People around the country who have never had to deal with flood waters have no idea what South Louisiana is going through. We do because we have had to rip everything out of our homes and put it out on the street. In Louisiana many businesses, large and small, and more than 100,000 homes are now facing that problem.  Only 15 percent of the residents have flood insurance. If it wasn’t for the Federal Government and FEMA many people would have no chance to recover. Think about waking up tomorrow morning and you had lost everything. There will be plenty cases like that, especially small businesses and families that were just barely making it before the water came. If it had been a storm chances are that they would have had storm insurance. Rising water however is not expected or planned for. If you can make a donation to the Red Cross or other organizations our Cajun friends and families can use it.*****We had a lot of local friends die during the last week. I wrote a little about some but check out the obituaries in this publication. I have a long way to go so hop on board; I promise it won’t do you no harm.


President Bill Clinton left office after creating 23 million jobs with four percent unemployment. His approval rating was at 57 percent, the highest of all modern presidents. In 2001, President George W. Bush inherited a federal budget surplus of $128 billion. When Bush left office in early 2009, he left a deficit spiraling past $1 trillion; unemployment sky rocketed from 4 percent to 9.8 percent and kept rising for the first months Obama was in office. In 2001, under Clinton, we had eight million undocumented immigrants. When Bush left office the number had risen to 12 million people, that’s more than the previous five presidents combined. In the GOP fantasy world Obama is faulted for undocumented immigrants, however today there are only 11 million. He has deported one million. Actually more undocumented Mexicans are going home than are coming in. Under Obama, despite being blocked by the Republican House and Senate for most of his term in office, unemployment is below five percent and 19 million jobs have been added. When Obama won the 2012 election Republicans threw a temper tantrum that brought our country to the brink of an unprecedented default on government debt. Donald Trump himself was a menace to our democracy at the time spreading false rumors that Obama was a Kenyan born Muslim. After a decade of such lies President Obama’s job approval rating in three major polls is 53 percent, 56 percent and 54 percent. President Ronald Reagan left office with a 54 percent rating. His popularity and Obama’s are at the same level. Now is the time for Obama to put pressure on the senate. It has been more than 150 days since he nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. No nominee has ever had to wait this long for a hearing. Judge Garland is 63 years old and is considered a centrist and well thought of in both parties. Hillary Clinton is a heavy favorite to be the next president and could choose a younger and more liberal nominee. President Obama should give the senate an ultimatum to hold hearing in early September or he will withdraw Garland’s nomination. Garland has a high A-B-A rating by non-partisan groups and is well qualified. With Obama’s high approval rating and the chance Hillary will appoint Judge Scalia’s replacement, Obama can bring Chairman Grassley and the senate to their milk, and should.


Born Shirley Ann Aldredge on September 3, 1935, in Many, Louisiana, Ann grew up in Orange and graduated from Stark High School. I first met Ann in 1972 when she married my friend W.T. Oliver. W.T. was a first class promoter and wife Ann was his right hand. She handled the details. It would take an entire column to write about everything they were involved in. W.T. was instrumental in involving Bob Hope in Hughen School. The Bum Phillips Celebrity Golf Tournament was Oliver’s brainchild and there is so much more. Ann got to meet many big stars in different careers. It was hard work but there has been no other period like the one Ann and W.T. headed up. Then there was the love story after W.T. died. She remarried the father of her children, Miles Hall. They cared for each other until Ann’s death this past weekend. A memorial service will be held Sunday at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Park Street, in Orange, at 2 p.m. Visitation begins at 1 p.m. Our condolences to Miles and the family. Please see obituary.


We were sorry to hear about the death of Debbie Procell, 61, on August 21. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, 10 a.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Debbie was such a nice lady. She was the one who kept Procell Machine Co. organized and running smoothly. To husband Mark and the family, we send our sincere condolences..*****Martin Sneed, 79, died August 17. Service was held August 22. Martin lived a colorful life that put him in books and movies. He was a self-made man, one of the true characters of our day. He was a nice guy who helped a lot of people. He did it his way. To Mary, Clyde, Audrey and the family we express our sorrow.*****Michael “Mike” Blessitt, 77, died August 12. Service was held August 16. Mike was retired from DuPont. He was a former veteran. What I most admired about Mike is that he raised his four girls and son by himself. They were great kids and today they are great parents to a lot of Mike’s grandchildren. A good man has left us. Please see obituaries.


