I’ve always enjoyed the summer Olympics. The 2016 games in Rio are no different. My only regret is that I don’t have more time to watch the variety of events. In the evening NBC has mostly been showing swimming, gymnastics and beach volley ball. In most cases the events were held earlier and the results shown. Of course swimmer Michael Phelps is the big draw but the USA has a great team of swimmers. With 10 more days left we will be witness to the world’s great athletes. No one stops to think about the sacrifice the athletes go through just to reach this highest plateau. Many hours of suffering and pain go into reaching ones goal. I’m amassed at the talent from around the world. They get better and better and every four years more records are broken. The United States takes no back seat to anyone and unlike some countries; they are strictly amateurs. No one is paid except in basketball where most make a good living in the NBA. I look forward to the running events. Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is the biggest star at the Olympics. The world’s fastest man will be competing in his final games. He has an Olympic career that began in 2004 when 17-year-old Bolt failed to advance in the 200-meters because of a hamstring injury. There has been nothing but unmatched success since, with eleven world championships and six gold medals, also with back to back wins in the 100-meter and 200-meter races. USA’s Carl Lewis was the only other sprinter to achieve that feat. Bolt’s medal haul pales in comparison to Phelps. Nineteen gold medals, 23 medals overall and looking for five more. On the other hand, Bolt has raced in four Olympic individual finals and won them all. Bolt’s sights are set on a record to run the 200-meter in under 19 seconds, breaking his own record of 19.19. He has races to run and gold medals to win before hanging it up after Rio. I look for him to really be challenged but doubt that there is a new star out there that can beat the world’s fastest man. I’ll be watching. *****I’d better move on, come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Fifty of the nation’s most senior Republican national security officials signed a letter declaring that Donald Trump “Lacks the character, values and experience to be president. He would put at risk our country’s national security and well being.” Trump, the officials warn “Would be the most reckless president in American history.” They questioned his knowledge of and belief in the constitution. “He has demonstrated repeatedly that he has little understanding of the nation’s vital national interest, its complex diplomatic challenges and has shown no interest in educating himself.” The letter states, “None of us will vote for Donald Trump.” Also on Monday, popular Republican senator Susan Collins joined a list of other GOP senators not voting for Trump, including our own senator Ted Cruz, who beat Trump by 17 points in the Golden Triangle. Most all GOP congressmen who have opponents have run away from Trump. A few not facing opposition have given veiled radio support for Republicans to vote in November never saying that Trump would be a good president. Trump values are not southeast Texas values. George P. Bush, Jeb’s son, Texas Land Commissioner, says as much as it pains him, he is supporting Trump. Donald said awful things about his dad that destroyed Jeb’s run for president. His grandfather, George H., uncle George W. and father have refused to vote for Trump. So George P.’s support of Trump can only mean that he will probably challenge Cruz next year for U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, Trump, with the announcement of 13 new economic policy team members, mostly business friends, all white men, no women, laid out his economic plan. The agenda Trump described included many traditionally Republican policies that offer little to no direct benefit to working class Americans, while giving a considerable financial boost to the wealthiest. Trump advocated reducing the corporate income tax rate to 15 percent, from current 35 percent. Both Moody’s and Oxford project Trump’s plan would trigger massive deficits and sharply higher interest rates that lead to recession. I find it comical that Trump has released a major tax policy, without releasing his own tax returns. You can bet the farm that he never will. He would quit the race first. His phony would show.


