After the July 6 edition of the Record hit news stands, the area was abuzz regarding the historical article about the founding of Bridge City. We received the following letter from Don Rascoe, a former resident and graduate of Bridge City High School (Class of 1965). He was also the son of Guy Rascoe, Bridge City’s first City Magistrate. Rascoe’s letter was filled with even more history. We hope you enjoy reading the following history of Bridge City.

Guy Toups and Dick ANDERS owned Sac-N-Pac at the corner of Texas Avenue and Kibbie Avenue.   I don’t know if they were related.  Neither was married.  Prior to the convenience store only, they had a small lunch room, open only during the day, as I recall.  Great hamburgers!   Guy Toups was virtually blind, but could run the cash register, but sometimes he might ask you the denomination of a bill before he gave you change.  He was elected Justice of the Peace and upon his death, Dick ANDERS, took over the job and was elected.  They were both fine men!
My dad, Guy Rascoe, was the first City Magistrate and served in that capacity for 17 years.  Mom died in April at the age of 91 and her house on Charles Street, was sold last week.  Last original owner on Charles Street.  Two bedroom, one bath house…..with detached garage….well and septic…..I think they paid $7500 for the place.  As the family grew to four kids, two more bedrooms and a bath were added.
Guy and Roxie Rascoe moved to Charles Street in June, 1950.  My dad was a charter member of the volunteer fire department, on the school board, president of the youth recreation association, president of the BC Lions Club and was master of the Masonic Lodge.
When the high school opened in the mid 1950s Grover Die, then superintendent, gathered the community and they did the finishing touches on the gym……the old, old gym.  I recall going up there on Saturdays and watching my dad and other BC folks work on putting that tiny gym together.  That was the main gym at BCHS until the “new” high school opened in January, 1964…I suspected it seated only a few hundred people…I do remember it being loud and hot!
Dick Bevins and Howard Morse had the two grocery stores.  Caldwell Lumber, near the present Sonic Drive-in, was the main lumber store…I think it closed about 1964.  Hopper’s owned the lumber store down by the bayou.
Yes, I remember The Buccaneer Restaurant…Prince’s liquor store was next door.
I remember Shirley Swift….I remember him coming in to Brown’s Gulf Service station, Texas Avenue and John Street)  (Nolton and Jessie Brown) in a hot Dodge Charger….I asked him how fast it would run….he picked up his radio mic and said no matter how fast this car can go,  “no one can our run this”.
I was three when my family moved to BC in 1950….I graduated BCHS in 1965 graduated from Sam Houston in 1969 and taught at BCHS during the 1969-70 school year, (thanks Bill Godwin!) before joining the US Army and serving a tour in RVN. I was stationed in Maryland at the time I got out of the Army and stayed here.  My wife of 46 years (not from BC) and I continue to live in Ellicott City, Maryland, between Baltimore and Washington, DC, just off I-95.  I retired after 35 years with Baltimore County government as Deputy Director of Permits. My wife retired after 30 years with the Anne Arundel County School System, the last several years as an assistant principal at middle schools.
I was a sophomore in high school the year, Dr. Sims, Bill Godwin, and Larry Ward came to BC.  Jean & Jim Wood came when I was a junior.  Those people do not get enough credit for what they did for the public school system in BC, particularly Dr. Sims.  He floated the bond issue that created the “new’ high school on Bowers, the present middle schools.   His sense of professionalism was nothing that had ever been seen in BC schools before.
Growing up in BC in the 1950s & 60s was pure joy.  Lots of villagers helped raise the children from that era…too many to mention.  I only wish other children could have the same experiences my friends and I had growing up in Bridge City, Texas!
Don Rascoe
Ellicott City, MD

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