Pictured are Gary Thibodeaux (First Degree BB), bronze – sparring, silver – board breaking; Trenten Parker (2nd Degree BB) bronze in board breaking; Athan Peterson (red L3 8 years); Parker Christian (green L2 9 years) silver – forms, bronze -board breaking.

Staff Report – For The Record

Students from the Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City academy arrived in Baton Rouge, La. recently to participate in the year’s biggest tournament for Tiger Rock students. The Tiger Rock World Championships, July 21-23, brought students from all across the United States from more than 129 Tiger Rock Academies.

The competition categories are broken into the following age and rank categories: Tiger Cubs (4-5 years), Juniors (6-11 years); Teens (12-15 years) and Adults (16 years). The students who won gold medals at the previous district and National tournaments competed in a special elite competition called the Master Invitational.

Tiger Rock groupThe following Tiger Rock Bridge City students were recognized winners of gold medals: Mason Pruett (Brown L3, 11) gold medal – sparring, silver – traditional forms, bronze – board breaking; Dallas Powers (3rd degree BB 11 years), gold medal – board breaking, bronze – sparring.

The following students and Instructors from Tiger Rock Bridge City competed in a Masters Invitational competition: Elyse Thibodeaux (Sr. 5th degree BB 55years) bronze – board breaking; Jessica Tingler (3rd degree BB 19 years), silver – board breaking; Jamie Jones (brown L3, 34 years) bronze – board breaking and Ethan Martin (brown L1, 12 years) silver – board breaking

Other TRMABC medal winners and tournament participants were: Michael Jones (1st Degree BB 14 years) bronze board breaking; Austin Verret (blue L2 19 years) bronze – board breaking; Jorrie Higgins (green L3 18 years) bronze- forms, silver – board breaking; Ava Osborne (red L2 9 years), silver – board breaking; Kaleb Graham (brown L2 9 years); Rylan Brown (red L3 6 years) bronze – board breaking.