10 Years Ago-2006

Old Timer’s Pavilion is lost. Commissioners Court approved the demolition of the building after Hurricane Rita created severe damage. The Old Timer’s Association, started decades ago, sponsored a picnic every Memorial Day for people to gather, share stories and just visit with old friends. (Editor’s note: I had the pleasure of attending Memorial Day gatherings over many years. I have fond memories of those times and the great people and friends who are no longer with us. Judge Sid was president for many years. Hundreds of those wonderful people, from Judge Sid to Buckshot Winfree and his mom, had so much to do with shaping Orange County. I’ll never forget them or the great covered dish meals at the annual picnics. It was a special time in my life that can never be replaced.)*****Former County Commissioner Bill Harland, a minister, appeared in front of the Court a couple of weeks ago promoting, with the help of Tony Houseman, a Vidor senior citizens residence. The following day he went into the hospital for gall bladder surgery then went home. Complications set in and this good man died. He lived his life to help others.*****Robin Middlebrooks, 24, a beautiful young lady, lost her life in an auto accident Sunday on Hwy. 87, south of Bridge City. Over the years the family of Mary and Stanley Middlebrooks have been struck by way too much tragedy.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch celebrated Judge Joe Parkhurst’s birthday at Robert’s last week. A group picture was taken. Cake was furnished by Martha’s Bake Shop in Bridge City.*****Sandra and Mike Hoke celebrate an anniversary Aug. 16. (Editor’s notice: Mike passed away a few months ago but our thoughts are with Sandra on this day and wish her well.)*****Don and Judy Shockley and a group of Orange County folks played in the annual golf tournament at the Abbeville Country Club. The Shockley’s brought home some souvenirs for Roy Dunn from his hometown. They also found out that the priest at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church is a Blanda. Pam Stelly had a great day on the golf course. Others attending were Dixie and Junior Trahan (his hometown also), Craig and Elva Couvillion, Rodney and Eunice Barrett, Pete and Delores Sterling, Donnie and Caroline Mires, Ric Radley, Sharon Kosboth,  Rick and Bud and Diane Bond. In the past 10 years Don, Junior and Dixie are no longer with us.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Janice Rose Pavia, 65, of Orange, died Wednesday, August 9. Funeral services were held Tuesday, August 15. A resident of Orange for 26 years, she was a homemaker and had worked for Gulf Oil Company. She is survived by her son Michael, daughter Kim, granddaughters Holly Jones and Stephanie Jones and a brother  James George Buckley.*****Funeral services were held August 12 for Belle McClure Griffin, 88, a 63 year resident of Orange. She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Cecil Griffin and brother Bill McClure. Belle is survived by three sons, Don, Jerry, and Rex and daughter Linda Windham all of Orange.*****Imogene Moran Hann, 71, of Orange, died Wednesday, August 9. She was a hairdresser for many years and served as a dedicated foster parent.  She is survived by her son James William, daughter Brenda Stanley, brothers Henry Wynn, Oliver, and Pastor Leo Anderson, all of Orange, Otis, Pastor Leon, Harry, and sisters Leona, Patricia, and numerous grandchildren.*****Marsha Anne Cormier, 61, of Orange, died August 8. Services were held August 11. A lifelong resident of Orange she is survived by  her sister and brother-in-law Phyllis and Larry Ewing, aunt Mildred Shane, uncle Joe Cash and several nieces and nephews.*****Lois Janet Marie LeDoux Abbott, 67. of Orange, died Sunday, August 6. Graveside service was held August 10. She was preceded in death by her parents Alexson and Edna Fuselier LeDoux, daughter Terri Abbott and brother Preston LeDoux. She is survived by her sons John LeDoux, Chester Abbott, Jr. and daughter Linda Abbott Roach.

40 Years Ago-1976

Orange Bass Club wins fishing tournament. The top six clubs were: Orange County Bass Club, 166.2 pounds; Cajun Bass Club, Lake Charles, 151 pounds; Cajun Masters, 133.6 pounds; Woodville Bass Club, 128 pounds; Silsbee Bass Club, 118.6 pounds; Kirbyville Bass Club, 115.11 pounds. Members of the OCBC winning club are Tommy Humphrey, Gary Glende, Darwin Fowler, Troy Woodall, Willie Hays, Gerald Thibodeaux, Danny Vice, Jim Barnwell, Raymond Hughes and Virgil Wilson. (Editor’s note: I wonder what became of all those bass clubs and how many of the fishermen are still around.)*****Fire destroys Howard’s Supermarket in Bridge City. The blaze was discovered August 15 at 2:45 a.m. The Howard Morse family operated the store. Bill Townes was recently hired as general manager. He thanked fire chief Richard Solomen, fire marshal Bill Kiihnl and all the firemen for saving the adjacent stores. A new 12,000 square foot store will be rebuilt on the spot and will be called “Big Red Pantry.”*****County-Court-at-Law Judge David Dunn has asked the grievance committee for $11,000 raise for a total of $30,800. District judges earn $36,700.*****A.J. Judice and wife Lois will make their home on Cow Bayou their permanent residence. He promised city officials he wouldn’t cause any trouble.*****Opportunity Valley News editor Nina Harden is in the hospital in Galveston. Joe Grossman and Jim Robicheaux are both in Orange Memorial.*****Joe Nacol, one of the original Nacol brothers, died August 14.*****Doris Ann hosted a surprise birthday party for hubby Bill Clark. The surprise was the party time. She set out two long tables of food, told Bill the published time was 7 p.m. but called the guest and told them not to show up until 7:30 p.m. Roy and Phyl Dunn were the only guests told to come early. Bill got real depressed thinking he only had two friends. Phyl said that was a cruel joke. Over 100 friends finally showed up.*****With nothing else to do since their store burned down, Wayne and Sherri Morse traveled to Oklahoma to visit former Bridge City manager Bill McClure and wife Betty.*****When Tim Hughes and son Mike went fishing, Mike caught all the fish. As per their deal, Tim had to clean the fish.*****Joe Runnels says, about the stuff that’s being shown on the big screen, “A peeping Tom is a guy too lazy to go to the movies.


