Over 15 million voters have registered to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential race. Since the March Primaries 777,000 have registered. Donald Trump is favored by three percentage points. Nearly 60 percent are expected to vote. Jimmy Carter was the last Democrat to carry Texas but the state is getting more purple with hopes of going blue in 2020, the year of the census. Every major newspaper in Texas has endorsed Clinton for president. Orange County has registered just over 53,000 up 2,500 percent from 2012. It’s my guess that the Orange County vote won’t be as high as the state average. I have seen little evidence of a ground game for either candidate. The most I’ve noticed is the militia group that opposed Sheriff Merritt have a few pickup trucks decorated with Trump flags. I’m told Trump supporters have more of a presence in the Pct. 4 area. I recall in years past when presidential campaign offices were always open in the county for both Republicans and Democrats. Of course that’s when Texas had a two-party system. Since Ann Richards it’s been all Republican control for every state wide office. Change is coming and that’s a good thing. Early voting starts Monday, Oct. 24.*****Right now what I’m hoping for is a little rain. We are really in a drought. I had Pete, from Coastal Landscaping, come over and cut things back and mulch. Next week I’ll have him prepare the planter boxes. If you do it now it gives you a better start in the spring, plus your place looks better through fall and winter. It doesn’t cost as much as you would think. Give Pete a call at 738-2070 and let him check your place out.*****Next week we will have a special story plus I will update my predictions on the national elections. Gotta move on. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

Wednesday evening the final debate in the 2016 presidential race will be held in Las Vegas. Chris Wallace, from FOX News, will be the moderator. The son of the late Mike Wallace, the longtime newsman is not your typical FOX commentator. Chris is a real above-board newsman. He’s a Republican however, but I don’t believe he will show bias. His questions will be tough and his questions to Hillary will be more technical than questions to Trump. Those will appear to be more softball, mostly because Trump is not inclined to know technical government stuff. In the past Wallace has leaned toward a “gotcha” question that he knows the answer to. Trump is going into this final debate already figuring he’s going to lose. His repeated charges that the race is “Rigged” is a dead giveaway. Historians say the charge is unprecedented. They warn it undercuts the ability of the next president to govern, maybe even spark violence on Election Day. Trailing in national polls and growing allegations of sexual assault Trump is lashing out at the news media, fellow Republicans and others. He claims the media is in a coordinated effort with the Clinton campaign. Most intelligent people know better but that’s Trump’s argument to protect the “Trump Brand.” When he loses it will be because the election was stolen from him. He still has big plans for the Brand. He will have about 30 million followers to sell products to, also he and Roger Ailes are planning a new TV network. I’m sure it will include Sean Hannity. Trump has now hit a new low, inferring Hillary might be a drug addict. He has targeted immigrants, Muslims, anchor Megyn Kelly, speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. John McCain, Pope Francis, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett and others but never Russia’s Vladimir Putin. That is mystifying to national security experts and fellow politicians. He even threw his running mate under the bus over Putin. Trump continues to be an apologist for him. Experts believe he may have undisclosed financial interest that depend on the backing of the Russian government. Trump’s tax returns could have shed light but like I said a year ago, he will never release them. I’d also bet he is not being audited by IRS. No one has seen the actual audit request from the IRS. He admires Putin’s thug approach to leadership and sees him as a model for his own government. To everyone except Trump, Putin presents a clear threat to the security of the United States and its allies. He also is tampering with U.S. elections. Trump’s “Rigged” election claim is playing right into Putin’s effort to undermine faith in the legitimacy of American Democracy. Trump continues to use diversion tactics in a race he can’t win and he will continue to do so in the debate when he mentions Hillary’s health. Maybe Wallace will ask about his constant sniffing, tweeting at 3 a.m. and being unable to sleep. What may be the cause of that? Trump, who is guilty as sin as a sexual predator, will strike back at Clinton in the most awful ways he knows of. It’s his nature to bring everyone down with him. He will make chumps out of his followers, using them like he has with almost everyone he has had a lifetime of dealing with. The debate won’t change much. The die is cast. Win or lose Trump will claim he won the debate. Just like he’ll claim he won the election but it was stolen from him.

