Carlton J. “Corky” Harmon is the recipient of the “2016 Person of the Year” award. Over many years he and his wife Betty have been active in promoting our community. Betty, who has served on many boards from P.T.A. to bank boards, has been involved in most civic endeavors. For several years she was manager of the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce. She was the more public of the two, often attending evening meetings and functions. Corky often depending on the microwave for his meal but was always supportive of Betty’s community service. He had a 40 year mission of his own, going back to when our local college was known as Tilly Tech. His passion was the Lamar Foundation. The mission was to support the college in any way the Foundation could. Accumulation of property became the main goal and Corky was a leader in that endeavor. Most all property acquired for Lamar was made possible by the work of the Foundation. Corky’s knowledge of the downtown area where he and his father and brothers spent many years in the car business helped him contact the rightful property owners. He was able to get much of the land donated. They then obtained the donated property in the county and sold or traded it. With Corky as president millions of dollars were raised. Operating quietly and in the background he always was a driving force. The members of the Lamar Foundation are all very dedicated individuals who do their work. Their support has helped Lamar grow and make it the great college it is. Corky Harmon has stepped down as president but his interest remains high in the college and no doubt will remain his passion. Wednesday, noon, at Robert’s Restaurant, The Lunch Bunch will honor Corky. Attorney Jack Smith, from the Lamar Foundation Board, will present the plaque to Carlton Harmon on behalf of The Record Newspapers, naming him “2016 Person of the Year.” I’m honored to have known and been friends with Betty and Corky, this caring couple, for many years.*****I must move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


The long awaited presidential debate took place Monday, Sept. 25, at Hofstra University. Between 85 and 100 million people watched in the United States and millions more around the world on TV and social media. Sec. Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump debated for 90 minutes, in six 15-minute segments. They dueled over the past and the nation’s future. Clinton’s response to the first question reflected her signature devotion to policy, reference to investments, higher minimum wages, equal pay for women, paid family leave, earned sick days, affordable child care and debt-free college. She called his economic policy “Trumped up, trickle down.” First debates are powerful because it’s when voters begin to pay close attention  Last week in this column, I gave my views of what I believed would happen and who would win the debate. It came out almost like I had predicted. By all sources and news outlets, Sec. Clinton was the decisive winner. From my view point and observation Trump is way over his head, not qualified or prepared to be the leader of the free world.  The president of the United States requires temperament and qualification. Trump has neither. I had wondered what some of the country’s most successful Republican businessmen knew that we didn’t. They refused to endorse Trump and then said they were voting for Clinton because Trump is unfit to serve. Those successful people, Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomburg, Mark Cuban and a handful of others have been lifelong Republicans. Most are worth several times what Trump claims to be worth and none have had to file bankruptcies. Trump, refusing to release his tax returns, has been an issue that reappeared in Monday’s debate. Buffett, who has donated over $35 billion to the Bill Gates Foundation, has offered to bring his tax return if Trump would bring his and be questioned on it. He also said Trump needs to produce only the first three pages of his return. Buffett said if he doesn’t he is hiding something and doesn’t deserve anyone’s vote. Cuban said he would donate $10 million to a charity named by Trump to interview him. Cuban also said, “Trump’s business is top heavy in debt and China holds over $600 million in loans on Trump holdings.”  No former president or spouse is supporting Trump. Could all these people be wrong? The debate exposed what these people knew about Donald Trump and that is that he came no where close to meeting the bar of qualifications to be president. Some have said the thought is scary, others called his association with Russian president Putin dangerous. Two more debates will be held, the next on October 7.


