Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls on Tuesday November 8:

Burglary, 305 Burton Ave

Theft, 5804 Ewing Dr

Process Service, 901 Main

Fraud, 1727 37th St

Burglary, 3818 Cochran

Miscellaneous, 201 8th St (Station Orange)

Miscellaneous, 201 6th St ( Orange)

Assist Other Agency, 201 8th St ( Station Orange)

Miscellaneous, 201 8th

Theft, 3714 N 16th Childs

Process Service, 34th & Pheasant

Damaged Property, 610 Burton Apt

Sexual Offense, 204 S 10th St

Theft, 2404 Post Oak Dr

Traffic Accident, Sunset, and 16th

Theft, 517 Camellia Ave

Mental Subject, 455 Gardenia Ave

Public Intox, 605 Strickland

Process Service, 201 8th St