10 Years Ago-2006

August 29, marks the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina coming ashore doing extensive damage from Mississippi to Sabine Pass. The levy breach at New Orleans destroyed the city. (Editor’s note: It’s been 11 years and New Orleans is a long way from where it was before the storm.)*****Attorney H.D. Pate, who is a country music historian, tells us that it wasn’t Eddy Arnold who first recorded Cattle Call; it was East Texan Tex Ritter who recorded it first in 1934. Roy agrees it was the only version when he was a boy. *****Orange County schools all set for football to begin. Blake Morrison is head coach of the Bobcats, assisted by Brandon Prouse and Josh Smally. *****West Orange-Stark coach Dan Hooks is off the field due to knee surgery. It didn’t slow his Mustangs down however. They beat Vidor 33-0 in the last preseason scrimmage. Senior Earl Thomas, #5, scored four touchdowns, ran 206 years and didn’t touch the ball but six times. His little brother Seth, #12, is also on the team. *****The Bridge City Cardinals will feature quarterback John Dishon when they open on the road against Liberty Friday. *****Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears features runner Kendrick Salter in final scrimmage against Bridge City. That took two days to complete because of the weather. In the controlled scrimmage both team scored twice. *****Orange County Commissioners Court, after another discussion, named the IH-10 Neches River Bridge the “Military order of the Purple Heart Bridge.” The new name must now be approved by the Beaumont city council. *****The Democratic Party was formed in 1828, during the time of Andrew Jackson. Karl Rove came up with the idea for Republicans, in their talking points, to call it the “Democrat Party.” President George W. was the first to use the term. Others of his surrogates followed suit. The official name is “Democratic Party.”*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Sandra Jean Wainwrigth Dutton, 64, died August 21. Services were held August 24. She was a Red Cross Hospital Volunteer, loved music and was a choir director for 50 years. She devoted her time to her growing family, serving as a Cub Scout leader, PTA president, WO-S band chaperone coordinator. She is survived by her husband Glenn Dutton, mother Icylene Wainwright, sons Brett Dutton, and Clay Dutton and two grandchildren.*****Rev. Mary Ann Burke Norton, 27, of Orange died August 19. Services were held August 24. A lifelong resident of Orange she was preceded in death by her mother Rev. Helen Burke and grandmother Rev. Jewel Gonzlas. She is survived by her husband Joseph Norton, father Avery Burke, III and sons Zach Norton and Konnor Norton. *****Misty Dawn Lacombe Townley, 30, died in an automobile accident August 25. She had been a resident of Orange eight years. She is survived by her parents Tina and Ben Williams, daughter Katherine Townley, sons Gabriel Townley and Jonathan Biggers, grandmother Frankie Lacombe, brother Casey Williams and sisters Shawnell Lacombe and Dorena Cardenas. *****James Max Reeh, 79, of West Orange, died August 23. Services were held August 26. He served as a Corporal in the U.S. Army during World War II and the Korean War. He was a watchmaker at Staudt’s Jewelry in Orange for 56 years. He was a member of St. Mary Catholic Church, Orange County CRAC and Rescue Unit, NRA and SET Sportsman Club. He is survived by wife Beverly, sons Wayne, Gary, daughter Connie Forse, several grandchildren. *****Gary Marquette “Teddy Bear” Pilcher, of Orange, passed away Friday, August 25. Services were held August 28. He was an internet D.J. for All Southern Those left to cherish “Teddy Bear’s” memory are wife Melda Joy, mother Voncille, daughter Jessica, son Gary and step-son Jeremy Cornett, sisters Sherian Hankins and Tina Garrett.

