kenny Babb, Gerry Mouton, Rat Brown and Oran Guidry.*****Traci Goza, nine-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Goza, is the winner of a talent contest at Baylor for toe dancing and piano playing. She will receive a scholarship, jewelry and an all expense paid trip to the nationals.


We were sorry to learn of the death of Lynda Lou Meyers, 65, who passed away June 6, at her home, which she shared with husband Ed, while sleeping.. Services were held Sunday at Cowboy Church. We had known Lynda nearly 40 years. She worked in management for Paul Wise, at K-Mart. She was a lovely lady. May she rest in peace.*****Lamar “Coco” Hardin, 92, died June 6. We had known “Coco” many years, in fact everyone knew “Coco.” He was involved in many civic endeavors until he got up in age and was forced to take it easy. He and his family had lived on a barge and when it docked in Abbeville, his mother went to Palm Hospital where Coca was born. He was the only one of 12 siblings to be born in a hospital. The family drifted the barge to Orange where they lived for some time. A memorial was held at the Boat Club last Sunday. He was a colorful, great guy.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at PK’s Grill this week and at JB’s Barbeque next week. Everyone is always welcome. Good food, great fellowship. Come and bring a friend.*****The Cleveland Cavaliers couldn’t have played a better game in Tuesday’s game five beating Golden State Warriors 119-97. Game six is Thursday in Cleveland. The Cavaliers are attempting to accomplish something that has never been done before, come back from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA championship. If Lebron James and the Cavaliers can win game six it sure will make game seven interesting.*****Had a phone visit with our friends Sue and Tommy Simar. So far all the rain hasn’t harmed their garden because they planted late, after the first heavy rains. They say unless it gets too hot and dry, causing the figs to fall off the tree, it should be a bumper crop. Most folks tell me their gardens have been a wash out. Neighbor Cox, who is batching now days, says its been very disappointing so far. He will however, make a fair crop of okra. I can’t find any garden fresh tomatoes and would like to get some.*****We were sorry to learn our old conservative friend of 60 years, Kenneth Young, has suffered a stroke. We don’t have any details but our prayers are with him.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays: On June 15, the head of the Dupuis clan, Adam Dupuis, marks another year. He keeps everybody on their toes. Also celebrating are Sharon Fisher, Sheri Fruge, David Cardner, Tina Romero and Denise Vickers. Celebrities celebrating on this day are New York governor  Mario Cuomo, 64;  actress Helen Hunt, 53; and rapper Ice Cube, 47.*****On June 16, Beverly Perry, who has survived almost everything, lives to celebrate another birthday. Also celebrating today are Leigh Ann Wilson and Jennifer Harrison. This would have been the birthday of our friend, the late Wilson “King” Dunn. He was special. Joining them in celebrating are boxing champion Roberto Duran, 65 and “Knots Landing” star Joan Van Ark, 73.*****On June 17, a real sweetheart, Alice Cole Hartsfield celebrates her special day and says they come around too often. Also celebrating is Andrew Riedel, Belinda Welch and Justin Johnson. Celebrities joining them are former speaker of the house, Newt Gingrich, 73, singer Barry Manilow, 70 and tennis player Venus Williams, 36.*****On June 18, pretty, long legged, car marketing expert, Brandy Slaughter celebrates. Brandy just rolls with the years, no big deal. Also celebrating are Kyna White, Mary Stewart, Amber King and Krystal Leonard. “Beatle” singer, songwriter, musician, Paul McCartney, celebrates on this day. He turns 74, and actress Carol Kane turns 64.*****On June 19, Father’s Day, Chelsie and Cortnie Moerbe celebrate, as does Betty Norwood, Shelby Permenter, Marianne Choate and Wyetta Carter. They are joined by actress Kathleen Turner, 62, dancer, choreographer, judge Paula Abdul turns 54 and author Salman Rushdie will be 69.*****June 20 is a special day for Keith Kay, Debbie Johansson, Lynda Phillips, Justin Roberts, Frankie Allen and Marie Norton. They celebrate birthdays with “Beach Boys” singer, songwriter Brian Wilson, 74, singers Lionel Richie, 66 and Cyndi Lauper, 63 and actress Nicole Kidman, 49. This also marks the first day of summer.*****Born in Orange, Texas on this day, June 21, 69 years ago, was Coach Wade Phillips. Others celebrating birthdays are Dustin Hartsfield, Commissioner David Dubose, Sarah Claybar and Sharon Wright. They are joined by celebrity actors Michael Gross, 69 and Meredith Baxter, 69.*****I read in Dickie Colburn’s column last week that he was giving up Sabine Lake salt-water fishing for a couple of days. He accepted an invitation from his buddy Byron Keiley to come catch some bream that are overrunning his place. Byron and Cindy are just north of Boone’s Crossing, on Toledo Bend. I’ve been hoping someone would come by with some bream or white perch for nearly three years now, so Capt. Dickie, If you catch more than you can eat, I’d be proud to take them off your hands.*****Sean Gros, who is in the U.S. Coast Guard, is traveling cross country from his station in Long Island, New York to California, where he will attend school for six weeks then will be sent to his next station. He is in hopes of being stationed somewhere on the Gulf Coast. Tuesday night he was in Springfield, Missouri and planned a short detour to visit his cousin Dr. Amber Dunn, in Garden City, Kansas. Along the way Sean has been visiting baseball and football stadiums and other sites. A high point was visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. A great trip for a young man.