10 Years Ago-2006
The Rotary Club of Bridge City/Orangefield sponsored Bayou Bowl VII. The football bowl game was started in 2000 when Mark and Roy Dunn, with the Record Newspapers, came up with the idea to make the game an event that both communities could celebrate. The Gunn family donated the trophy that became known as the “Buzzie Gunn Trophy.” Buzzie was a highly regarded sports photographer from high school to pro-sports. He even sat in the dugout with the Yankees. He was able to shoot pictures of Mickey Mantle and all the great New York players. In 2004 the Rotary Club adopted the event to promote good sportsmanship and as a fund raiser to benefit both school districts. The first year Rotary sponsored the event was 2004, the Orangefield Bobcats won an exciting game 15-14. This week, the Bridge City Cardinals won 28-18. The score was 7-6 at the half. Brett Ramsey was Bobcat quarterback and Johnny Dishon guided the Cardinals. (Editor’s note: I don’t recall when the two teams stopped playing the Bayou Bowl. They don’t even play each other anymore.)*****Bridge City native Matt Bryant, a 1998 B.C. grad, kicked three field goals Sunday for Tampa Bay’s 23-21 win over Philadelphia. With only three seconds left in the game and Tampa Bay behind 21-20, Matt came in and as time expired the 62-yard kick cleared the goalpost for the win. Matt’s kick was the second longest in NFL history. Tom Dempsey holds the record with 63-yards in 1970. Jason Elam matched it in 1998, the same year Matt set a national high school record.*****Tracy Addison had a big toe and a tumor removed at St. Mary’s last week.*****Judge Claude Wimberly honored with birthday party at Van Choate’s Tuffy’s by The Wednesday Lunch Bunch.*****Debbie Fusilier, who has worked for the Dunn family-owned newspapers since she was a young teenager, celebrates a birthday on Oct. 24. Celebrating on the same day is Express Mart manager Mary Stanton. Sandi Mobley Huckabay celebrated on Oct. 25. (Editor’s note: Sadly Sandi passed away last year.)*****Dr. Albert Pugh opens new Bridge City Animal Hospital this week. The old hospital was destroyed by the hurricane. (Editor’s note: I recall when Dr. Pugh arrived in the area and he has served the community well for 40 years.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Barbara June (Goree) Hinds, 72, of Orange, passed away Oct. 16. Services were held at Claybar Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Marv Howland officiating. She was a seamstress, excellent cook and delighted in family gatherings. She was a member of the VFW Post 2775 Lady’s Auxiliary. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She is survived by her husband of 52 years, Robert Bruce Hinds, daughters Katia Richard, Karie Burnaman, Karin Armfield and Zoe Hinds. Sons Kevin Hinds, Kolin Hinds and their families.*****Joe Ed “Buddy” Davis Sr., 81, of Mauriceville, died Oct. 18. Services were held in the Walton Cemetery in Lumberton. He retired as a Rigger Foreman with Mobile and was a veteran of the U.S. Army during World War II. He is survived by daughter Beverly Cart, grandson Shane Cart and granddaughters Stacy Cart and Kristi Cart and three great-grandchildren.*****Edward Lee Flanigan, 74, of Orange, passed away Oct. 15. Funeral services were held by Dorman Funeral Home. He worked at Levingston Shipbuilding Co. and was a pipefitter with Pipefitters Local #195. He had served 20 years in the U.S. Army. He is survived by wife Ella Mae, daughters Linda Galbreath and Alma Jean Dean, son Edward Flanigan, brother Derraid Flanigan, sisters Phyllis Buxton and Mary Peveto and their families.*****Minnie Rachel Sadler, 80, of Orange, passed away Oct. 19. Service was under the direction of Dorman Funeral Home. She is survived by her husband of 64 years, A.M. Sadler, of Orange, daughter Marsha Doucet, sons Alvin , Jerry and Billy, sisters Louise Sadler, Clara Heringer and Floy Henderson and several grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1976
Congrats to Bridge City students Kristi Jordan, June Nazat, Dickie Shanks and Mitch Dionne, members of the high school choir selected for the All Region choir in competition at Lamar University.*****The winners of the Orange Bass Club team fishing tournament were Willie Hayes and John Dowden, with 24 pounds, 15 ounces; second place, Richard Corder and Ira Zerks, 20 pounds, 4 ounces; and third place went to Tommy Humphrey and Tater Martin, with 16 pounds, 10 ounces.*****Bridge City fullback Kim Bryant scores four touchdowns and kicked four extra points to beat Stark 30-6. The other two points came by way of a safety; the only points Kim didn’t score.*****Tony January runs wild in West Orange in a 32-21 win over SFA.*****Jim Glass, at Glass Farms and Slaughter House, FM 1073, has halves, cut and wrapped, for 73 cents per pound. Hindquarters, 85 cents pound, average size 110 pounds to 140 pounds. Pan sausage, smoked sausage and Jim’s homemade boudain, $1.09 per pound.*****Johnny Cash, June Carter, Tommy Cash, the Carter Sisters, the Tennessee Three and Rosey Nix will appear at the Beaumont City Auditorium on Nov. 10. Ticket prices at $15, $6.50 and $5.50.*****Tammy Wynette filed for divorce from real estate executive John Tomlin.*****County Judge Grover Halliburton appoints seven to historical commission. Those appointed are Robert Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Meadows, Bill Nugent and Quida Garrison.*****Roy and Crystal Wingate are expecting their first grand child on Dec. 11. Son Chuck and wife Deanna will be proud parents. Roy’s only comment was, “I’ve got to double up to catch up with brother Cecil.”

