On Wednesday, Oct. 31, Donald Trump will again give another version of his immigration policy. On the Sunday news shows, three of his surrogates gave three different versions of what his stance on illegals are. The only thing they all agreed on was that Donald says he’s going to build a wall. It is almost impossible to build a wall on the rough terrain bordering the Rio Grande River, plus trying to navigate Big Bend National Park. A fence on the U.S. banks would leave the river on the Mexico side of the fence. Some Texas congressmen and state officials say Texas would be hurt by a wall. Others say it’s impossible to build a wall high enough that couldn’t be crawled over and deep enough that can’t be dug under. The wall would cost $25 billion or up. No congress, Republican or Democrat, would even approve that much for a monument to Trump. “A big, beautiful wall.” Besides $25 billion would go a long way toward rebuilding our roads, bridges, schools etc. That would add many jobs around the country. You can book it; a solid wall for over 1,000 miles will never be built. That’s political garbage.
Donald says Mexico will pay for the wall. They sent him his own words back, “He can go “f@## himself.” Forget the wall, it ain’t never gonna happen, plus more Mexicans are leaving than coming in. President Obama has deported nearly three million illegals; If one violates our laws they are quickly shipped out. Donald won the nomination by telling his followers he would deport all 11 million. He would start rounding them up on day one. He also lied about financing his own campaign. The next report will show 90 percent of his money was raised. Rush Limbaugh laughs when he says, “What Trump is peddling is amnesty,” pure and simple. Trump has been running a scam game, “Absolutely no amnesty,” is what he’s going to present Wednesday on his all new immigration policy, reaching out for Latino votes. Trump can’t have it both ways. If I was one of the candidates he ran against and fooled the people into voting for him on total deportation, I’d want to hang him. “The Wall” Trump’s shyster game. *****I have to move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Charles Dowden involved in the Capt. Danny Gray death was paroled last year. He lives in Orange and currently on state parole. His brother Billy Wayne Dowden is currently under review by the parole board. Danny’s son, Stephen Gray, is trying to prevent his release. He has an interview with the parole board next week. The other person involved in the killing, Clifton Blansett, died in prison. Stephen was 4-years-old when his dad was killed. He is now 45-years-old and is a federal officer in San Antonio. He is asking for Orange citizens to oppose the release of Billy Wayne. Sharon Bearden was the District Attorney that convicted the Dowden brothers and Blansett for the murder. If you would like to contact Stephen you may do so at his work number, 210-244-5331.


We were sorry to hear of the death of Jimmy Johnson, age 84, who passed away last Sunday, August 29. Jimmy went by many names, but was most known as “The Bicycle Man.” For many years he repaired bikes and lawn mowers on Highway 408. Jimmy spent his life helping people but he enjoyed it. He really was a fun guy. He fixed many mowers for me and repaired many bicycles for the Blue Santa Christmas give away. He helped Santa give them away. He helped stranded boaters and also helped find missing people. He was our friend, Joyce Dowdle’s uncle, her mom’s brother. There will be no service so we take this opportunity to tell this good man good-bye. R.I.P.