There are 538 Electoral College votes, it takes 270 to win. President Obama received 332 votes against Romney. My prediction is that Hillary Clinton will win with 329 to Trump’s 209. If Tr

ump doesn’t carry Florida and North Carolina, Clinton’s vote count could go up to 348. I had thought that Clinton’s coat tails would be long enough to flip four Republican senate seats needed for Democrats to gain control of the senate. All GOP senators with opponents have run away from Trump and his values. In most of those states they are out pacing Trump. Now it looks like the best the Democrats can do is a tie. The Vice-president would be the breaker. I see, unless Trump does more damage to the party, that Republicans will barely hold the majority of the senate. The Republican held congress will not change. Democrats must overturn 30 seats. I see them just picking up 14 to 16 seats. There again, it’s unknown what the Trump affect will be. If by the time early voting starts in a state the polls show Clinton and Trump tied, then advantage goes to Clinton who has a ground game in most swing states. The odds are better that she will get out the vote that has long been identified through canvassing. In order for Trump to win, there will have to be a ground swell of support for him to take away a blue state from Clinton, hold all the red states Romney won and carry six of the seven swing states. Possible but a very long shot. I’ve usually been really close on predictions in past years but this is no ordinary year or election.


You have often heard someone say, “He’s a Big Wig.” I wondered where that expression came from. As incredible as it sounds, in George Washington’s day, men and women took baths only twice a year, May and October. Women kept their hair covered; White men shaved their heads (because of lice and bugs) and wore wigs. Wealthy men could afford good wigs made from wool. They couldn’t wash the wigs so to clean them they would carve out a loaf of bread, put the wig in the shell and bake for 30 minutes. The heat would make the wig big and fluffy, hence the term “Big Wig.” We often say, “Here comes the “Big Wig” if he’s wealthy or the big boss.


10 Years Ago-2006

The Bridge City Cardinals defeated Hardin-Jefferson 21-20 despite seven key players being injured, sick or with grade problems. The defense was anchored  by Troy Bolton, Jeff Stringer, Luquil Estrada and B.J. James, who kept the game close. Quarterback Johnny Dishon connected with Bolton for four passes and one TD. On a play action pass from Stringer, Bolton scored the go-ahead TD. Cayla Angelle was named Homecoming Queen. *****The Orangefield Bobcats lose homecoming game 35-27 to Silsbee. Brett Ramsey, Bobcat quarterback, had another impressive game rushing for 108 yards, 18 carries and completing five of 12 passes for 72 yards. Sarah Bonds was named Homecoming Queen.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville loses to Central 27-14. The Jags were ahead 27-0 at the half. The Bears face Port Neches-Groves next week.*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs started district with a 54-0 win over Hamshire-Fannett. This week they host Kirbyville, who beat Jasper 28-21.*****Tiny Richardson, owner of Sparkle Paradise, in Bridge City, placed barricades in front of the building to prevent city ordered demolition crews from tearing down the historic building on Texas Ave. C&C Demolition has been hired by the city to bring down the building that has been a popular night spot since the 1940’s when it opened as B. O. Sparkle, made famous for its live performances by legends such as Fats Domino, Clifton Chenier, Harry Choate, Rocking Sidney, Freddy Fender and many others. During its prime the club received much media coverage about its musicians and popularity. It drew many people to Bridge City. In 1999, it was a feature story in Texas Monthly. Hurricane Rita did so much damage to the club and Richardson didn’t have the funds to repair it. (Editor’s note: The club was located where the La Quinta Hotel is now.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Jane Dorman, 71, of Orange, passed away Wednesday, September 27. Funeral services were held Sept. 29. She was a homemaker, avid bridge player, past president of Orange Service League and member of Women’s Golf Association at Sunset Country Club. She was preceded in death by her husband Malcolm Dorman and is survived by daughter and son-in-law, Cheryl and Doug Patterson, son and daughter-in-law Paul Martin and Zulema Dorman and their families.*****Upton K. Roberts, 81, of Bridge City, died September 26. Services were held September 29. He served in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II and retired after 35 years from Dupont. He is survived by his wife Elsie Roberts, sons Ronald, Jimmy and Randall Roberts, daughters Debbie Ashcraft, Linda Mathews, step daughters Sherry LeBlanc, Peggy Erwin, Cindy Rascoe and Rebecca Wilcox, 16 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.*****Rodrick Alan Stockton, 55, passed away on September 15. Services were held September 28. He was a 1969 graduate from Bridge City High and Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches. He also was an A&M graduate with a Doctorate in Chemistry and Physiology.  He is survived by his mother Olivet Stockton, brother Kent Stockton and several nieces.