On Oct. 18th our friend Randy Becker marked 40 years working for Market Basket. Randy is store manager of the Bridge City store. Over the years he has come and gone as Bridge City store manager. Today he is serving some of the grandchildren of his long ago customers. Also many young high school students have worked at the store for him and went on to be successful in many fields, teachers, doctors, lawyers, policemen, etc. Randy remembers most of them and personally knows most of his customers. Sunday morning I was the first customer. He greeted me by name and asked how everything was going. He really cares. We congratulate this good man on his 40th anniversary with the same company. *****Jack and Juliet Smith are going to Tuscaloosa to take in the A&M-Alabama game and catch up with three Aggies friends, Ron Martell, Dick Selby and Willie Bednar. Jack and these guys grew up together in Little League, etc and graduated in the Stark High class of 1957. Ron is the son of Bob Martell, who owned a body shop. Dick’s mom Catherine was Dr. Pierce’s office manager and Willie’s dad Pete was a Levingston executive. Ron is a retired entrepreneur now living in Austin, Dick is a retired engineer with Lockheed-Martin and Willie is a retired Chevron executive. Dick lives in McCormick S.C. and Willie lives in Orange. Jack got tickets from a good friend in Tuscaloosa and plans to tailgate with his friends. Should be a blast. Jack is a Longhorn and doesn’t really care who wins. He’s driving the 400-plus miles, the others are flying. *****Rock and Roll Hall Fame member, 71-year-old Rod Stewart, was knighted last week by Prince William. Stewart honored the Scottish side of his family tree.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s Steakhouse this week. I hope they are serving chicken and dumplings. Nova Dee says Robert’s makes the best “store-bought” dumplings she’s ever eaten. Roy says not quite as good as grandmas but very close. Next week The Lunch Bunch will dine at PK’s Grill. Everyone welcome.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdays this week: Oct. 19: Phillip Todora, who is fortunate enough to be married to Janice, has another birthday. Also our friend John and Joyce’s daughter Judge Joy Dubose Simonton celebrates. They are joined by boxers Floyd Mayweather, Sr. 63, and Evander Holyfield, 53.*****Oct. 20: Jason Yeamon, Kim Ezell, Jeanne Mullins and Jenne Mullins all celebrate. Celebrities joining them are rapper Snoop Dogg, 44, singer Tom Petty, 65.***** Oct. 21: One of the prettiest and nicest people I’ve ever known, the late Betty and Earl Drake’s daughter, Vickie Brown, who has made Kansas home for many years, celebrates another year. Also celebrating are Brad Childs, George Fleming, John Cecil Beeson, Cory Moreau and Jennie Hutchison. They share birthdays with Kim Kardashian, 35, actress Carrie Fisher, 59, Judge Judy Sheindlin, 73 and Israel leader Benjamin Netanyahu, 66.***** Oct. 22: Celebrating are Roy Farias, Bryan Chauvin, Bob Frank, Kyle Morrell and Becky Carter. They are joined by actors Christopher Lloyd, 77 and Jeff Goldblum, 63 and country singer Shelby Lynne, 47.*****Oct. 23:Our longtime buddy Judge Claude Wimberly is celebrating a big one today, He’s been under the weather lately. We pray for him. Also one of Darryl and Greta’s boys, Eric Brinson, is celebrating his big day, along with Thomas Fleming, Sara Ethredge, Larry Myers and John Clark. Celebrities celebrating on this day are soccer player Pele, 75, TV host Nancy Grace, 56 and country singer Dwight Yoakam, 59.***** Oct. 24: Longtime Record employee who is like a member of the family, Debbie Fusilier, is a year older. She first came to the OVN at age 15 back in early 1970 and stayed for over 30 years. Best wishes Deb, we miss you. Also celebrating is a great friend, Don’s better half, Mary Stanton. She’s one of those who gets better with age. Joining them are “Scooter’s” mom, Britteny Stillwell, Dale Morris and Tammy Scales, are celebrating on this day. Joining them are actor Kevin Kline, 68 and Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman, 79.*****Oct. 25: Celebrating are Ken Soileau and Connor Ziller. They join coach Bobby Knight, 75 and singer Katy Perry, 31. Also on this day, 2013, our friend Doug Harrington passed away.