The church’s 2016 Music Program Fundraiser starts Wednesday, Aug. 3. Orders for pick-up and/or delivery can be placed by calling the church at 735-4573, or Pat Greene at 626-2585.

The church will be selling pecan halves, one pound bag for $9; pecan pieces one pound bag for $8.75; raw almonds and roasted cashews, one pound bag for $6.75; hot and spicy peanuts, one punned bag for $2.50; walnut chunks and pieces, one pound bag for $8.75; trash mix, one pound bag for $3.50; peanut brittle, 7 ounce bag for $3.50; frosted praline pecans and frosted cinnamon, 12 ounce bags for $8.75.

The church is located at 945 W. Roundbunch Road, Bridge City.