40 Years Ago-1976

T&G Farmer’s Market, 225 Texas Ave. in Bridge City, has large head of lettuce, 3 for 99 cents; ruby red grapefruit, 19 cents a pound; bananas, 3 pounds for 69 cents; onions, 10 cents a pound; potatoes, 5 pounds for 39 cents; Grade AA eggs, 3 dozen for 99 cents.*****Tim Lieby is Bridge City chamber president, Dr. David Olson, Bridge City Day chairman and Albert Gore and Glenn Pearson parade co-chairmen. All report the Bridge City Day was a big success.*****A big Carl Parker softball game to raise money for the Community Center held. Despite pitching eight strikes to one batter, senator-elect Parker couldn’t beat the umpire Richard Corder who awarded a walk. Doug Harrington, acting commissioner, ruled with the locals. The team was managed by player/manager Roy Dunn. Dunn’s Loyal Yokels, Joe Majors, Casey Bryant, Ken Wyatt, Al Gore, Charlie Hillabrandt, Robert Montagne, Bobby Cormier, J.R. Wilson, Tim Lieby and David Olson won 11-10. Dunn hit a homerun off Parker’s three-man team to win the game.


For the second week in a row I was fooled by someone waiting to see me while I was on the phone. Glenda Dyer, former Leader Editor and publisher of the Orange Countian Newspaper. longtime friend going back 30 years, had to introduce herself. Glenda has lost 80 pounds and looks great. She and Paul were down from their Tennessee farm visiting area family and friends. They left Tuesday morning.*****Dr. Amber Dunn and Dr. Clay Greeson are the proud parents of Luke Clay Greeson, born Wednesday, Sept. 21. The youngster is Mark’s fourth grandchild, Amber’s first and Phyl and Roy’s sixth great-grandchild. Everyone was happy to get young Luke home except English bulldog “Buster” who had been the center of attention. The family lives in Garden City, Kansas.*****The Bridge City State Championship Team will be honored on the 50th anniversary, Oct. 7, at the Cardinal Homecoming game. About 15 team members will also gather with fans and classmates at the Intermediate School prior to the game. That team and Steve Worster put Bridge City on the map. Steve went on to be an All American at the University of Texas and a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.*****Mike VanBreeman stopped in for a visit. His parents were both educators at Bridge City. Mike was the quarterback on 1973 for Chief Wilson’s last team. Lanston Fall, Mark Dunn, Kenny Brown and a host of other great guys were on that team. Chief said it was his best team behind the 1965 and 1966 Cards.*****Speaking of football, the West Orange-Stark Mustangs were the winners of the state championship last season. Many were expecting good things from this year’s team but no one expected them to be as great as they are. The state’s #1, 4-A team, so far this year, has scored 254 points, allowing only two points. The defense known as the “Chain Gang,” after five games, have not allowed anyone to score on them. We wish Coach Cornell Thompson, his staff and team continued success all the way to another state championship.*****In last week’s paper we ran one of the best football pictures I’ve seen. A photo, taken by Lawrence Trimm, showed Katon Brown’s one-handed touchdown catch with the Bobcat defender and LC-M receiver four feet in the air. Trimm and our photographers take great football shots throughout the season.*****2016 National Night Out to be held in Bridge City, Tuesday, Oct. 4, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Park Pavilion, honoring all local First Responders. The Bridge City Chamber invites all area citizens to take part. It’s a time for Americans to stand together and promote awareness, safety and neighborhood unity. There will be vender booths, entertainment, food, games, children activities and much more. Creaux and I will be there, hope you will be also.*****We want to wish a belated birthday to our friend Hank Bailey who celebrated Sept. 27. Hope you had a good one Hank.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. Sept. 28: Former Record editor Darryl Brinson is getting older. He celebrates another year today. Also celebrating are Zack Sarver, Brigitte Howard, Peggy Derouen, Sherry Mulhollan and Roy’s sister Fay Boudoin. Joining them are actors Hillary Duff, 29 and Mira Sorvino, 49. *****Sept. 29. Celebrating today are Baron Milligan, Priscilla Burns, Richard Estes, Ricky Benefield and Al Goodwin. O.A.. “Bum” Phillips was born on John St., in Orange, on this day in 1923. Celebrities celebrating today are singer Jerry Lee Lewis, 81 and comedian Andrew Dice Clay, 59.*****Sept. 30: Our friend Howard Fisher celebrates today as does our buddy “Old Salt,” Peggy’s other half, Richard Albair, the man who invented commercial crabbing on the Gulf Coast. Karen Jo’s longtime husband, Robert Dale Vance, celebrates also as does law enforcement officer, deputy sheriff, Rob Strause and Martha Hankin, widow of our late editor Robert Hankin. Celebrities joining them are actors Fran Drescher, 59 and Angie Dickerson, 85.*****Oct. 1: Celebrating on this day are Meg Clark, Jimmy Glover, Skylar Rowley, Kenton James, Brandon Gerrald, Keely Guidry and Jamie Freeman. They are joined by former President Jimmy Carter, 92, and actress Julie Andrews, 81.*****Oct. 2: Jo Bramhan, Collin Stanley, Herb Spencer and Glenn and Jason Ray all celebrates birthdays. Millard “Neighbor” Cox and Ms. Ginny celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary. Ms. Ginny has been under the weather and in the hospital. Our prayers are with her and Neighbor Cox. They join rock singer Sting, 65, TV show host Kelly Ripa, 46, and pop singer Tiffany, 45.*****Oct. 3: Jason Montagne, Darlene and Johnny’s youngest, Cedric Stout’s grandson, celebrates today. So will Karen’s problem, Tony Fusilier, and Skipper’s middle son, barber, Eddie Free, Judy Craig, Bobby Romero, Logan Bonds, Sherry Baker and Regina Pounders all have birthdays today. Celebrities having birthdays today are pop singers Gwen Stefani, 47 and Ashlee Simpson, 32.*****Oct. 4: Former Bridge City mayor Bobbie Burgess chalks up another year. Also celebrating on this day are Chris’ little brother, Sharon’s youngest, career soldier Jason Menard, Lori Ess, Candy Hughes, John Cardner, Jami Anderson, Jessica Evans and Beverly Gill. This would have been the birthday of the late Don Shockley who died Aug. 30, 2013. Celebrities having birthdays on this day are actors Alicia Silverstone, 40 and Susan Sarandon, 70. Happy birthday to all.