10 Years Ago-2006

Red Cross chapter manager Bob Martin says he and the staff hope to move to new headquarters on IH-10 by the end of September. The new building is 14 feet above sea level and away from the Sabine River. ****Judge Pat Clark, 128th District Court, is homebound with Shingles, in his ear of all places. (Editor’s note: I recon that’s from listening to all that testimony for so many years. The doctor wanted to ground Pat for four weeks. He was back at work the following week. I’m told if you ever have Shingles you never forget it. I’ll have to ask the Judge if the years have washed away the memory.)*****Longtime friend Kelly Price has purchased the Geter Funeral Home, made improvements and is holding an open house.*****Nellie Connelly, 87, died Sept. 1. She was the wife of Gov. John Connelly. She was in the motorcade on Nov. 22, 1963, when President Kennedy was killed and her husband was wounded. Her most enduring image of that day was the mixture of blood and roses, yellow and red roses, splattered with blood.*****Sabine Federal Credit Union holds ground breaking to kick off upcoming expansion project on Strickland Drive. Those participating were J.H. Bray, President/CEO; John Read, chairman of the board; Miles Hall, Vic Nugent, Charlotte Foreman, Bill Bradley, Charles Atkinson, Ronnie Hutchison, Jamey Deloney and Don Crochett, all board members.*****Joette Evans and Charles H. Webb celebrate 50th anniversary on Aug. 31. (Editor’s note: Charlie has since passed away and Joette has moved away to College Station.)***** Lorene and Ray Camp celebrate their 60th anniversary Sept. 6. *****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs defeat Dayton 26-9 before a home crown of 7,000. *****The Bridge City Cardinals open season with a close 24-20 win over liberty. Johnny Dishon had 179 yards on 27 carries and one TD. Cody Mills had 55 yards on 15 totes. Troy Luce was quarterback Dishon’s favorite target. He caught two passes for 55 yards. Dishon was 3 for 6 passing. *****The Orangefield Bobcats beat the Buna Cougars 28-7. Corey Shepard returned a kickoff for a 71 yard touchdown. Quarterback Brett Ramsey was 6 for 14, with 89 yards and a touchdown pass to Shepard. *****The Little Cypress-Mauriceville Bears beat Cancy Creek 21-12. The Bears are now preparing for game with W.O.-S. next. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Elizabeth Liz Navarre, 45, of Orange, passed away August 27. Services were held August 31. A lifelong Orange native she worked as a Healthcare Provider. She is survived by her father Emerson Navarre, daughter Shanna Hubbard, sons Harold Hubbard and Adrian Jones, siblings and six grandchildren.*****Darlene Faye Stewart Smith, 51, OF Orange, passed away August 28. Services were held Friday, September 1. A 27 year resident of Orange she worked as a lab technician, was a member of the Church of Christ and Lion’s Club. She is survived by her husband Denny Smith, daughter Linda Denise Richardson, sisters Diane Rae Stuckey and Donna Mae Terrell and granddaughter Julia Richardson.*****Janice Barrett, 74, of Orange, passed away August 29. Services were held Sept. 1. She was preceded in death by her parents and husband of 51 years, Durward Barrett. She is survived by her son Tommy, granddaughter Tara Barrett, and sister Shirley Verrengia. *****Funeral services were held September 2 for Fannie Jeannette Bland, 59, of Orange. She was a live in caretaker and enjoyed fishing and playing shuffleboard. She collected bears and was fond of country music. She was preceded in death by her husband Leo Bland, Sr. She is survived by Leonard, grandchildren Kamrie and Janae Bland, brother Oliver, sister Linda, nieces and nephews.


Pete and Carol Runnels lost their infant daughter last week. Carol is in the hospital in Huntsville. She is doing somewhat better after having been in critical condition.*****New Navy lieutenants are Ned Riley, Paul Ruffin, Gary Sims and Earl Perkins.*****Spotted at Old Mexico Restaurant on Green Avenue in Orange were Rocky Colvin and his wife and parents; Judge Grover Halliburton and tribe; Corky Harmon was also spotted. He says before Frank Manchac left town, he handed his son a $5 bill for the boy to buy a meal. The tab came out to be $4.99. Corky swears Frank figured it down to the penny. *****Tommy White is in Orange Memorial after suffering a massive heart attack. *****Cindy Wade’s “School of Twirling” is taking registrations for fall classes. *****Tim, Tom and Buck hold first anniversary celebration at Superior Tire and Service, 105 W. Green in Orange. Bob Dartez is auto service specialist., Al Gradney, front-end specialist, Earl Jacobs, tire and service, Paul Guillary, fleet tire service, Mike Gunn, office manager. Black-wall tires sell for $11, add $3 for white-walls.*****The Opportunity Valley News, born at nearly the same time as the tire company, is located next door at 107 Green, in the Manchac Insurance building. Some of the writers for the Dunn-owned paper are Betty Drake, The Office Hound and David Frank. Sport “Strike two-Third down” by Pete Runnels and “By-Line” by Gordon Baxter, a “Dear Abby” type column, “Ask Arlene” by Arlene Frances. (Editor’s note: Arlene is now better known as Dr. Arlene Turkel.) The official poet for the publication was Ernest Willard Frank. Lee R. Grimsley, Jr. editor.***** Wickersham Ford runs full page, color ad for a new 1971 Galaxie 500, 2 door, hardtop for $3,897.


