In case you haven’t heard, the band, where they will compete in the Alamo Dome on Monday, November 7. The band does not have the opportunity to practice in a facility like an indoor stadium, where the sound reverberates and sounds drastically different from the venues the students play in weekly.
To help prepare our students for their State performance, Ford Park offered their facility for the students to get the feel of playing and marching with the sound bouncing back at them. Director of Bands for LCM CISD, Jose Ochoa, said that the opportunity provided the band by Ford Park management is very much appreciated, since what the band hears on an open field and what they hear in the indoor stadium is drastically different and can affect the students’ performance
Following their rehearsal, they ate lunch, loaded back into the school buses, and headed to Navasota, where they will perform at halftime.
The State performances will be streamed live and that information will be provided to you as soon as it is received.
Go Bears!

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