No doubt the email flap for nine days affected the election for president and down ballot candidates. Twenty-four million voters cast ballots during that period. FBI Director James Comey’s brief notice to Congress on Sunday, effectively ending the bureau’s revived examination of Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information, may have provided major relief for the Democratic presidential nominee. But the unusual nine-day episode is likely to have lasting consequences for the FBI and the director whose 10-year tenure runs until 2023. Comey’s decision Oct. 28 to open a review into newly discovered emails, recovered in a separate investigation into the estranged husband of a top Clinton aide, generated fresh rebukes, mostly from Democratic lawmakers, whose previous strong support gave Comey, a Republican, made-man status on Capitol Hill. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, a prominent member of the Senate Judiciary Committee that oversees the FBI, said the director’s decision Sunday raised “troubling” concerns about his move to notify Congress of the new review nine days before. “There’s no doubt that it created a false impression about the nature of the agency’s inquiry,” Feinstein said. Although Congress could tie up the bureau for months in protracted hearings and requests for investigations by the Justice Department’s inspector general, analysts said Comey and the FBI face a much more consequential test from the candidate who wins the White House. “I don’t know how you work with a Clinton White House after this,” said Jim Davis, a former FBI official who served as a spokesperson for the bureau. “But then again, I don’t know how you work with a Donald Trump White House.*****Next week I’ll comment on the election. My deadline was too early but the paper, hopefully will have the results before their deadline. I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

I rightly predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series in game seven even though the Cleveland Indians were favored. On paper I liked the Cubs chances better. In my prediction I said I liked the Cubs pitching and power over the Indians speed. It was a great World Series, with outstanding pitching but in the end I was right, it was the Cubs power. Game seven was filled with thrills and even a game rain delay. The 10th inning thriller ended up with a 8-7 Cubs win. I believe the Cubs’ manager tried to over manage and a couple of time I thought he might have blown the game. I didn’t bet, but if you did on my prediction, send me enough for a burger at Peggy’s. It had been a 108 year old title drought for the Chicago Cubs. If you believe in numbers, 10 innings produced 8 runs—108. Cubs second baseman, Javier Baez, hit a homerun on the 108th pitch from a Giant’s pitcher, to give the Cubs a 1-0 victory and jump-start the Cubs preseason. There are 108 stitches on a baseball. The length of the movies “Taking Care of Business” and “Back to the Future, Part II” which both feature the Cubs winning the World Series, are each 108 minutes long. The Series was as good as it gets. I don’t expect to be here for another 108-year wait. There is a saying that goes like this, “When the National League wins, Democrats win the presidency.”

The American Legion, Post 250, will have a memorial honoring all veterans on Friday, Veteran’s Day, at Bridge City Wal-Mart at 1 p.m. Bobby Vincent invites everyone to come out and join in the celebration. Refreshments and a lot fellowship.
10 Years Ago-2006
Sheriff’s chief deputy Michael Marion, 39, becomes attorney. Marion will practice law in the areas of small claims court, will cases and wills and probates.*****Little Cypress-Mauriceville superintendent Pauline Hargrove is named to Lamar University Educator Hall of Fame.*****On Friday, Nov. 10, 18 months after ground breaking, the Orange County Chapter of the American Red Cross will hold ribbon cutting of their new building located at 3901 I-H 10. The property was donated by Mildred Wozencraft. Stephen C. Howard is chairman of the Red Cross board.*****Orange County Commissioners are planning to buy a plane to fight mosquitoes. Commissioner Owen Burton said it made more sense to him to buy a plane rather than hire a spray plane at $325,000 to cover the entire county just once. Patrick Beebe is mosquito control director and is also a pilot. The Court is concerned about West Nile in the county.