Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses between June 16-30:

Vidor High School, 300 Orange St., Vidor – Score – 100

Vidor Jr. High School (summer feeding program), 945 N. Tram Rd., Vidor – Score – 100

Hushpuppy’s Seafood, 1202 N. Main St., Vidor –  Flies found on raw fish; bugs found inside containers of flour/cornmeal; plumbing at all sinks need repair; dates needed on all product; lots of flies were found throughout; thawing raw fish inside sink; vent-a-hood, fryers and outside of equipment needs to be cleaned of old grease; light shields needed; old equipment/materials being stored out back door in elements, need to repair or discard; floors, walls and ceilings need to be cleaned of old grease; damaged ceiling tiles. Score – 86

Market Basket Deli #46, 800 N. Main St., Vidor – Food being stored on floor, needs to be 6 inches off the floor; utensils being stored handle down; storage racks, outside of equipment and inside reach-in coolers need to be cleaned of old foods and dirt; damaged/missing floor tiles found throughout, need to repair; lots of general cleaning is required at this location. Score – 96

Sonic Drive Inn, 340 N. Main St., Vidor – Need to cover all foods inside reach-in coolers/freezers; lights needed inside walk-in freezer; floors throughout need to be cleaned; lots of standing water found on floors throughout. Score – 95

Kwik Stop Valero, 2210 S. Main St., Vidor – Pulled several expired foods from shelves; slime found inside ice machine; hot water found to be only 99.8 degrees (118 degrees required), deli closed until repaired; paper towels required at hand washing station; water from one of the three compartment sink drains into each other at the base, need to repair; roach feces found in back storage area and on shelves at sales floor; drinks stored on floor inside walk-in cooler; floors and shelves in deli need to be cleaned of old foods; more cleaning needed. Score – 85

Driver and Hans Lunch Station, 807 Simmons Dr., Orange – Pre-opening inspection, No score. Cooking for the “Just One More Tavern Bar”

West Orange-Stark High School, 1400 Newton St., Orange – Score – 100

Panther’s Den Preschool, 5970 White Oak Rd., Mauriceville – Score – 100

Mauriceville Fuel Stop, 11845 N. Hwy. 62, Mauriceville – Heavy mold found inside ice machine, weekly cleaning is required; not water was found inside restrooms, need to repair; drinks being stored on floor inside walk-in cooler and sales floor, need to be 6 inches off the floor; air reads 84 degrees, needs repair. Score – 94

Panther’s Den – Mauriceville Fuel Stop, 11845 N. Hwy. 62, Mauriceville – Hand washing sink found with slow drain and three compartment sink has water spilling water into next sink at base, need to repair both; no certified food manager on staff; back door needs to be resealed; damaged ceiling tiles found, need to replace; air returns need to be cleaned and paint chipping off; air reads 84 degrees, need to repair. Score – 94

Homemade Donuts, 6377 FM 1442, Orangefield – Found sausage/ham/boudain out of proper temperatures; no record of time found on holding sausage/ham/boudain out of room temperature; need to repair hot water (about 10 degrees off); dates needed on all product; grocery bags used for raw dough storage; pan liners being used multiple times to bake kolaches; vent-a-hood, floors and the employee restroom needs to be cleaned of old food, dirt; restroom toilet seat broken, needs toe repaired; more general cleaning is required. Score – 84.

Pakco #1, 3031 Hwy. 12, Vidor – Found several 2015/2016 expired food cans; cappuccino machine and drink dispensers need to be cleaned of old foods; store name/address are needed on all bags of ice sold; dates needed on all products; soap and towels needed at hand washing sink; drinks being stored on floor; vent-a-hood, cooking equipment, floors and walls throughout need to be cleaned of old foods; light shield needed; outside dumpster area needs to be cleaned of old trash; damaged/missing ceiling tiles found throughout; more general cleaning needed. Score – 83

Charlotte’s Shaved Ice, 110 S. Main St., Vidor –  Hair restraints needed. Score – 99

Ice Castle Concessions, 1350 N. Main St., Vidor – Faucet needs to be repaired, water coming out from base of faucet. Score – 97

Showbiz Cinema, 3330 Bowling Ln., Orange – Water coming out from base of faucet, need to repair; toilet inside men’s restroom needs to be repaired. Score – 97

Oza’s Diner, 1907-B MacArthur Dr., Orange – Outside back storage area and floors inside mobile truck need to be cleaned more often of dirt and trash. Score – 99

The Snack Shack, 2822 Western Ave., Orange – several gnats found throughout. Score – 99

Bright Beginnings Learning, 1023 Church St., Vidor – Score – 100

LaQuinta Inn and Suites, 2220 S. Hwy. 62, Orange – Score – 100

Burger King #110, 605 N. Main St., Vidor – Water from motto inside walk-in freezer dripping onto boxes of fries; mold was found on all drink stations; ice cream machine with a constant drip of cream, needs to repair; several flies found; vent-a-hood, garbage cans inside and outside, floors walls and ceilings need to be cleaned of old foods; restaurant found in very poor cleaning condition, more daily visits and cleaning are required; baseboards coming off the walls in dining room and several damaged ceiling tiles found throughout. Score – 88

Chicken Express, 2250 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Several flies found throughout; bottom of back door needs to be resealed; damaged ceiling tiles found throughout, need to replace; dust found on walls inside dining room; damaged gasket found on reach-in cooler door, need to repair. Score – 96

Cardinal Snow Cone Stand, 2215 Hebert St., Bridge City – Faucet dripping water from base, need to repair; floors found to be very sticky, need to clean. Score – 96