Orange County Health Inspector James Scales made the following inspections on area businesses from Aug. 1-15:

Fastlane #4, 2598 N. Main St., Vidor – No violations. Score – 100

Dollar General #11471, 385 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Lots of spider webs found inside storage room and on sales floor; need to clean inside if milk cooler of old foods; floors throughout need to be cleaned of old dirt; back storage room needs to be cleaned and organized. Score – 97

Hamburger Depot, 2395 Texas Ave., Bridge City – No violations. Score – 100

Tico’s Cuban Cafe’, 1145 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Reach in freezer doors not closing properly, need to repair/replace; no 3 compartment sink – restaurant took out sinks and added a commercial dishwasher in its place (still need sinks); walls throughout need to be cleaned of old dust and grease; missing floor tiles found near hand washing station, need to repair; need to replace damaged ceiling tiles throughout. Score – 95

Raceway #6945, 500 Texas Ave., Bridge City – Chicken sandwiches found at unsafe temperatures – employee pulled immediately; employee drinks are being stored inside ice machine – need to dispose of ice and clean and sanitize; mold found inside ice machine and on drink dispensers; dust found on several air vents, need to clean more often. Score – 90

Hampton Inn – Orange, 2080 IH-10, West Orange – No violations. Score – 100

Snow Flake Donuts, 1402 Strickland Dr., Orange – Found boudin/sausage/eggs out of proper temperature; no record of time found on hold boudin/sausage/eggs out at room temperatures; cappuccino machine needs to be cleaned of old foods; inside of ice machine needs to be cleaned; several ceiling tiles found damaged – needs repair; need to remove all broken/unused equipment from establishment. Score – 90

El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant, 2413 16th St., Orange – No violations. Score – 100

Shiver Shack, 6928-B N. Hwy. 87, Orange – No violations. Score – 100

Star Stop #1402 16th St., Orange – Pulled several expired foods (2015/2016) from shelves; cappuccino machine needs to be cleaned of old foods; no hot water found inside employee restroom; store name and date must be on all bags of ice sold from store; dates are needed on all product inside coolers; drinks stored on floor inside walk in cooler; missing ceiling tiles found; missing/damaged floor tiles found near ice machine – need to repair; will followup to get building up to code. Score – 86

Cakes Plus, 7677 Lamural Willey Rd., Mauriceville – Floors throughout and storage shelves need to be cleaned of old foods/dirt. Score – 99

New York Pizza and Pasta, 18635 IH-10, Vidor – Change of ownership/reissue permit. No score.

Danny’s Super Foods Deli, 2003 Western Ave., Orange – Inside of ice machine needs toe cleaned; inside of 3 compartment sink will need to be resealed – water moves from one sink to the next sink at the base; area around fryers/flat top grill, outside of storage containers and floors throughout need to be cleaned of old foods/grease/dirt; walls around 3 compartment sink need to be cleaned and repaired. Score – 93

Sweet Life Ice Cream Parlor, 1601 16th St., Orange – Pre-opening inspection. No score.

Danny’s Super Foods, 2003 Western Ave., Orange – Pulled several expired foods from shelves; store name and address are needed on all bags of ice sold from store; couple damaged ceiling tiles found – need to repair. Score – 94

Flying J Travel Plaza #735, 7112 IH-10, West Orange – Dates needed on all product; drinks being stored on floor inside walk in cooler and on sales floor; damaged ceiling tiles found throughout; floors need to be cleaned of old food/dirt; outside walks beed to be repaired; will followup on ceilings and outside wall. Score – 96

Comfort Inn, 2321 S. Hwy. 62, Orange – Paper towels required at the hand washing station. Score – 98

Best Western Orange Inn, 2245 Hwy. 62 -No sanitizer solution found for dishes/food contact surfaces. Score – 97

Waffle House #1031, 125 East Freeway, Vidor – Ham found out of proper temperatures; old brown lettuce found inside reach in cooler; slight mold found on drink dispensers; pulled several clean dishes with old foods still on them; store currently has a homemade door for reach in cooler – door was made from piece of insulation and duct tape; front cooler not keeping temperatures; several flies; employee drinks found without lid/straw; need to clean inside of coolers; water dripping from ceiling tiles/air vents – closed two stations until repaired. Score – 85

James Brown’s Gumbo House, 995 N. Main St., Vidor – No violations. Score – 100

First Presbyterian Daycare, 412 9th St., Orange – No violations. Score – 100

What-A-Burger, 2300 MacArthur Dr., Orange – Drive thru drink station has a water leak at bottom of machine – need to repair; several gnats found throughout. Score – 97

Wendy’s #60, 2205 Hwy. 62, McLewis, No violations. Score – 100

105 A-1 Smoke Shop, 5320 N. Main St., Vidor – Ice scoop found laying on top of ice machine; no date found on products (sandwiches) inside reach in cooler; lotsof dead bugs found throughout the store; drinks being stored on floor inside walk-in cooler; lights needed to be replaced inside back store room. Score – 92

IB Cheapers, 11365 Hwy. 12, Mauriceville – Store currently storing containers of live worms above drinks inside reach in cooler; ice scoop laying on top of box next to ice machine; table top at drink station beginning to come apart – needs to be repaired/replaced; drinks are being stored on the floor inside the walk in cooler and sales floor; light shields needed; damaged /missing ceiling tiles found throughout – need to replace. Score – 89

Donut Nation, 18394 S. Hwy. 62, Orange – Found eggs/sausage/boudin out of proper temperatures; no record of time found on holding eggs/sausage/boudin out at room temperatures; raw dough being stored inside plastic grocery bags; using same liner pan to bake kolaches. Score – 91