George, a Texas tractor salesman, had called on a potential customer way deep in Vermillion Parish, near Intracoastal City. After a few turns he knew he was turned around. He spotted a lady hanging clothes on the line and stopped an axed if she could give him directions to Lake Charles. “Don’t know me,” Marie said.

He tanked her and got back in his car. Pulling away he heard voices. Looking in his rear view mirror he saw Marie and an old man waving frantically for him to come back. George him, made a u-turn and drove back to dem.

Marie said, “Dis is my husband Joe Comeaux, and he don’t know how to get to Lake Charles either him.”


Why did Ted Cruz flip-flop? After Ted Cruz pointed out so eloquently why Donald Trump should never be president of the United States and up until last week demonstrated that the safety of the country is more important than any political party, why would he now turn against his own principles? Honestly, I don’t believe he will. His principles run deep. He will never vote for Trump; neither will his wife and father. He had to make a public tie to the Texas Republican Party because he will have at least two Republican opponents who have endorsed Trump, George P. Bush and Rick Perry, also a tough Democratic opponent. His flip-flop is strictly to hold on to his senate seat next year. He believes every word he said about Trump but he also knows Texas politics. Here is what Cruz said about Donald Trump when he quit the race for the Republican nomination, “Donald is a pathological liar, utterly amoral, a narcissist and a serial philanderer. He is proud of that. He describes his own battle with venereal disease as his own personal Vietnam. He should never be president of the United States.” My bet is Ted will never vote for Trump.*****My time is up. We have a great anniversary issue this week. Please read us cover to cover. Most importantly, patronize our family of advertisers who make it possible for us to bring you this publication, delivered to you free, 52 weeks a year. Today marks 58 years as your community newspaper. The views expressed in this column are my own. Take care and God bless.