Early politicians required feedback from the public to determine what the people considered important. Since there were not telephones, TV’s or radios, the politicians sent their assistants to local taverns, pubs, and bars. They were told to ‘go sip’ some ale and listen to people’s conversations and political concerns.’ Many assistants were dispatched at different times. ‘You go sip here,’ and ‘You go sip there.’ The two words ‘go sip’ were eventually combined when referring to the local opinion and thus we have the term ‘gossip.’ Today, with the smart phone and folks constantly on Facebook, gossip can be spread to thousands in minutes. Every type of gossip and a lot of misinformation can be found on social media. It amazes me how many buy into what they are reading without confirming the source or the accuracy. The smart phone and internet has changed the way people politic and so much of it is based on hearsay and untruths. So the information is not heard as reliable as it was way back there when people would “Go sip.” You could look the guy in the eye, today, we have no idea where the gossip is coming from or who’s telling the lie. Next week I plan to make my every four year election predictions in the presidential, senate and congressional races. Who will be our next president and who will control both houses. I usually wait until the first debate but I believe the picture is clear enough now.*****I’ve got to move on. Please come alone, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


I came up in a different time when being patriotic was the norm. We admired our military generals, Ike, MacArther, Patin, Bradley, etc. I couldn’t have imagined anyone calling them rubbish. My formative years were spent with Franklin D. Roosevelt as our president. He is our country’s longest serving president. After Pearl Harbor, he led the nation through World War II as our Commander-in-Chief. He asked the country to pitch in, grow victory gardens, collect scrap metal, live with rationing stamps, do without. No one complained, no one bashed him or called Hitler a better leader. People in my lifetime, until now, have never criticized our leader, claimed or said a murderous dictator was a better leader than our president. Donald Trump praised Russia’s Vladimir Putin, former KGB head, a guy who has murdered thousands of his own citizens, a dictator who does away with his enemies. Putin invades his neighbors at will yet Trump has good things to say about him while running down the U.S. president, our generals and our country. In my view that is totally un-American. Nothing has happened of all the crazy things he’s said that I find more offensive. Picking an enemie’s side over our own leader is unforgiving. Trump, while on the campaign trail, could burn the American flag and it wouldn’t be any worse. Many of his followers who cheered when he praised Putin would cheer him burning the flag. That’s the mindset of many of his supporters. Reporters from the press corps. have said how racist and radical Trump’s followers at rallies are. They frequently use the “N” word against black reporters. Most networks and publications have taken their black reporters off of the Trump rally beat. Not all of Trump supporters are radicals but many are and he encourages it by using the “F” word against reporters and talking about busting people in the mouth. He says once in office he will fire all the generals and name his own, those loyal to him. That’s what dictators do. They control the military and like Putin, it gives them control of the citizens. Is that really what we want? There is no U.S. general, governor, senator, congressman or others who should be classified as being worse than the world’s worst dictator and certainly not our president. Donald Trump is a self-serving, non-patriot, who is unfit to serve in any office. Much has been said and written about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaeperrnick not standing for the National Anthem. I don’t approve of it but like any demonstration, he’s wanting to bring attention to a cause he strongly believes in and that’s his right. His action is not nearly as bad as Trump selling our president and presidency down the river while praising a dictator like Putin. It’s hard to believe anyone is that un-American. Over my life I can’t envision anyone praising Khrushchev over JFK, or Gorbachev over President Ronald Reagan. I’ve determined that Donald Trump is unstable. He’s ego driven and a real danger to our country if he has his finger on the “Button” and pals up with Vladimir Putin. The guy can not be trusted and many Republicans believe that.

Remembering Charles “Pappy” Ellis, a good man

Pappy passed away at the age of 91, on September 8, funeral services were held September 12. I got to be with him just a few times but I found him to be one of the great old-timers. Being Judge David Peck’s father-in-law, Pappy was always on the front line whenever David ran for office. He is another of our veterans from The Greatest Generation that we have lost. Nearly 1,500 a day are leaving us, it makes me sad when I hear of another’s passing. Those from that generation are true Americans, salt-of-the-earth people who paid the price for our freedom. Pappy was one of the good ole boys from Pipefitters Local 195 during its heydays. That in itself is a story. We say goodbye to the old U.S. Sailor. We suggest you read his obituary. You will find it quite interesting, a good job telling his story. Our condolences to his large family.