40 YEARS AGO-1976

The Johnson Victorian cottage, located at 701 Cypress Ave. in Orange, originally built by Emmett Buchler in 1890, will be designated as a historical landmark. The marker will be unveiled on Friday, Sept. 3. Mrs. Coke M. Tilley will introduce guests, Rev. Ben Gillipsie will give the invocation and homeowner Bennie Johnson will make remarks. Mayor Paul Hale will dedicate the marker. *****The Bridge City Optimist Club 10 and 11-year-old all-stars play in a major league baseball tournament in Port Arthur. Team members are Darrin Hearn, Paul Simmons, Jimmy Smith, Jeff Fults, Terry Lyons, Kevin Laughlin, Wendell Isom, Bryan Whitson, Frank Angelle, John Edgerly, Kerry Hearn, Jason Richard and Kevin Malagarie. Managers/coaches are Owens Richard and Harold Hearn.*****A new 1976 Chevy half-ton, V-8 pickup, full loaded at Harmon Chevrolet, Third and Green in Orange, will set you back $3,873.*****After 65 years the Orange News Stand is going out of business.*****Former Levingston Shipbuilding design engineer Dick Adams has purchased Green’s Paint Co. on Park Ave.*****After it was assumed that Pete Morell had died, he was discovered alive and well and living in Argentina.*****Attorney Louis Dugas has joined a large group of guys who are now wearing Afro hairstyles. The new hair-do has changed Louis’ personality. He’s now a cross between Rev. Bo Lewis and Buzzy Gunn.*****Mark Dunn pens a story on Hank Williams and is praised by Don Jacobs in his Beaumont Enterprise Country Music column.*****Harrison Land is honored at annual Bridge City Fire Department banquet. Other members receiving awards from Mayor P.M. Wood for five years of service were Leroy Breaux, David Benton and George Cappel. For 10 years service, Richard Solomon and Eston Hawthorne were honored.


We heard from Sharon Stakes, Speedy’s ex. It was nice to hear from her. Her mom, Leana Broussard, celebrated her 75th birthday last Saturday, Aug. 20. Family and friends gave Leana a party at the Orange Villa Nursing Home. Happy belated birthday Ms. Leana.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week. Marlene Merritt celebrates her birthday and Donna Scales also has a birthday this week. Next week, The Bunch will meet at Robert’s. Everyone always welcome.*****If there is anything officer Brad Fry enjoys more than fishing it’s serving on the Orangefield School Board. He didn’t realize how important the work of a school board was until he was elected to the board. I admire anyone who serves on those boards, completely free of pay. It’s impossible to make everyone happy but children are their primary interest.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days: Aug. 24: Our friend, the sheriff’s longtime bride, Marlene Merritt, celebrates today. She’s quit counting. Also celebrating are Debbie Adaway, Carol Cupe and Ben Ezell. Frank and Teresa Beauchamp celebrate their anniversary today. Join them are celebrities Texan player Arian Forster, 30 and comedian Dave Chappelle, 43. *****Aug. 25: A lot of good folks celebrate today. Dot Hudson, a nice lady, the late P.T. Thompson’s sister, has a birthday as does coach Dan Ray Hooks, David Montagne, from the Sabine River Authority, Ron Cowling, Milton Briggs Jr. and Bree Fontenot. They are joined by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, 55, celebrity chef Rachel Ray, 48 and TV show host Regis Philbin, 85.*****Aug. 26: Our friend, new grandmother, county retired, Donna Scales, celebrates today. So does Jerry Mercer, Molly Abshire and Sheryl Guillory. Celebrities joining them are actress Melissa McCarthy, 46, country singer Brian Kelly, 31 and “Home Alone” actor Macaulay Culkin, 36.*****Aug. 27: Coach Frank Beauchamp, Jaycie Dardeau and Nina Birdwell all celebrate. Joining them are country singer, Colt Ford, 46, “PeeWee Herman” Paul Reubens, 64 and “The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan, 47.*****Aug. 28: Our friend, Jerry’s bride, Barbi Childress, celebrates today. We don’t know where she went but Barbi, if you reads this on our web, please drop us a line. Also celebrating today are Debbie Stark, Charlie Broussard, Bobbie Brown and Angie Jones. They are  joined by actor Jack Black, 47, country singers Shania Twain, 51, LeeAnn Rimes, 34 and Jake Owens, 35.*****Aug. 29: Our Nashville buddy, former editor, Glenda Dyer, celebrates today. So does Gary Bonneaux, Wanda Sanders, Wendy Fontenot and Blake Tally. They join politician John McCain, 80 and actor Elliott Gould, 78 in celebrating birthdays.*****Aug. 30: A great guy, Mike Cedars is a year older today as is Dotsie Robbins, Patty Allred, Cristi Harper and Dal Moreau. Celebrities joining them today are entrepreneur Warren Buffett, who turns 86 and actress Cameron Diaz, 44.*****Ex-Navy Seal Matt Bissonnette, who wrote “No Easy Day” under the pen name Mark Owen, will have to pay the U.S. government more than $4.5 million for violating non-disclosure agreements. He wrote about  his role in the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. All profits from the book and movie will go to government. He has four years to pay the bulk.*****The Orange County Mosquito Control does a good job fighting the “Skeeters.” The problem will get bad after all the rain but they have started early plane spraying.  Truck spraying often doesn’t get to the back yards. May I suggest you call Cindy at Pestco, 886-4248, she can send someone to your place to spray. You will be mosquito free for at least six weeks. By then the “Skeeter” season will be over. See Pestco advertisement in this publication.*****From time to time I like to remind you about what outstanding attorneys we have in Orange County. There is a specialist in every field. No need to go out of town. For example: you can’t hire a better lawyer than Paul Henderson if you have cancer or any work related respiratory problem. Shop locally for an attorney. Any Orange County attorney will help you find out the right local attorney for your case.*****Marc Fisher and Michael Kranish have written “Trump Revealed,” a new bio which paints a troubling portrait of the life of Donald Trump. It’s crammed with court records, financial data, anecdotes and hours of interviews about Trump’s unscrupulous business practices and false promises to make himself rich, usually at the expense of others. It’s a must read, really fascinating starting with his childhood.


