School board member, Thad Hill, BCISD Superintendent, Todd Lintzen present Tommy Mann with the Media Honor Roll award for 2016. 

Three local reporters, Mark Dunn and Tommy Mann, with The Record Newspapers and Gary Stelly, with KOGT Radio, were named to the 2016 Media Honor Roll, on Aug. 22, at the Bridge City ISD School Board meeting.

The Media Honor Roll and Bridge City ISD recognizes representatives in print, radio, television, and electronic media who (1) make the effort to get to know the superintendent, board president, and district’s mission and goals; (2) report school news in a manner that is fair, accurate, and balanced; (3) give a high-profile position to good news about schools; (4) visit the schools; and (5) maintain a policy of no surprises by sharing information with school representatives.

TASB is a nonprofit organization established in 1949 to serve local Texas school districts. School board members are the largest group of publicly elected officials in the state. The districts they represent serve approximately 5 million public school students.