The Mid-Atlantic Little League team from New York beat South Korea 2-1 to win the Little League World Series. That snapped a five year drought for U.S. teams. The win gave New York its first title since 1964. I believe that was the world championship team that longtime sports writer Joe Kazmar was on. I’m not really sure. If it was, hopefully he will write about it. *****Our friend, Raemarie Elway will work her last day Friday, September 2, at Bridge City Branch Bank in Orange. She has bought a new set of tires and come Saturday morning she will head to Florida and a new life. However, she plans her upcoming wedding to be held at home.*****A pretty good group showed up at The Lunch Bunch gathering last week to celebrate Marlene’s birthday. A few things we learned while visiting. Judge Janice says her grandson Matt Menard, a three-year starting catcher for Baylor, graduated, got a job in Dallas then was called by Baylor to return. It turns out Matt was red-shirted and had one more year of eligibility so Matt will again be the starting catcher for Baylor this coming season, then return to his Dallas job. ** Sheriff Keith Merritt, Capt. Don Harmon and assistant county attorney Doug Manning and another attorney drove to Mississippi Monday to appear before the Appellate Court on Tuesday at 8 a.m. They returned Tuesday evening. ** New incoming Tax Assessor Karen Fisher celebrated a birthday on Monday. She rushed back to her post at Vidor Tax Office. She takes over for Linda Gunstream Jan. 1. **Shirley Zimmerman just returned from visiting her 4-year-old grandson in Dallas. **Alice Hartsfield said she is sub-teaching again. ** Commissioner Barry Burton stays far busier than he thought the job required. There is no down time. **Also staying on the go is Pam Scales Honeycutt who belongs to several civic groups. She’s a doer. **Mayor Pete Runnels left the Lunch Bunch to celebrate wife’s Charmaine’s birthday at the nursing home. **Attorney H.D. Pate is now walking with a stick. He says he has two worn out knees that need replacing but it’s like putting new tires on an old car that barely runs. **Joe Parkhurst says between he and wife Gayle they broke even in Biloxi. **Judge Derry Dunn had a great trip to British Columbia, just too short.**Constable David Cagle, who also stays very busy staying ahead of paper processing, got to take in a few days in Galveston. **County Clerk Christy Khoury, a nice lady, says her life is all about numbers.**Joel Stierman took a business trip to San Antonio. The rest of The Lunch Bunch just enjoyed the fellowship. The Bunch dines at Robert’s this week and PK’s Grill next week. Everyone is always welcome. *****A few folks we know who are celebrating their birthday in the next few days: August 31: Mary Behnke, Alex Murphy, Dominic Nguyen, Lauren Robertson and Dorene Scott all celebrate. Celebrities joining them are actors Chris Tucker, 45 and Richard Gere, 67, also singer Debbie Gibson, 46.*****September 1: Bridge City school teacher Pamela Layman Hayes, Virginia White and Haley Aldridge celebrate. If Karen is still hanging out with Tony Fuselier, they celebrate their anniversary today. They are joined by TV show host Dr. Phil McGraw, 66, Miami Heat basketball player Tim Hardaway, 50*****September 2: Coach Cody Knight, a B.C. native celebrates today as does Peyton Choate, Vernon Dixon and Hannah Hall. Celebrities celebrating on this day are actors Selma Hayek, 50 and Keanu Reeves, 52 also football great Terry Bradshaw, 68…  This is also the date Roy lost his mom and P.T. Thompson passed away in 2004.*****September 3: Former Pinehurst mayor, married to pretty Lyndia, T.W. Permenter, notches another year down the road of life. Also a nice lady Barbara Daigle celebrates today as does Tammy Stevens, Rachel Briggs, Thomas Tisdale and Ryan Fisette. Joining them are actor Charlie Sheen, 51 and Olympic snowboarder/gold medalist Shaun White. *****September 4: Ginger Williams, Jamie Forse, Shirley Choate and Beverly Hanes all celebrate birthdays. Also on this day Judge Claude Wimberly and his lovely wife Pauline celebrate their 62 wedding anniversary. Celebrities joining them are singer Beyonce Knowles, 35 and comedian Damon Wayans, 56. *****September 5: Celebrating today are Jason Toal, Cindy Myers, Branden Bailey and Carolyn Ann Henry. Joining them are actors Michael Keaton, 65, Raquel Welch, 76 and Bob Newhart, 87. *****September 6: A great guy and good sheriff, Keith Merritt, celebrates today as does retired BCISD principal Randy Godsy, Penny’s better half, longtime husband, Gerald Leleux celebrates today. Also Corrin Gonzales, Ouida Simonton, Robert Vidrene and Paul Rhodes. (Editor’s Note: On this day, Sept. 6, 1968, Lannie Claybar, 57, died in a Houston hospital. Lannie was born June 6, 1912. It’s hard to believe Lannie was so young when he died but also it’s hard to believe that today he would be 104. He’s been gone 48 years. That’s even harder to believe.)*****Some of you FOX News watchers might have wondered what became of their star White House reporter Ed Henry, who burned President Obama at every turn. Well, Henry, who is married to NPR Washington editor Shirley Hung, was suspended by former FOX boss Roger Ailes because of a morality clause in his contract. Henry reportedly sent raunchy sexting pictures of his penis to Las Vegas hostess Natalia Lima. FOX News continues to have moral problems. Since Ailes let Henry go for lack of judgement, he’s gone for the same thing. Now Ailes is suing FOX. *****We were sorry to hear that Seth Trahan, a Little Cypress-Mauriceville grad, was involved in a motorcycle accident in Corpus. Seth is not doing well and has swelling on his brain. His family and friends are asking for your prayers to help pull him through. ***** The 1966 State Championship Team is being honored at this year’s Homecoming Pep Rally and Football game. It is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since that fateful day in Waco. Darrell Segura has been put in charge of trying to find all the players, trainers, managers, and coaches associated with the championship team.  There are a few people he has not found.  Darrell has asked us to list the following names in order to contact them. Mike Hyland, Jimmie Womack (possibly deceased), Russell Harvill, Thomas Robb and Wayne Leach. Darrell can be reached at or 409-720-9999.*****Gov. Rick Perry, who like Mayor Rudy, will do anything to stay in the public eye. Rick will be on Dancing with the Stars. I’ll bet he’s not as good as Tom DeLay.