After work Sostan Comeaux had his friend Jude Dartez drop him off for a few drinks. It was dark, pitch black, when he start walking home. He sees dis woman in da alley nex to da Walmart. “Twenty dollars” she whispered.

Sostan him never been wit a hooker before but he’s had enough drinks not to care. He say to himself, “Wat da Hell, it’s only twenty bucks.” So dey hide behind some boxes.

All of a sudden dis bright light is flash on dem. Dam if it ain’t LeBlanc, da night cop. “Wat’s going on here with you two hanh? Ax LeBlanc.

Dat Comeaux him, tinks fas and he say, “Me, I’m make love to my wife.”

“Oh, Sostan, I’m sorry me? Says da cop LeBlanc, “I didn’t know.”

“Well, nidder did I, Comeaux answer, until you shine dat light on her face.”



A new crop of political hacks have taken over calling the shots for Donald Trump. He hasn’t learned anything new about foreign policy, the constitution or national security policy. They place Trump in front of a tele-prompter and make him read a prepared statement. He comes off awkward, he reads like “Ned” in the First Primer. often pausing at the wrong places. Most of all he comes off as being phony. Like that photo-op to Baton Rouge. He was on the ground 50 minutes, unloaded a few boxes and two hours later he was in Michigan telling the people he had been helping the people of Louisiana while the President was on vacation. Gov. Edwards, of Louisiana, stated that he had asked the White House to have the President wait until the state had gotten through the first phase of disaster recovery. Trump advisor Sean Hannity, who has turned his show into the Trump Hour, did a Town Hall Monday in Louisiana, asking, “Where are our leaders?” President Obama, the only one that really counts, was in Louisiana Tuesday. Hannity held a Trump Town Hall in Texas. Meanwhile Trump made a deal not to return Mexican immigrants. He has let the people who got him the nomination down. He continues to lie about financing his own campaign. He has invested only $1 million of his own money and raised $82 million, $36 million in the last month. Anyone who sees Trump as a viable choice to be president is not looking at the big picture. Reading someone else’s words from a teleprompter doesn’t change the man. You can put lipstick on the pig, it’s still a hog. Trump’s only choice to start getting out of the woods is to release his tax returns. The IRS says nothing stops him from that. He will never do it. He’ll chance losing the election first. The New York Times reported Sunday he owes $650 million, most of it to China. A U.S. president, with China holding his balls, is very dangerous. Also, who else is he obligated to. That’s why he must release his taxes. If not, let him die on the vine. He’s going to make plenty of money with Putin after the election. Putin wants to be the world’s most popular leader and Trump is helping him with that at the expense of putting down our own president. Trump can’t get elected on his own merits so he will bash Hillary in the worse, meanest way he can like blaming her for Bill’s personal behavior. Women of this country resent that. It’s going to get real nasty but Hillary is tough. Bring it on.*****Well, my time is up and I thank you for yours. Good luck to our high school football teams. Check out our sports every week. Take care and God bless.