*****In this week’s election Judge Carl Thibodeaux was the top vote-getter with 10,728 votes. Gov. Rick Perry got 7,375 votes. Of those 2,925 were straight party Republican votes. Democrats voted 9,328 against him. The only Republicans to carry Orange County were congressmen Kevin Brady, who had a very weak opponent and Kay Bailey Hutchison, who beat two opponents. (Editor’s note: Ten years ago Orange County was a strong Democratic county. It changed two years later when a Black man was at the top of the Democratic ticket. Some activist believe the county will start swinging back Democratic with Obama gone.)*****Attorney Sharon Bearden is a grandfather of twins born to Melissa and Jim Sharon Bearden II. Melissa gave birth to a boy and girl born Nov. 3, in Houston after 35 weeks. First born was Hallie Gayle Bearden, born at 6:13 p.m., weighing 5 pounds, 6 ounces. A minute later brother Hutch Elway Bearden was born weighing 5 pounds, 9 ounces. The twins have an older brother Jim Sharon Bearden III. Hutch had to stay in ICU, Hallie is home. Editor’s note: It’s hard to believe the twins turned 10-years-old last week which means Grandpa Bearden is 10 years older. The kids have a lot of grandparents. Ronda and Mark Carter, Wayne and Michele Smith, Carolyn Bearden and Liz and Sharon Bearden. Ashley and Tyler Bearden are the twins uncle and aunt.)*****The Houston Chronicle reports if Kinky would have dropped out of the governor’s race, Chris Bell would have been elected.*****Johanna Goldsmith, an Austin actress, was the blond in the “Harold, Call Me” advertisement, run at the last minute of the campaign, that cost Harold Ford, Jr., the Tennessee senate seat. She said she didn’t have an idea who Harold was. She was paid by the RNC. Television anchor Ed Bradley, 65 and actor Jack Palance, 85, both died this week.*****The West Orange-Stark Mustangs are the only area football team in the playoffs. The Mustangs meet Liberty Friday in Pasadena.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: David Lee Benton, 56, of Bridge City, passed away Sunday, Nov. 5. A memorial service will be held Nov. 10. He worked as a pipe fitter for Pipe Fitters Local #196 and was a veteran of the United States Navy during the Vietnam Era. He is survived by his parents, Julius and Rosalie Benton, sons Mark Benton and Kevin Benton, daughter Gretchen Benton, sisters Jan Adkins, Julie Sims and Jennifer Peloquin, brother Ken Benton, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.*****Dennis “Bum” Hance, 54, of Orange, passed away Wednesday, Nov. 8. Cremation was under the direction of Claybar Haven of Rest Crematory. He worked as a deck hand on tug boats and fishing boats. He is survived by his daughter Catherine Hance, sister Bette Marcus, brothers Phillip Hance and Charles Hance and their families.*****Nina Frederick, 79, passed away Nov. 8. Services were held Nov. 11. She loved to hunt and fish, raise cattle and work in her garden and with her fruit trees. She is survived by her loving husband of 60 years, Bravo Frederick, Jr., son Russell and daughter-in-law Dora, two grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and sister Eunice Nobles.*****Joseph Begneaud, 79, of Orange, died Nov. 7. Services were held Nov. 10. He retired as an optician with Texas State Optical and served in the United States Army. He is survived by his wife of 40 years Dorothy Begneaud, daughters Amanda Garrett, Shirley Ann Osborne, son Alvin Joe Coleman, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1976
Construction has begun on Howard’s Big Red Pantry. Howard’s Food Center, which burned recently, is changing to Big Red Pantry.”*****Ground breaking has begun on the Sonic Drive In, located on Texas Ave., in Bridge City. (It’s hard to believe Sonic has been here 40 years.)*****Pat Walker announces the winners of the Bridge City PTA Halloween costume contest. Winner of ‘Scariest’ in 2-year-old to second grade group, is Sandy Griffin. Tara Nabours is winner of second grade to fifth grades; ‘Most Horrible’ winner is Rodney Townsend Jr., ‘Comical’ is TJ Griffin. Other winners were Donna Marie Johnson, Kim Newsom, Adam Venable and Ricky Sears.*****Chosen as West Orange High School royalty are Beverly Mitchell, homecoming queen; Ronda Hodge, band sweetheart and Kathy Nelson, football sweetheart.