*****Every four years, since 1940, America’s school children have gone to the polls, casting ballots in a mock presidential election. They have predicted the outcome of 13 contest since 1964 and 16 of the last 18 going back 76 years. The youngsters picked Hillary Clinton in a landslide. She garnered 52 percent to Donald Trump’s 35 percent. Among school children Clinton carried almost every battle ground state. Around the country 153,000 students cast ballots. Clinton carried enough states to give her 436 Electoral votes to Trump’s 99. Voting ended Oct. 12.*****NBC Today cut co-host Billy Bush, 45, Monday for his role in Trump’s lewd talk about women in a hot mike tape. While both were miked, Trump was recorded talking in obscene terms about groping women by their genitals, trying to pressure Bush’s married co-star Nancy O’Dell into a sexual relationship. Trump said he got away with it because he is a star. Trump’s wife Melania Trump, in an interview on CNN, blamed Billy Bush for “egging” her husband on. Billy is the cousin of President George W. Bush.

Joe Premeaux and Alsid Comeaux were talking at da coffee shop when Premeaux say to his 80-year-old friend, “Comeaux, I hear dat you getting married, you.”
“Dats right,” anser Comeaux.
“Do I know her?” axe Premeaux.
“Nope,” Comeaux say.
“Do she be good looking,” Premeaux persisted.
“Not really,” answer Comeaux.
“I bet she’s a good cook, hanh?” said Premeaux.
“Naw, she can’t cook so good,” Comeaux answer.
“Does she have lots of money, her?”
“No,” came da answer, “She’s as poor as a church mouse, her.”
“Well den, she must be something else in bed,” Premeaux said.
“I have no idea bout dat me,” Comeaux answer.
“My goodness, Comeaux, why in da world do you want to marry her den?”
Comeaux say, “Well, she can still drive her.”

Strapping tax payers with Vidor Loop
The Vidor Loop, (FM 299), project would run 6.5 miles, primarily serving local traffic. Travelers from Baton Rough, Little Rock, Waco, Houston or Dallas would not be using it. However, it would get some traffic from Evadale. The intercity loop would be primarily like Bridge City citizens or even some South Jefferson County drivers using East Roundbunch Road, passing through Chemical Row, to get to Lamar Orange or downtown, instead of traveling Highway 87. Many citizens do that but not enough to sustain commercial business. Only Peggy’s Bayou restaurant is on the first stretch. The last stretch is though the Cove and it’s not a beehive of activity. First estimates are that the Vidor Loop will cost $63 million. Orange County’s up front portion would be $23 million. Orange County however would kiss the entire note, with TXDOT reimbursing the county according to traffic count. This is an unknown, but the county is still holding the bag. As for economical development on the Loop, some main street businessmen would probably relocate. It took Conroe 25 years to have loop development and major through traffic. Very different than Vidor’s local loop. Other counties have been burned on such a deal. Check out Hays County.com. The big winners would be the two major land owners. Reimbursement though economic development would take 50 to 100 years, if ever. This loop deal goes back to the election and I don’t have any doubt Commissioner Crump has the three votes to pass it. The majority of Orange County citizens are against strapping the tax payers with this large debt and that is a death march to the ballot box. I suspect somewhere in the county budget there is over $300,000 hidden to make the first installment, yet county employees haven’t had a cost of living raise in years. Longtime good employees are leaving in record numbers. Just last week a ten-year employee accepted a job doing the same type of work for better pay, scheduled raises and good benefits. In the past two years employees have seen continued loss of benefits, such as insurance, vacation time and longevity benefits that they worked to accumulate. Tax payers would be better served by commissioner’s court if they addressed those and other problems rather than throwing taxpayer money at a local loop going nowhere.*****I’ve got to get out of here. I thank you for your time. Please read us cover to cover and shop our family of advertisers when you can. They support your local hometown newspaper, brought to you free of charge. We cover the local happenings. Think about if we were not around, many events, such as schools, churches and civic endeavors would go without coverage and publicity. Be sure to check us out on the web at therecordlive.com for up to date, 24/7 news. Take care and God bless.