Our buddy, the old cowboy, Ag teacher, the “Barbeque King,”  JB Arrington was badly burned on his arms when a tractor radiator blew up and the water scalded him. Every morning he has to get scraped. That’s painful and it takes a double shot of 100 proof to stand it but that old rebel is tuff.*****Our friend Beth Rath had knee replacement surgery a few days ago. Wishing that sweet gal a speedy recovery.*****Several records will be broken in Rio but one that stands out is that 450,000 condoms were issued by the Olympic committee which equates to 42 per athlete or two a day. That’s a record; the first was set at Seoul in 1998 was 8,500, eight years later in Beijing 100,000. They included the Olympic motto, “Faster, Higher, Stronger.” Until Rio, London held the record with 150,000 including 100,000 female condoms. (What! That’s new to me.) Athletes are disappointed the condoms don’t include logos. I was taught years ago sex was out before competing. Times changes things.*****On August 14, 1935, 78 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the bill that gave us the Social Security Act. It assured that what happened during Hoover’s Great Depression wouldn’t leave people starving in their old age. Texans survived on Hoover Hogs (Armadillos). On the same day 10 years later, 1945, Japan surrendered ending WWII.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. On Aug. 10, Judge Joe Parkhurst celebrates. His wife Gayle is treating him to a trip to Biloxi, an offer he couldn’t refuse. Also celebrating is Joe Allen, Bree Anne Collins, Timmy Bryd and Louise Kent. Celebrities celebrating on this day are actors Antonio Banderas, 56 and Angie Harmon, 44 and comedian Rickey Smiley, 48.*****On Aug. 11, our longtime friend Bill Smith turns 86. Bill is an old time train engineer who started in the days of the steam engine. Bill also has served several terms on Bridge City city council and was founder and owner of Central Office Supply along with his late wife Betty. Their grandson Eric Andrus now owns COS. Celebrating also are Rene Danna, Deborah Bayliss and Morgan Taylor. They join wrestler Hulk Hogan, 62, entrepreneur Steve Wozniak, 66 and Red Sox baseball player Pable Sandaval, 30.*****Aug. 12, finds Jennifer Babin and Jared Sleeman celebrating along with actors George Hamilton, 77 and Yvette Nicole Brown, 45.*****On Aug. 13, the pride of West Orange, raised with Coach Cornell Thompson, a guy who has kinfolks more famous than him, Clint Landry, the old insurance man celebrates. So does Edgar’s betty half and the late, great lady Dot Eshbach’s daughter-in-law, Monty Eshbach, also celebrating are Aaron MacCammond, Melissa Cox and Lyn Godwin. Celebraties enjoying a birthday are actors Danny Bonaduce, 57 and Debi Mazar, 52 and Cuban leader Fidel Castro, 90.*****On Aug. 14, Charlotte Conn, Bill Triggs, Christina Myers and Jerry Windham celebrate. They are joined by actors Halle Berry, 50 and Steve Martin, 71, also basketball player Magic Johnson, 57 and Denver’s Tim Tebow, 29.*****Aug. 15 finds Chris and Cindy’s daughter Kristie Gunn, a real hot shot, celebrating. Also Valerie Richter, who can be found at the BCISD bus barn most days and Gavyn Fisher and Brandi Arnold. Joining them are actress Jennifer Lawrence, 26 and British royalty Princess Anne, 66. Happy birthday to all.*****It’s already been a year, Aug. 8, 2015, since Donald Trump said, about Megyn Kelly with FOX News, “She had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever.”*****Yankee “A-Rod” Alex Rodriguez will play his final game of his 22-year career Friday. Sunday, he and the New York Yankees announced a parting of the ways. They guaranteed him one more game at Yankee Stadium against the Tampa Rays. He’s only four short of 700 homeruns. To fulfill his 10-year, $275 million contract he will stay on as an advisor through 2017. Chances are, because of the use of drugs in 2001-03, he will probably not make the Hall of Fame. He is eligible in 2021. He has been one great player.*****Tom Brady, whose model wife, Gisele Bundchen,walked the cat walk at the opening ceremonies of the Rio Olympics, has given up his fight against the NFL. He swallowed his pride and accepted a four-game suspension and $1 million fine. The Patriots also had to give up first and fourth round draft picks.*****Meanwhile Russia’s Vladimir Putin is playing Donald Trump like a fiddle. He bragged on “The Donald” and his sick ego bought it hook, line and sinker. Putin’s a former KGB agent and an expert in playing mind games. Donald’s ego makes him an easy target.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and at PK’s Grill in Pinehurst next week. Everyone always welcome. By the way, Texas Monthly has some good things to say about PK’s Grill.*****No Texas team is in the Top 10 college football rankings. Alabama is #1; Clemson #2; Oklahoma #3; Florida State #4; Ohio State #5; LSU #6; Stanford #7; Michigan #8; Notre Dame #9 and Tennessee #10. The only Texas teams in the Top 25 are TCU at #14 and Baylor at #21. Gone are the glory days of Texas and A&M.*****The newly reopened Bayou Club, on Strickland, in Orange, is a friendly place to relax and down a cool one. The club, under new ownership, has been remodeled after being flooded. Check them out.*****A second boxer has been accused of sexual assault in Rio. A housekeeper at the Athletic Village accused Jonas Junis, 22, of kissing her and offering her money for sexual relations. Brazilian law considers any non-consensual sexual act as rape. Ouch! If convicted, he faces six to ten years in prison. Boxer Hassan Saada, of Morocco, was arrested for the same thing last week and charged with rape.