10 Years Ago-2006

Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards laid to rest. Gov. Richards died at her home Sept. 14 after a battle with esophageal cancer. Ann was the second woman to serve as Texas governor. She led the Lone Star state from 1991 to 1995. Richards joined politics in her 40’s after having four children. As state treasurer Richards gained notoriety from a keynote address she delivered during the 1988 Democratic National Convention. She said about President George H. Bush, “He was born with a silver foot in his mouth.” It launched her into the political spotlight. Jessie Brown, wife of the late Nolton Brown, Richards’ Orange County campaign manager, speaks about the several times Ann, her two daughters and son spent the night at their home. Fellow politicians and celebrities talked fondly of Richards’ tough-talking sense of humor and how she inspired people. Sharon Davis, former District Director for U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson said, “Ann was unreal. She was unlike some politicians who think they need to be perfect. She wasn’t ashamed to share the highs and lows of her life’s experience.” Gov. Richards came to Orange often and had many friends here. The last time she was here she was accompanied by Coach Bum Phillips, Con. Wilson, Sen. Carl Parker and others, who spoke on the court house steps. She lost the race for a second term to George W. Bush. Even though she was an avid hunter she was branded by the NRA with the indication that she wanted to “Take your guns away.” This writer had the opportunity to visit with her several times. She was a unique politician.*****Orange County commissioners agree on contract with sheriff’s deputies. The county was prepared to go into mediation, arbitration and the legal fees accumulated when the deputies reached an agreement. The agreement included a three-percent cost of living pay increase for the next two years. All county employees will get the raise. The 17 member SWAT team will get an additional $900 a year.*****Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hinton, of Bridge City, celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They have four lovely daughters, Donna, Tammy, Paula and Billie.*****Van Choate prepared all the vittles for Ms. Phyl’s big blowout birthday party at Dunn’s Bluff. Besides  her family and lifelong friends, including maid-of-honor from 52 years ago, Margaret Terro and husband Delton, local folks spotted were Sharon Bearden, Buckshot Winfree, John Dubose, Wilson Roberts, Carl Thibodeaux, Judge Flo, Corky Harmon, Harry Stephens and their spouses. Also attending were Joe Burke, Judge Wimberly, Judge Pat Clark and many others. Prepared on the site at Cow Bayou, were barbequed crabs, Cornish hens, catfish, jumbo shrimp, sausage, large pans of dirty rice and string beans. The “Pie Queen” of Tuffy’s prepared the many famous pies. After Bearden out-ate them, Wilson and Pat announced they were on diets. Nearly 200 attended and son Allen had Dunn’s Bluff looking like a showplace despite the damage by Hurricane Rita.*****Amanda and Miranda Ryan celebrate  their 14th birthday.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Colin Blair Everett, 25, died September 14 in Portland, Maine. Funeral services were held Sept. 20. An electrician and graduate of Bridge City High School, he served in the U.S. Navy. He was an avid Longhorn fan, enjoyed fishing and rock climbing. During his career he was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and many other awards. He is survived by his parents Richard and Debbie Everett, fiancée Camille Gagnon, grandmothers Mary Lee Vice and Thelma Everett, daughter Stephanie, brother Dustin and numerous other family members.*****Minoo Darabshaw Sethna, 78, of Orange, passd away September 10. Services were held September 16. Born in Beigaum, India, he worked as a construction contractor with a refinery. He is survived by son Bishar Sethna, daughter Ayesha Virmani and two grandchildren.*****Lorene Peveto, 99, of Orange, died September 16. Services were held Tuesday, September 19. A lifelong resident of Orange she was a homemaker and member of Old First Orange Baptist Church. She is survived by her sons, Stanford and Frank, daughters Mary Alice Brown and Helen Mattox, brother William White, 16 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren and 21 great-great grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1976