*****Jarvis Buckley is elected president of Orange-Lamar Student Government. He is the first at the Orange branch. Other officers are vice-president Glen Procella and treasurer Debbie Aldrich. Senators elected are Lee Ford, Sam Wilby, Gay Jenkins, Jeff Wheatly, Devvie Smith and Pam Baker. Votes cast were 287.*****Mark Dunn writes feature on Hondo Crouch, who recently died.****Able assistants for Carl Thibodeaux at West Orange Pharmacy are Evelyn Hughes and Francine Arthur.*****For it’s third anniversary, Danny’s Food Center is selling slab bacon for 78 cents a pound, Schepps milk, 78 cents a gallon, Oven Maid bread, 4 loves $1, whole fryers, 35 cents pound, Lite Fluff biscuits, 10 count, 10 cents each, round steak, 98 cents pound, bananas, 10 cents a pound.*****Annual peace officers barbecue, hosted by Bridge City Police Chief Wilson Roberts, to be held Tuesday night. (Editor’s note: The peace officers annual feed was started by Sheriff Chester Holts in 1958.)*****Roy Wingate has been under the weather for several weeks. The pain got worse and he was admitted to Orange Memorial for test. Ulcers, the price of success, are expected to be the problem.*****Staff Sergeant Thomas Segura was presented his second award as Airman of the Quarter. General Robert Coverdale cites Tommy as a credit to the 11th Tactical Air Left Wing of the United States Air Force. He is the son of Anne and Jimmy Segura of Bridge City. Tommy and wife Becky have one son, Aaron. (Editor’s note: Tommy and Becky both served in the Air Force and are now retired.)

Our prayers go out to our friend and number one sport’s writer, Joe Kazmar, who has undergone surgery and is in ICU. Kaz has major problems. We’re pulling for him. He can use your prayers. Kaz’s Korner and Kaz’s Fearless Forecast will not be in the Record until Joe returns which we hope won’t be too long. Kazmar has been writing sports for over 40 years.*****We hadn’t heard from our friend Lou Raburn in some time. We go back many years with Lou. It seems like in another life. A lot of water has run under the bridge since. We now hear that Lou, at age 84, is doing quite well, still driving and is active member of the Bridge City Rotary Club.*****A big day in downtown Orange Saturday, November, 12. You don’t want to miss it. The Gumbo Cook-Off returns to the Riverside Pavilion starting 12 noon. Live entertainment sponsored by the Orange Convention and Visitors Bureau. Bring your coolers and chairs and come pass a good time. Good gumbo and fun for all.*****What will cable news television do once election news is over. All they have talked about for over a year is politics. I bet all of their ratings come down.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and with Tammy Yawn at PK’s Grill next week. Everyone always welcome.*****When I was having bad shoulder pain I tried everything but nothing worked. I visited Dr. Thrash at the Chiropractic Clinic on 16th Street, in Orange, and after three treatments I’m as good as new. If you have problems give Dr. Trash a try.*****Speaking of problems, our longtime friend Donna Peterson, Sr. had to have elbow surgery and just removed the cast. Meanwhile, son Richard tore a bicep and was put out of commission. Daughter Donna, the baby and son Chuck are operating on all cylinders. Good folks.*****A few folks we know celebrating their special day in the next few days. Nov. 9: Madalyn Carpenter, teacher Linda Faulk, Susan Veillon, Donna Bradley all celebrate. Celebrities joining them are pop singer Delta Goodrem, 32, TV actor Eric Dane, 45 and TV show host Caroline Flack, 37.*****Nov. 10: Attorney Steve Carlton celebrates getting older today. Also sharing birthdays are Judy Hunt, Joann Alford, Trey Todora, Patricia Kemp and Jeff Bland. Also celebrating are country singer Miranda Lambert, 32, TV actors Ellen Pompeo, 47, Josh Peck, 30 and wrestler Tyback, 35.*****Nov. 11: The ‘Iceman’ Greg LeBlanc celebrates as does Michael Fisette, Cynthia Dupuis and Pattie’s middle daughter Bree Hanks. Celebrities joining them are actors Leonardo Dicaprio, 42 and Demi Moore, 54, pop singer Jacob Whitesides, 19 and YouTube star Onision, 30. This is also Carla and Brad Roy’s anniversary. Congrats.*****Nov. 12: Coast Guardsman Sean Gros celebrates today. Jeanne Backsher, Tina Duncan, Charmaine Faircloth, Liz Briggs and the Stanton’s teacher Pat and father-in-law Don. Joining them are actors Ryan Gosling, 36 and Anne Hathaway, 34, also basketball player Russell Westbrook, 28 and pop singer Jason Chen, 28.