An elderly couple, Joe Comeaux and his wife, went to have supper wit dere old friends, Clovis Fontenot and his wife. After dey got finish eating, da womens went into da kitchen.

Joe and Clovis dem, were jus talking. Joe said, “Las night we went out to a new restaurant in Abbeville. Da food, it was really good.”

Clovis axe, “Wats da name of dat restaurant?”

Joe him, he tought and tought, finally he axe Clovis, “Wats da name of dat flower you give to someone you love, you know, it’s red and has torns?”

“Do you mean a rose?” Clovis axe.

“Yea, dats it,” said Joe. He den turned around towards da kitchen and yelled, “Hey Rose, wats da name of dat restaurant we went to last night, hanh?””


Over the years I’ve dealt with a lot of employees in various businesses. I’m always impressed when I have contact with someone who really likes their job and takes an interest in the customer. Raemarie Elway, cashier at Bridge City branch bank in Orange is that kind of employee. She has been with the bank nearly ten years. She makes every customer feel like they’re special. Always has a smile. You can’t tell when she is having a bad day. An employer is fortunate when they have that kind of caring employee. Now I said all of that just to say this, Raemarie has reconnected with a long ago friend from high school days in St. Petersburg, Florida, and last week she was sporting her new engagement ring. Come Sept. 2, she will leave for Florida where she will take up housekeeping with her husband and a new life. He’s a lucky guy. She will be missed by her customers and employer. She’s worthy of a good life and we wish her the best. What a lot of people around her everyday don’t know is that she and Denver’s John Elway are first cousins. Their fathers are brothers. She calls them her Yankee relatives. She keeps up with John but she’s not the kind to brag about it. Elway, the great quarterback, is now general manager and part owner of the Broncos. An Orange native Wade Phillips works for him as defensive coordinator. Raemarie is a special lady and I wanted everyone to know because I don’t meet her kind everyday. Happy sailing in the new life.*****Thanks for your time, it seems mine is about up. Read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers. Tell them we sent you. Check us our on the web at Take care and God bless.