Dey nicknamed Joe Comeaux’s little boy Warren, “Tee-Con-nye,” which means a little bit bad or mischievous. Joe has tried everyting but Warren continues to be a Cajun “Dennis the Menace,” plus, Joe has tried to clean up his language but so far dat hasn’t worked either.

Da utta day, Warren was on the church ground playing wit some acid dat he had in a jar. Da priest, Father Broussard, came up on him and said, “Warren, dat stuff is really not good for you to be playing wit.” Da priest took out a little bottle of holy water and said, “Warren, I’ll trade you dis bottle for dat stuff you got, da utta day I rubbed it on a lady’s stomach and she passed a baby.”

“Tee Con-nye” Comeux tink bout dat for a moment den he say, “Fatter, dat ain’t nuttin, da utta day me, I put some of dis stuff on a cat’s ass and he passed a motorcycle.”


Betting on the Future

September is the worst month of performance for the Dow Jones Average. It has been for the past 50 years. When it happens, a lot of people will make it political and say the economy has peaked and is going to get worse. Don’t believe it. Now the market is assuming Hillary Clinton will win the November election but it’s a little early to count out Donald Trump. All sampling polls and surveys show Clinton with as much as a 12-point lead. If polls after Labor Day show Clinton with a two or three point lead it could cause a mood of uncertainty into a market which is convinced Trump can’t win. A Trump win would raise fears of a trade war with China, economic policy uncertainty and world political instability. After the first debate September 26, if Clinton still has a good lead the market will react with an instant upswing, to a 30 percent, meaning full correction. The U.S. employment market is churning out 200,000 plus jobs a month. New home buys are up. The market is in a wait and see mode, ready to spring forward when Clinton is the clear choice. What I’m picking up from local business people is that as president Hillary will govern like her husband Bill did. That’s what most business people are hoping for. Bill presided over the best U.S. economy in our lifetime. Meanwhile don’t let the September market slow down scare you. It will rebound as soon as it’s certain Hillary will be elected and Bill is advising on the economy.*****I’ve got to go. Thanks for your time. Please shop our family of advertisers. Have a safe Labor Day weekend. See you at the Pinehurst Labor Day picnic. Good weather will bring a great turnout. Take care and God bless.