*****Nov. 13: Sidney LeBlanc, Tim Johnson, Karla Holden, Michele Fontenot, Cody Edgerton and Katie Hoffpauir all celebrate. Celebrating also are TV show hosts Jimmy Kimmel, 49, Whoopi Goldberg, 61 and Monique Coleman, 36, actors Matt Bennett, 25, Gerard Butler, 47.*****Nov. 14: Longtime banker, the late Capt. Jerry’s widow, mother of three sons, grandmother to several Ms. Ruby Wimberly celebrates a birthday today. Also celebrating are Pat Grifford, Susie Riedel, Mary Dixon, Fred Fuselier and Ella Jo Gosset. Also celebrating are actor Josh Duhamael, 44, reality star Chip Gaines, 42 and rapper Torrence Hatch, 34.*****Nov. 15: Julian Oceguera is a year older as is Cynthia Dixon and Nikki Courtney. Getting a year older are actress Shailene Woodley, 25, pop singer Jeffree Star, 30, and rock singer Chad Kroeger, 42. Debbie and David Fusilier are celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary. We congratulate this fine couple and wish them many more healthy and happy years.*****Dallas Cowboy Dak Prescott is making local relatives prouder every week. Sunday Dak threw for 247 yards, 21 of 27, for three touchdowns in a 35-10 win over the Cleveland Browns.*****Janet Reno, the first woman to serve as U.S. Attorney General, died Monday at age 72. She was appointed by President Bill Clinton and became the second longest attorney general in history. She will be remembered for the deadly raid on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco and the first World Trade Center attack, the investigation to the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building and also the custody battle for a Cuban boy named Elian Gonzales. She served during the most tumultuous period in American life. She died of Parkinson’s disease.

News from Tee-Boy’s Bar & Grill
Old man Otis Premeaux, in his mid-90s, well dressed, hair groomed, wearing fresh flowers in his lapel and smelling of good after shave, walks into Tee-Boys, sits himself at da liquor bar, next to an elderly lady in her mid-80s.
Premeaux order a drink him, takes a big sip and turns to da lady and says, “So, tell me, do I come here often me?”
A little while later, old man Clovis Comeaux comes in and shuffled slowly toward da ice cream parlor section, where dey serve milkshakes, sundaes and other ice cream dishes. Comeaux pull himself slowly, painfully up on a stool. After catching his breath, Agnes, da pretty young waitress, axe, “Wat can I get you Mr. Comeaux?”
“I’ll take a banana split me,” he answered. Den he shuffle on da stool to get more comfortable.
Agnes, making da banana split axe, “Crushed nuts?”
“No babe,” he answer, “Arthritis.”

Salute to Veterans Past and Present. On Friday, November 11, we celebrate Veterans Day. Orange County has many former vets and some who are now on active duty. It saddens me however that so many of our WWII heroes have passed away in the last couple of years. Its been 71 years since that war ended so the minimum age today of a WWII Veteran is 90 years old and most are older. I’m proud to have known so many of those fine men who went off to war as youngsters, most only teenagers, leaving home for the first time. Some volunteered but most had no choice, they were drafted. Many never came home. This country has paid a big price with the loss of so many young lives who went to battle to protect our freedom in all of the wars. I’ve lived long enough to have known men who fought in World War I. I recall when those great soldiers started leaving us until the last one was gone. Today we again face the time when those from the Greatest Generation of WWII soldiers will also have served their time here with us. War and the sacrifice made by our military throughout the generations is taken way too lightly by our younger generations. On this day, we should all take a moment and give thanks for the United States Veteran. Personally, I’m thankful for my WWII friends through the years and pray for those who are still with us, especially 92-year-old Millard “Neighbor” Cox and 95-year-old Cedric Stout. Two great guys and good friends.*****Well, I’m going to kick back and watch the election results. I predicted Hillary would get 329 Electorial College votes, Trump 209. Also the best Democrats could do is tie the senate, maybe win by one.*****That’s all for me. This could be a historical issue, a paper to store away for generations to follow. Take care and God bless.