BCISD To Purge Records
Effective December 31, 2016 Bridge City ISD special education records will be purged for students whose special educations ceased prior to August 2009. Any previous special education student, who is at lease 18 years of age, or the parent/guardian of a minor student, may pick up records in the Special Education Office. Additional information may be obtained by calling 735-1552

BCISD Child Find/Child Serve
Child Find/Child Serve is a requirement, which ensures that school districts regularly identify, locate, and appropriately place children and students with special needs. Bridge City IDS want to effectively meet these requirements. If you know of a child or young adult , ages 3-21, with a special need, or if you are the parent of such a child or young adult, please contact the bridge City ISD Special Education Office at 735-1552

Preschool Programs For Children With Disabilities Referral Information
Referral for a preschool child who may have a developmental delay or disability may be made to the Special Education Department of Bridge City Independent School District. Parents of a child with suspected physical, emotional, or learning disabilities should contact the special education office at 735-1552 for referral information.
To qualify for special education services, the child must be referred,evaluated, and found to have a disability. To be eligible of special education services, the child must live in the school district and be at least three years of age at the time service begins. Services are also available from birth for a child who is deaf, blinder deaf/blind.