A letter from Sostan

Dear Cuz,

Jus a short note to let you know dat I visited our aunt and uncle, T’unt LaLa and Tee Nonk Breaux. Dey still live in da one-room house, on stilts, in da swamp. Tee Nonk hasn’t been to town since he applied for his Social Security 12 years ago. T’unt left da swamp once five years ago to attend her sister’s funeral. Tee Nonk still traps neutra, minks and utta stuff. A boat comes to get da hides every two weeks and T’unt give dem her grocery list and dey bring da stuff on dere next trip. Da mail boat, it rums every utta day. Sugar Bee’s nephew Calvin, runs da mail route and he let me ride da boat with him to go see da old folks. Nonk was gramp’s younger brother. I hadn’t seen dem in 19 years at grandpa’s funeral. Wit da mail Calvin brings dem da Lafayette Advertiser newspaper. Dey sure was glad to see me, glad to see anybody I suppose. Dey still don’t have any conveniences, no electricity, no phone, nutten. Da fur people bring dem kerosene for da lamp and to cook wit. Dem po people ain’t got nutten, Cuz, dey jus got one pair of glasses, and one set of teeths between da two of em. While she eats, he reads da paper.

More later,




While the country was just processing the news of the mass murder in Orlando, Donald Trump was already exploiting the tragedy. Trump posted on Twitter that he appreciated “The congratulations for being right on radical Islamic terrorism. Larry Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia Center of Politics, said “No one plays a good hand worse than Donald Trump. The fact that he would tweet out how this tragedy benefited him just tells you he has no real sense of what a president does and how a president does it. It’s really sickening.” Trump was just getting warmed up, soon he was calling on President Obama to step down and Hillary to get out of the race. Trump continues to push his Muslin ban. He outright lied about the Orlando shooter being from Afghanistan when the truth is, the 29 year old was born at the same place Trump was, in Queens, New York. On NBC’s Today show, Trump escalated his attacks on Obama saying that maybe the President doesn’t “Want to get it.” On FOX News, and in a speech, he all but accused the President of treason, creating doubt like he did on the “Birther” issue. His rhetoric on the issue proves how unprepared he is to be Commander-in-Chief. On the other hand, the renewed emphasis on terrorism highlights Clinton’s record as the nation’s former top diplomat and as a U.S. Senator from New York after Sept. 11.  She was also a player in the plot that killed Osama bin Ladin. Trump’s poll numbers have been falling. Clinton now leads him by eight points, but what worries the GOP most is that Trump will cost them the Senate and could do much damage to the Congress. Trump turned 70 years old Tuesday. His ego has been long in place, it’s all about ‘The Donald.’ It’s a sickness and nothing will heal that.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers when you can. Take care and God bless.