New Cardiologist-Designed Resource Gives Patients Unlimited Access to Clear and Accurate Information on Cardiovascular Conditions.

Austin-based CardioVisual has launched a first-of-its-kind mobile app that makes it easier to explain and comprehend heart conditions and medical procedures. CardioVisual is a free, downloadable app available on iPhone or Android, and has rapidly become a game-changer in the heart-patient education realm. Designed by cardiologist Manish Chauhan, the unique, patient education tool is being adopted by leading cardiology practices, hospitals, physicians and heart patients across the country.

Heart disease is the leading killer for young and old alike, yet it is a complicated concept to grasp for most patients. Heart patients need clear communication from a trusted source to understand their medical conditions, visualize the corrective procedures, achieve optimal compliance, and make informed decisions. However, most physicians lack the appropriate tools to educate their patients about heart conditions and their treatment options. CardioVisual fills a critical information gap by offering caregivers and their patients everything one needs to know about heart health from the convenience of their handheld devices.

CardioVisual empowers doctors and patients to have more engaged, high-level conversations, aided by videos, visual displays and demonstrations, all from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet,” said Manish Chauhan, M.D., creator of CardioVisual. “Video Instruction is a link I myself missed in patient education – it saves time, enhances patient understanding and satisfaction, as well as improving the quality of care. It adds reliability and trust to help the patient make an informed decision,” he added.

The CardioVisual app is designed to assist doctors in explaining various cardiac-related conditions and associated diagnostic and treatment procedures. The app’s nearly 100 professionally produced videos and demonstrations of corrective devices allow doctors to accurately portray each patient’s heart condition.

“In a world where people expect technology, CardioVisual has taken patient education and satisfaction to another level,” said Jayne King, Director of Heart and Vascular Care at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center. “My patients report being less scared and more informed after watching the app’s videos.”

“My cardiologist repeatedly told me that I had sleep apnea and needed to participate in a sleep study,” said Dan Santema, heart patient.  “I was very skeptical and resistant to this medical advice, initially.  However, after my doctor played CardioVisual videos on his iPad, demonstrating how sleep apnea works, I became convinced.  The visual component of the app – especially the graphics— really sold me on accepting my doctor’s diagnosis.  Having it all explained in terms that a lay person can understand was hugely beneficial.  A few weeks later, I went and had a sleep study done.  Now, I wear a CPAP at night, over my nose, and it helps my sleep apnea and, possibly, could be saving my life.”

CardioVisual is available to both patients and healthcare professionals for free. For more information,, follow the page on Facebook and download the app on iOS and Android.

About the CardioVisual App:

The CardioVisual app is a multimedia content delivery platform that provides brief educational videos and illustrations showing all aspects of cardiovascular problems.  The app is designed to enhance the interaction between healthcare professionals and patients.

CardioVisual is a simple yet powerful educational tool that allows healthcare professionals to engage and easily inform and educate their patients with accurate and unbiased information about their cardiovascular ailments and treatments. CardioVisual saves physicians time and increases efficiency, while improving quality of their communication. This mobile app can be used through the continuum of a patients care, (from initial interaction in clinic or hospital; before and after procedure or surgery while allowing patients access to the same easy-to-understand information on a mobile device. It provides patients with the maximum level of reliable information in a very convenient, current and easy fashion and to assimilate at their own pace.) CardioVisual is ccessible on any iOS or Android mobile device or tablet. For information visit and follow our page on Facebook. 

CardioVisual app has been downloaded by doctors, nurses, trainees as well as patients in over 60 countries. Our goal is to provide professionals with and educate patients, around the globe, to help counter the growing incidence of heart disease, with unbiased, reliable and trusted information for free using mobile technology.