Sis and Mike Keogh have put up with each other 37 years. The couple have just returned from vacation in Mexico and other places.*****Max Windham, manager of Perry Brothers in Bridge City is under the weather. The doctor can’t find the problem. A friend suggested that maybe he needs to see a shrink. (Editor’s note: When Wal-Mart came to town Perry Brothers left.)*****In Bridge City the palm trees city manage Bill McClure planted in the Texas Ave. esplanade are really looking good. McClure has been run off but the trees remain. (Editor’s note: The esplanade and trees didn’t remain long before they were removed. Keeping water on them was just too much of a problem, plus exits were needed and more lanes added by widening the highway. Car count down Highway 87 through town was around 12,000 daily.)*****Homegrown talent. The movie “The Other Side of the Mountain,” features Orangeite Billy Klien, whose stage name is William Bryant. He attended Orange High School in the 30’s and was a member of the Lutcher Stark boy’s band. He has played numerous other parts in movies and television. Bubba Voss and other school chums remember him well. (Editor’s note: There have been many Orange Connty stars and maybe someday a local museum will highlight all those that have brought attention to our county.)


Norris Brandon had double knee replacement on Tuesday at the Medical Center in Port Arthur. He is recuperating quickly and beginning to walk again with the aid of a walker. He says his physical therapy is a little rough, but helping him to get back to everyday life. He is ready to go home and be with Ms. Pat again. They have rarely been apart in the 58 years they have been married.*****Dupuis is having a sale on Cooper tires. Buy a new set of four-qualifying tires and get a Prepaid Visa card for up to $70. Earl and the gang are located at 2490 Texas Ave. in Bridge City. The only self-service station in this area.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week and Robert’s Restaurant next week. Everyone welcome.*****I had about given up on getting any Freestone peaches from the hill country this year when our friend Dan Mohon came through with a few. He caught the last of the crop but these peaches were as good as I’ve ever eaten. Thanks Dan.*****I got a note and some pictures from former mayor Brown Claybar today. He brought Skipper Free home with him where she played the late Lannie’s piano. Skipper sang and put on her comedy act for Brown and Linda. They had a blast. Skipper is now living at Orange Villa.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days.: Sept. 14: Our longtime buddy Cathy Garrison celebrates on this day. Cathy has been a Jack-of-All-Trades. Along with her late husband Bob she came to Orange to run the Holiday Inn restaurant. Cathy sold ads for the OVN, worked as hostess at the Old Orange Café, then worked in the nursery at Home Depot. Nothing lazy about that gal. Happy birthday to this nice lady. Also celebrating are Kim Norris, Nikki Wingate, Greg Choate, James Braus and Janis Leyendecker. Celebrities joining them in celebration are singer Ashley Roberts, 35 and actors Sam Neill, 69 and Faith Ford, 52.*****Sept. 15: Celebrating today are Ginger Ellis and Shonna Hunt, Harold Tally and Nick Heil. They are joined by British royalty Prince Harry, 32, football player Dan Marino, 55 and actor Tommy Lee Jones, 70.*****Sept. 16:  Roy’s better half, Phyllis Dunn, celebrates today. “Ms. Phyl” have a great day, you’ve earned and deserve it. Also celebrating are Orange boxer O’Shanique Foster, Mark Conner, Stephanie Morris and Todd Estes.  Celebrating on this day also are magician David Copperfield, 60, comedian Molly Shannon, 52 and actor Mickey Rourke, 64.*****Sept. 17: A special lady, Darlene Montagne, like Ms. Phyl, earned a great day. Celebrating also on this day are school board member Mark Anderson, Lynda Stout and Chase Burch. Joining them are race car driver Jimmie Johnson, 41 and basketball coach Phil Jackson, 71.*****Sept. 18: Today Debra Gauthier, Joy Evans, Joey Tutt and Ben Ludwig. Celebrities having birthdays are politician Ben Carson, 65, cyclist Lance Armstrong, 45 and singer Frankie Avalon, 77.*****Sept. 19: Longtime friend I’ve known since he was in short pants, Bridge City High police chief George Navarro celebrates today as does Sue Plagens, Leslie Sparks, Mark Milligan and Jimmy Prewitt. Joining them are celebrities TV show host Jimmy Fallon, 42, actor Adam West, 88, original Batman, country singer Trisha Yearwood, 52.Sept. 20: celebrating today Susan Pennington, Jan Thurman, Gary McAllister, Lucille Powell and John Clark.  American Idol winner Phillip Phillips turns 25, Sophia Loren, 81 and Asia Argento, 40.*****If you’re looking for a good pre-owned car or truck at a good price, I recommend you check out Harmon’s Used Cars. Donnie has been bringing in some nice ones. Check them out before you buy. Their low overhead allows them to sell for less, plus they will tote the note. Harmon’s has been selling transportation longer then anyone in the Triangle. They have a good reputation for fairness.***** We were saddened to learn of the death of Allen Burkart, 84, of Orange, who passed away Sept. 12. Allen was a fixture around the area having owned and operated Burkhart’s House Moving for many years. He also was the owner of Burkhart’s Bar, a family owned and operated business since 1956. Our condolences to his family.*****We miss our buddy Judge Claude Wimberly. He doesn’t leave the house anymore and spends a lot of time in bed. Ms. Pauline, with some help, is hanging in there. She tries to pass the day by staying busy but some days are long. Sometimes she gets to get out, run errands and just take a break. She such a nice, pretty lady and both are great people. Best wishes.*****Two Sure Bets: It’s far past time for Trump to make his tax returns public. It’s a disgrace that he hasn’t done so. There’s a hundred reasons why he won’t. I’ll bet he will chance losing the election before exposing what he’s hiding.***** Another sure bet is that Gov. Rick Perry will never go as far in “Dancing With the Stars” as Tom Delay did. Tom was a ballroom dancer. Rick looks like a cowboy trying to dodge fresh cow patties.*****We received a call asking what had become of Bobby Fillyaw. I don’t really know except he is still the radio voice of the Newton Eagles and should be broadcasting the game against Bridge City Friday.*****The Orange Lions Club members have been busy getting ready for their annual Lions Club Carnival later this month. It’s a lot of work from the time they come out of the barn until showtime. Most of the same group seems to be doing most of the grunt work every year.


