Photo by Tommy Mann Jr.
Bret Michaels, best known as the frontman of the rock group Poison, will perform with his solo band at the Golden Nugget Casino in Lake Charles, La at 8 p.m., Friday, Oct. 28 for ages 21 and older. Tickets are $20-$35 at all Ticketmaster outlets.

By Tommy Mann Jr.
If you are looking for some great music, then there are plenty of options to be found and heard across Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, including shows featuring national acts on both sides of the Sabine River this weekend. Be sure to visit for more information on artists and venues.
Wednesday, Oct. 26
Phillip Glyn Band @ The Boudain Hut
Jimmy Kaiser @ Cafe Del Rio
Rod Rishard @ The Capri Club
Alex Rozell @ The Grill
Romi Mayes @ Neches Brewing Company
Zach Gonzalez @ Tradewinds Tavern
Moses Nesh and Michael Edwards @ Victoria House
David Joel @ The West Bar and Grill
Thursday, Oct. 27
Brad Brinkley @ 171 Junction Roadhouse
Phillip Glyn Band @ The Boudain Hut
Strategy @ Cafe Del Rio
Skeeter Jones Trio @ La Cantina – PA
The Cadillacs @ Larry’s French Market
Gleewood, Jape Stiejel, Cody Schaeffer @ The Logon Cafe
Jimmy Kaiser @ Luke’s Icehouse Mid-County
BB and Company @ Mackenzie’s Pub
Pug Johnson @ Madison’s
The Stacey Brothers @ Neches Brewing Company
Thomas Teague @ The Neches River Wheelhouse
Zydecane @ Orange VFW Hall
Delicious Fuzz, The Cryptics @ The Red Room
Alex Rozell @ The Rodair Roadhouse
David Lee Kaiser @ Tradewinds Tavern
Friday, Oct. 28
Bret Michaels @ Golden Nugget Casino
The Ruxpins, Baby Birds @ Bar Local
Mike Zito @ The Bayou Cafe #2
Linda Kaye and the Kool Katz @ The Boudain Hut
The Tru Tones @ Cafe Del Rio
LA Bayou Band @ Cottons Cay
Pea Patch Orchestra @ Dylan’s
Hell’s Engine, Stoned Mages, Semon Demon @ The Gig
The Kings of Mojo @ Just One More Tavern
Tin Pan Alley @ Larry’s French Market
The Burnpile, Pearl Earl, Fubar @ The Logon Cafe
Blake Sticker @ Luke’s Icehouse Mid-County
BB and Company @ Mackenzie’s Pub
The RKW Show @ Madison’s
Smoking Joe @ The Neches River Wheelhouse
Tyler Darby @ Pine Tree Lodge
Caylan Daughrity @ The Rodair Roadhouse
Chalkline Empire, Pariah, White Trash Superstar @ Texas Rose Saloon
Saturday, Oct. 29
Neil Sedaka @ Golden Nugget Casino
Roger Creager, Jamie Talbert and the Band of Demons @ Jerry Nelson’s Hill Country
Kollider @ 171 Junction Roadhouse
Olivia Gardner, Boogerbear, Aaron Jimmy Harris @ The Art Studio
The Fanatics, Britt Godwin, Jamie Talbert, Deep Creek Band @ Bridge City Community Center
Linda Kaye and the Kool Katz @ The Boudain Hut
The Rhythm of the Heart Band @ Cafe Del Rio
Mark Reeves and Twisted X @ The Capri Club
Aaron Williams @ Dylan’s
Worm Suicide, C.O.F.F.I.N., The Disgustiods @ The Gig
Kay Miller @ The Grill
Twangsters Union @ Honky Tonk Texas
Freddie Pate and Country Legends @ Jefferson County Singles Club
Chris Miller and Bayou Roots @ Larry’s French Market
LN and the Crush @ Luke’s Icehouse Beaumont
Tim Burge @ Luke’s Icehouse Mid-County
Jackie Stars, Aep, Peace and the Chaos @ Luna Live
Mid Life Crisis @ Mackenzie’s Pub
L.A. Roxx @ Madison’s
Jerry Diaz @ The Neches River Wheelhouse
Tin Pan Alley @ Pine Tree Lodge
Caleb Williams @ The Rodair Roadhouse
Tony Faulk and Chaos @ Tammy’s
The Fabulous Hellcats @ Thirsty’s
LN and the Crush @ Tia Juanita’s
Sunday, Oct. 30
Lone Star, David Joel Band @ Ford Park
Scott McGill Band @ The Boudain Hut
Glenn Linderman Band @ Jefferson County Singles Club
Herbie Stutes and Grand Shin @ Pine Tree Lodge
Wayne Cook @ Suga’s Deep South
Monday, Oct. 31
Fast Lemon @ The Capri Club
Cryptic Insane Killaz, The White Noize, Chutes MaGoo, Wicked Brothers @ The Gig
Cool Breeze @ Hardheads
Curse and the Cure @ The West
Tuesday, Nov. 1
Live Jazz @ Portus Lounge