Officers from the Orange Police Department  responded to the following calls between July 22-24:

Traffic accident, 1600 16th St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 201 8th St.

Fraud and abuse/computer, 201 8th St.

Traffic accident, 400 16th St.

Traffic accident, Simmons and Farragut

Warrant service, 504 Park

Traffic accident/robbery, 2001 Rio Grande Pl.

Terroristic threat, 3017 18th St.

Warrant service, 201 8th St.

Stolen vehicle, 318 Knox

Found property, 3113 23rd St.

Warrant service, Bob Hall and Church

Stolen vehicle, 3680 Womack

Found property, 3104 Oakmont Dr.

Traffic accident, MacArthur and Strickland

Burglary, 1010 S. Hwy. 87/The Reserve at Cypresswood

Warrant service, 1800 Arkansas Ave.

Assault, 1511 Georgia St.

Damaged property, 710 2nd St.

Miscellaneous incidents, 811 Strickland Dr.

Stolen vehicle, 2325 Monterrey Dr.

Traffic accident, 5600 N. Hwy. 87

Traffic accident, 1202 16th St.

Public intoxication, 804 Canter St.

Warrant service, 700 W. John Ave.

Burglary, 1017 4th St.