Alphonse and Clotile Boudreaux, dem, has been married 70 years last Saturday. Boudreaux, him, he wanted to invite his fren, Alcid Comeaux and his wife Bernice to come to have supper and share deir special occasion. Clotile, her, would fix da meal.

Sur ‘nuff, dey came, and during da meal, Boudreaux say to his wife, “honey, you hair sho do look nice.”

A little while later, he say, “You sho got a purty dress on you, honey.”

Den he say, “Boy, honey, dat was a good meal, yeah.”

When dem ladies went to wash da plates, Comeaux say to his fren, “Boy, it’s amazing Boudreaux, how even after 70 years you still call you wife honey.”

Boudreaux respond, “Comeaux, me, I forgot her name bout 10 year ago.”


Pneumonia has been in the news lately, mostly because Sec. Hillary Clinton caught a dose of it. I know a little about the illness. It’s common place in this part of the country. My friend H.D. Pate has pneumonia every other month, so he says. Over the last year and a half I’ve had it twice. No big deal, Dr. Penning gave me a shot and a few pills and I went back to work. My biggest problem was the same as Hillary, dehydration. I don’t drink much water, soda water or juices so when I made my way to the doctor I was really starting to feel dizzy, like I was going to faint. I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t had a touch of the illness. There are different degrees of viral pneumonia however, and some make you really sick, like having the flu. Listening to the ‘Talking Heads’ you’d think Sec. Clinton was on her death bed. I don’t blame her for not disclosing that she didn’t feel well. The pundants would have had her one step from the grave if she had. I’m trying to learn to drink water. I don’t like it, plus too much of my time is spent in the rest room. In fact I’m having a lousy day, can’t get anything to go right. I’m real short on news because I haven’t had my ear to the ground, haven’t made my usual contacts. I have little to report so I might just as well get out of here. Thanks for coming along. Take care and God bless.